Author: K. Tempest Bradford

K. Tempest Bradford is a speculative fiction writer by night, a media critic and culture columnist by day, and an activist blogger in the interstices. Her fiction has appeared in award-winning magazines the likes of Strange Horizons and Electric Velocipede and best-selling anthologies Diverse Energies, Federations, and many more.
  • S3E7: “The Day the Music Died”

    In Season 3, episode 7: "'The Day the Music Died,' Jem and The Holograms,Jem is led away from her responsibilities by Riot on a cruise. When the rest of The Holograms are unable to pay Starlight Music's debt, The Misfits buy out both Starlight Music and Stingers Sound, forcing the Holograms and The Stingers to submit to the Misfits' control. This makes the Misfits into a mega group, ruling the airwaves. Rio, The Holograms and The Stingers have to find Riot and Jem fast, in order to get their lives back to normal.”

  • S3E5: “Homeland, Heartland”

    In Season 3, episode 5: "'Homeland, Heartland,' Jem and The Holograms along with Danse travel to Yugoslavia (now Croatia) to star in a play. When Danse finds connections to her mother, the Holograms are put into danger as enemies of Danse's mother's past emerge.”

  • 22: Digital Pens, Smartpens, and Styluses

    Digital pens, smartpens, and styluses seek to bridge the divide between analog and digital for people who still like to write by hand and are reluctant to give up paper […]

  • 21: A Conversation with David D. Levine (Arabella of Mars)

    David D. Levine, author of _Arabella of Mars_, talks with Tempest about bygone gadgets from another era, complex backup systems, why he uses both Word and Scrivener, and how he wrote over 50 short stories and kept them all organized and tracked.

  • S3E2: “The Stingers Hit Town (Part 2)”

    Riot wants Jem to leave Rio for him, and Eric Raymond is willing to do anything to get The Stingers to sign with his company. Meanwhile, Pizzazz is still lovesick over Riot and has to choose between him and The Misfits.