Synopsis: On the night of April 14th, as the Titanic began its descent into the mid-Atlantic, another ship sat only a few miles away. Its midnight watchman saw the distress rockets illuminate the blackness around the sinking ship, but his captain did nothing to help, choosing to remain below deck until morning. As the world mourned the loss of over 1,500 lives in the weeks following, one man set out to find the truth about why the SS Californian let so many people perish when the small steamer was in the best position to help. David Dyer, the author of the new novel The Midnight Watch, discusses the story of the Californian, his time as an officer on merchant ships, and his years working for the same law firm that defended the owners of the Titanic following her sinking. He also talks about the public’s misconceptions about the ship due to the popular 1997 film and how the tragedy helped shape the types of journalism we see today.

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Duration: 48:56:00

Present: Harry C. Marks, David Dyer

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