1: “The Beginning”

Synopsis: “Starlight Music’s Jerrica Benton confronts co-owner Eric Raymond over a rigged band contest to promote The Misfits. Posing as singer Jem, she steals the show. Eric challenges her to a new contest where winner takes all plus a movie deal.”

In our inaugural episode, Alex, Aleen, and K. Tempest Bradford discuss the pilot episode of Jem and the Holograms. Debuting on Oct 6, 1985, Jem made an explosive entrance onto our TV sets with its catchy pop/rock musical interludes, high octane action, love triangles, and dark themes involving death, abandonment, jealousy, substance abuse, and more.

The gang also got around to some of the news involving the upcoming live action Jem movie, the new IDW comic series, and the controversy surrounding the changes involving the sexual orientation of key characters such as Kimber and Stormer.

In the post show segment, stick around to hear our thoughts on the changes being made to Kimber and Stormer in the forthcoming IDW comic series, the dearth of appropriate well written comics for children, how the comic industry is still primarily male dominated, and how Spiderman is generally a boring character and what we can do to make him more interesting.

Duration: 1:21:29

Present: Alex, Aleen, K. Tempest Bradford.

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