S3E1 – Uli Beutter Cohen of Subway Book Review

Synopsis: Welcome to season 3 of COVERED! We kick things off with an interview with someone changing the landscape of book reviews and word-of-mouth sales, Uli Beutter Cohen of Subway Book Review. Uli braves the New York City subway system and talks with its riders to talk about the books they’re reading, what they think so far, and how those books have influenced their lives. On this episode, Uli discusses how Subway Book Review got its start, why New York is the most literary city on Earth, and what it means to interact with everyday people in a society increasingly moving inward.

Links to all books discussed in this episode (where possible) will go to Short Stories Community Book Hub in Madison, NJ. Support your local independent bookseller today!

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Duration: 44:45:00

Present: Harry C. Marks, Uli Beutter Cohen

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