COVERED is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Harry Marks about writers and their books. Whether it’s fiction or non, short stories or long, sweeping epics, Harry digs down in each episode to learn the stories behind the stories, the whys and hows of their creation, and what readers and aspiring authors can learn from the process.

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  • S5E4 – Benjamin Dreyer, DREYER’S ENGLISH

    Vice president, executive managing editor, and copy chief of Penguin Random House Benjamin Dreyer talks about his new writing style guide _Dreyer's English_, how and when to break certain writing "rules," whether "proper" english is classist, how words become part of the language, and how the publishing industry has changed over the last 25 years. Benjamin also explains why "grey" and "gray" are two different colors.

  • S5E3 – Rob Hart, TAKE-OUT

    Rob Hart stops by to discuss his collection of food-themed short noir stories, TAKE-OUT. Rob also talks about how where we grow up shapes our writing, how New York City has changed throughout the years, social commentary through genre fiction, and where to find the best burritos.


    Alyssa Palombo discusses her latest historical tale, THE SPELLBOOK OF KATRINA VAN TASSEL, a Legend of Sleepy Hollow retelling told from the point of view of Ichabod Crane's beloved, Katrina van Tassel. Alyssa also talks about the care in retelling a well-known story, her research process, and staying true to an often-told tale while also turning it on its head.

  • S5E1 – Laura Zats and Erik Hane, PRINT RUN PODCAST

    Welcome to season 5! Literary agents Laura Zats and Erik Hane of Red Sofa Literary stop by to discuss how they got started in agenting, why the dreaded query letter might not be so dreadful and much more!

  • S4E14 – Less Harper, THE BULLET JOURNAL METHOD (COVERED Book Club)

    In the season 4 finale, author, blogger, and podcaster Less Harper joins Harry in discussing Ryder Carroll’s new self-help productivity book, The Bullet Journal Method and how it applies to their own writing processes.