Author: Michael Norton

Living in rarely sunny Vancouver BC, Michael feels most at home with a smartphone or a controller. He currently works as a front-end engineer at Finger Food Studios and moonlights as a UI/UX designer, currently working on Crunch 2, a modern code editor.
  • Bloomberg Messed Up Bad

    We discuss the recent details unveiled that seem to indicate Bloomberg's Chinese hacking story involving microchips on Supermicro logic boards, is not an accurate story.

  • Cannabis Is Now Legal In Canada

    Cannabis is now legal in Canada. We discuss it along with the newest crop of high-tech vaporizers that have been released. and what Adobe Photoshop for iPad will mean for the future of iOS and macOS.

  • The Watchful Eye of Facebook

    Facebook is in hot water (AGAIN) with another security breach. We unpack this news along with Sony announcing the ability to change PlayStation user IDs, and what to expect with the upcoming new iPads.

  • So Microsoft Makes Good Hardware Now?

    This week on The Impromptu, Microsoft had an event to launch new Surface products, but this time they aren't making the same compromises they used to.

  • Online Privacy: Paving The Way Forward

    Facebook is in hot water again with a major privacy snafu and we have a larger discussion about what we need to do to fix the online privacy mess we're in.