S4E8 – Lisa Lueddecke, A SHIVER OF SNOW AND SKY

Synopsis: Author Lisa Lueddecke discusses her Young Adult fantasy novel, A SHIVER OF SNOW AND SKY, the origins of its fairy tale-esque story, what draws her to the Young Adult demographic, writing three-dimensional characters, successfully juggling multiple POVs, and the necessity of enthusiastic beta readers.

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Duration: 56:47

Present: Harry C. Marks, Lisa Lueddecke

The Guest

I usually don’t link to books on Amazon because I like to encourage listeners to shop small and purchase from independent bookstores. That said, Lisa’s book isn’t available in the US (yet), so I’ve included both a link to Amazon and a link to Waterstones (UK). If you live outside the United states and are able to purchase ASOSAS from an indie shop, PLEASE DO. Other books mentioned in the episode are linked to Gibson’s Bookstore, a lovely indie bookshop in Concord, New Hampshire. – HM

Books Discussed

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