11: “Last Resorts”

Synopsis: “Jem and the Holograms take a much needed vacation to the Colorado mountains. There they meet Rick Franklin, owner of a ski resort and old friend of Howard Sands. The girls find out that Rick’s resort is being threatened by a rival ski resort owned by none other then Eric Raymond. To settle the dispute over which resort controls the mountain, Jem and the Holograms challenge the Misfits to a ski race.”


We open with Jem and the Holograms driving on a snow covered mountain road as they head to a Colorado ski resort for a vacation escape.

Kimber: I want to concentrate on some handsome ski bum.

But when the band arrives at the lodge, they interrupt a heated argument between Rick Franklin, the resort owner, and the bank. It turns out that Rick is behind in his mortgage payments. If he doesn’t pay it by the end of the week, he loses everything he’s worked for. A lot of the resort’s loyal customers have not been returning, no thanks in part to frequent and suspicious breakdowns. There’s also a new competitive resort who’s been stealing Rick’s customers, just further down the mountain.

Aja: We’re on top of the world. Isn’t the peace and quiet great?

After signing in, Aja takes in the fresh air and looks forward to the band’s vacation, but her enthusiasm is cut short when a snowball collides with her head. Pizzazz and the rest of The Misfits pull up in Skidoos .

Pizzazz: Well look who’s here. Little miss pink hair and the singalongs.

Cue The Misfits music video: “You Gotta Be Fast”

The Holograms chase after The Misfits on ski as they attempt to quell any mischief they will attempt to create. Along the way, Clash stealthily awaits on a snowy tree top until Shana passes by. Just at the right moment, Clash kicks a giant pile of snow onto Shana. Next up Roxy and Stormer set a trap for Aja and Kimber and yank a cord that causes them to trip. Last but not least, Pizzazz waits patiently to ambush Jem and proceeds to rapidly pelt her with snowballs. All is not lost though when Svenson, the resort’s very best ski instructor comes to the rescue. It doesn’t take long for Rio to show up, where he catches Svenson and Jem together and immediately has a fit of jealousy.

Rio: I’ll bet you are. I brought the equipment. You can practice now, if you’ve got the time.

Jem: Rio, what are you getting so upset about? He was just helping me out? Anyway, I thought it was Jerrica that you cared about.

Svenson: No Leo, you can’t have two girlfriends and me with none.

Rio: She’s yours, Romeo. And the name’s Rio.

Kimber: What a hunk. If you don’t want Svenson, I’ll take him.

Back at the lodge, things aren’t looking good for Rick when a mob of angry customers complain about faulty gear. They threaten to leave for his competitor’s resort, where it’s safe. Kimber and her quick thinking comes up with a plan to put on a concert, since they have to practice anyway. Jem pleads with the angry guests to give the resort another chance, in exchange for a free concert. Rick also makes a promise that if his customers don’t have a good time, he’ll refund their money.

Rick: I built this place with my bare hands, and now turnip squeezing banker is going to get the best of me. Speak of the devil…

Outside the lodge, after Rick chats with Jem about the history of his ski resort, a limo rolls up with Eric Raymond and the banker, which we later discover is colluding with Eric to put Rick out of business. Naturally Eric’s concern is that if Jem and the Holograms are allowed to put on a concert, it will attract many paying customers. This can’t be allowed to pass as it means ownership of the resort and mountain will remain in Rick’s honourable hands.

Later in the day, one of the ski lifts comes partially free from the cable that supports it (no thanks to Zipper). Jem dangerously dangles in the air as she holds on for dear life to a poll extended by Shana. Svenson quickly deploys a helicopter to save Jem, while Rio in his attempt to save her ends up endangering his own life. Fortunately for Rio, Svenson comes to his rescue (much to his chagrin).

After a near fatal accident, Rick informs Jem that he has no choice but to close the resort before someone really gets hurt. The Hologram’s convince Rick that something needs to be done, otherwise Eric Raymond will win.

In a private discussion between Eric and the banker, it seems that Eric is reluctant to go through with whatever plans the banker had to stop the concert from happening, after he admits to his devious plans to put hurt the Holograms enough to send them to a hospital. Why the sudden reluctance on Eric’s part to do serious harm on the Hologram’s. Hasn’t he clearly sanctioned this type of behaviour by Zipper in the past?

Banker: It’s hard to perform a concert from a hospital bed.

Eric: Hold on. I never agreed to…

Suddenly, Rick bursts into Eric’s office, threatening physical violence as he becomes desperate and suspects that he’s responsible for all of the resorts mishaps. Eric, being the slime ball negotiator he is, makes a proposal. Eric proposes that Jem and the Holograms compete against The Misfits in a ski race. The bounty? winner takes both resorts. But when Eric suggests the competition take place on Saturday, the same day as the Hologram’s concert, Jem is concerned that’s not nearly enough time to learn how to ski competitively. Svenson assures the band that with his training capabilities, they’ll be ready.

Cue Jem and the Hologram’s music video: “It’s Workin’ Out / It’s Doin’ Me In”

Cut to the start of the race, Jem and the Holograms don’t realize what disaster lies ahead that Zipper and his goons have waiting for them. Aja is held back by a rope and hook, Kimber ends up falling into a hole that’s been carefully dug out, Shana lands onto a broken piece of ice on a frail frozen lake, and an avalanche comes straight for Jem. At the very last minute, Jem dives into a cave before the avalanche can take her.

When the Holograms don’t show up at the finish line, Rio, Rick, and Svenson grow concerned that something may have happened. Meanwhile, Aja, Kimber, and Shana all try to come to each others rescue, though Jem is still missing. Rio and Svenson finally show up on ski and decide to split up to cover more ground, as the likelihood of finding Jem is far greater.

Rio makes a startling discovery when he comes across the remnants of an avalanche and what appears to be one of Jem’s ski polls. A sharp shriek is heard from beyond the mound of snow. From within the cave, Jem tries to call out to Synergy for help, but after coming face to face with a bear, posits that the bear must be blocking the earring’s holographic projections. Rio calls out to Jem and digs through the snow, only to discover Jerrica. Panicking, Jerrica creates a hologram that causes the bear to run away, which restores the Jem hologram. When faced with Rio, he’s perplexed as he could have sworn he saw Jerrica. Jem brushes off Rio’s concern and says “it must have been the excitement of the moment.”

Later in the evening, right before The Misfits concert, the reunited Holograms show up at Eric’s doorstep.

Kimber: Eric, you’re a creep!

Eric: What’s the matter? Don’t you believe in losing gracefully?

What could be considered a very deus ex machina solution to all of Rick’s money problems, Jem presents all of the silver she discovered in the cave. This was foreshadowed though, as K. Tempest Bradford points out, when the banker mentions how badly he needs the land. Why else would he need it, other than for its rich deposits of silver?

Everyone begins to place blame on Eric for the entire debacle surrounding the resort; it’s incidents and all. Eric claims there’s no evidence to substantiate their accusations, but Svenson walks in with Eric’s hired goons, who admitted the truth. It looks like Eric has clearly been caught red handed. Now will anyone press charges?

Cue Jem and the Hologram’s music video: “Love Is Here”.


  • One of five episodes in the series that shows snow; the other four are “Danse Time”, “Journey to Shangri-La”, “The Middle of Nowhere”, and “Homeland, Heartland.”
  • During “Love is Here”, Kimber’s lips turn red for a moment.
  • When Jem falls from the ski lift, Shana is holding her ski pole with her right hand and Jem is to the right of Shana. There is a commercial break, and when the show resumes, Jem is shown to have fallen over the rail to the left of Shana. But when Svensson and Rio go the save Jem she has returned to her position to the right of Shana.
  • Right after Jem shouts “Rio!”( after she has fallan off the ski lift), both Kimber and Aja are shown to have red lips.
  • During the ski race, Right before Clash starts the avalanche, – Clash is shown to have an extra layer of blue hair on the bottom of her hair. As well her rat tail is on the opposite side.
  • After The Misfits and Clash win the race, Clash’s hair is completely pink.
  • Right after the bear knocks off Jem’s earring, she goes to use her other one, she is shown to have both earrings.
  • During one point in “You Gotta Be Fast”, Clash’s hair is completely pink.

Duration: 00:00

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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