Synopsis: Author Shobha Rao discusses her debut novel, GIRLS BURN BRIGHTER, as well as the plight of human trafficking in India, how fiction has changed in a post-9/11 world, the perseverance of the human spirit, whether fiction writers have an obligation to expose the dark truths about humanity, and how she wrote the book in two months while living in complete isolation. Also, apologies for the abrupt ending – we had a lengthy conversation about my own writing I didn’t think anyone wanted to sit through and by the end of it, I completely forgot to thank Shobha and ask her the usual “where can people find you?” Time flies when you’re talking shop.

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Duration: 47:08

Present: Harry C. Marks, Shobha Rao

The Guest

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Download: Episode S4E9: Shobha Rao, GIRLS BURN BRIGHTER

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