13: “The Music Awards: Part 1”

Synopsis: “The Holograms and the Misfits are totally focused on beating each other at the annual Music Awards. During all of this, three of the Starlight Girls run away because they feel neglected by Jerrica and the others. Meanwhile, Video introduces the band to Danse, a talented dancer who has a special request for them. And Eric hires a new secret weapon to make trouble for his rivals.”

Summary: We open with Deirdre, one of the Starlight girls, rocking out with her guitar in her bedroom. The other girls mention it’s time to watch Lin-Z’s show and so they all head downstairs.

On the TV, Lin-Z announces the big annual Music Awards, and it looks like both Jem and the Hologram’s and the Misfits will be vying for best rock band.

Later on at Pizzazz’s mansion, the Misfits and Eric Raymond are concerned for their future. With Jerrica Benton in control of Starlight Music, Eric is going to be out of a job. Pizzazz does not see an issue here, as she has an excellent resource to tap into: her father.

Pizzazz marches into Harvey Gabor’s office and asks him to buy a music company. Being the usual neglectful father we’ve known him to be, Mr. Gabor is far too preoccupied with completing a report than to listen to his daughter’s request. After disrupting his work, he cedes to Pizzazz’s demands and tells her to buy whatever she needs and let the bank handle it.

Jerrica decides to take the Starlight girls shopping for their back to school clothes. Just as they arrive at the store, we get a music video.

Cue Jem and the Hologram’s music video: “She Makes An Impression”.

Deirdre tries to show Jerrica a costume that looks like like Jem’s, but is quickly dismissed because Jerrica is too preoccupied with other things.

Later at Starlight Music, Jerrica’s worst nightmare is realized when across the street, a sign goes up reading: “Misfits Music.”

Jerrica: It’s my worst nightmare come true.

Jerrica decides to find out what’s going on and heads over, but she’s suddenly confronted by Eric Raymond’s old secretary.

Pizzazz: When you run you out of business…

Roxy: You can come work for us…

Stormer: Ya, cleaning windows!

Eric: See you at the music awards… when we win.

When Jerrica exists the building, Eric gives the go ahead to Techrat, who runs a computer program that starts up an video sequence on the massive video screen above Misfits Music. As Jerrica storms off, fuming, the Misfits laugh at Jerrica’s expense.

At Starlight house, Jerrica collects her band members to discuss Misfits problems. Suddenly, Jerrica is stopped by Deirdre who wants to show her a song she’s been working on. Unfortunately for Deirdre, she’s rebuffed once again because Jerrica is too busy with other matters.

Cut to Eric Raymond who meets with Techrat (in an underground parking lot) to discuss a new electronic jamming device, they decide to drive somewhere and test it. The Misfits decide to come along for the ride, but when Pizzazz and Stormer sit in the backseat next to Techrat, he is visibly unnerved by their closeness. It turns out that he’s agoraphobic.

At Starlight mansion, the Hologram’s meet in Synergy’s secret room to discuss what they’re going to do for the music awards. Jerrica asks Synergy to “cook up something extra special.” And so Synergy projects new outfits for the band and a laser show.

Trouble lurks just outside Starlight mansion when Techrat tests his electronic jamming device. After pointing it at the mansion, the front gate opens by itself. On the inside, havoc is wreaked when the lights start flickering and other electronic devices start to malfunction, including Synergy. Jem and the Hologram’s dive for cover when Synergy’s holographic projects and lasers start shooting in every direction (this does not make any sense. So Synergy’s projects can turn into matter, vis a vis Star Trek’s holodeck?)

Pizzazz decides to grab Techrat’s electronic jammer, but he manages to wrestle it back from her.

Pizzazz: Eric, where did you find this weirdo?

Eric: Techrat’s not a weirdo; he’s a genius.

When confronting Synergy about what had just happened, Synergy says there was interference from an outside source. Jerrica admits there’s not much the band can do, other than hope that it doesn’t happen again. Kimber warns the group that they need to leave to meet up with Video. As the Hologram’s take off, some of the Starlight girls try to voice their concerns about what transpired with respect to all of the electronics going haywire, but Jerrica says she can’t stop now.

Deirdre: What did I tell you. She could care less about us.

Ashley: Jerrica works all of the time to support us!

Deirdre: Ya? Well I bet Jem wouldn’t ignore us.

After arriving at Haven House, Video discusses with Jem that she found the perfect addition to the group to spice up their performance at the music awards. This is the first time where we’re introduced to Danse. The Hologram’s enter a room as Danse is practicing her routine.

Cue Jem and the Holograms music video: – “When It’s Only Me And The Music”.

Giselle Dvorak, or “Danse” as she’s more commonly known as, completes her routine and seems startled that anyone was watching. The Hologram’s are impressed with her work and invite her to work with them. Danse gives the Hologram’s a tour of Haven House, a place for teenage runaways to get off the streets. Danse requests that the Hologram’s play for the benefit of Haven House, which will help raise the funds required to keep it going.

Later, Jem and Rio go over the special effects for the stage show. Jerrica unloads on Rio that she has some “secret” effects, but when Rio grills her on why she can’t say, Jem is unable to form a reason why.

Rio: Great, what are you using?

Jem: They’re kind of, well, secret.

Rio: Secret? But why can’t you tell me? I’m supposed to be your stage manager.

Jem: But it’s just a few effects.

Rio: You never trust me. You and your secrets. Do it all yourself then.

Rio storms off in a huff while Deirdre walks in and tries to get Jem’s attention. Before she can even finish her sentence, Jem ends the conversation and says: “Deirdre, I’m sorry this is private. I can’t talk to you now.” and then proceeds to slam the door on her face. Deirdre has had it at this point with both Jem and Jerrica ignoring her, she decides to run away and go see the Misfits. Ba nee and Krissie decide to join her and they leave a note for Jerrica.

There’s a brief scene where we see a boy violently kicked out of his home by his father, who says he never wants to see his face again. Who is this person?

At Starlight Music, Jerrica meets with Danse for the first time and they go over the new handbill for the Haven House benefit concert. Lin-Z is asked to make introductions as Video enters, but Jerrica leaves to switch back to Jem. Generating a hologram of Jerrica so that suspicion isn’t aroused, Jem makes her way back to her office. Video is handed the flyers, but she informs Jem that the Haven House benefit is the same night as the music awards. How could Jem have double booked on such an important event?

Deirdre, Krissie, and Ba Nee decide to wait in the underground parking at Misfits Music, hoping that Pizzazz, Roxy, and Stormer would show up at some point. Eventually the band does and Pizzazz says they’re not giving out autographs. But when they realize who they are, Pizzazz asks the Starlight girls if anyone knows where they are. Deirdre, Krissie, and Ba Nee tell them that nobody would care anyway. Pizzazz promises to help them out and decides to call child protection services and claims that Jerrica Benton is mistreating her Starlight girls. In fact, she goes as far to say that three of the girls have run away. Jack Sobieski decides to investigate further.

At Starlight mansion, Jerrica finally tries to make time to listen to Deirdre’s song, but when she opens the door to her room, she finds Deirdre missing and all of her Jem posters torn to shreds. Ashley comes running in with a note she found, which was addressed directly to Jerrica.

At the Misfits mansion, we see Deirdre, Krissie, and Ba Nee doing chores in the kitchen, much to their chagrin. Pizzazz tells them to keep up the good work and they might be able to come to their concert the following day.

Pizzazz: We just need to keep them out of sight for a few days, and Jerrica will be in big trouble!

The Hologram’s decide to look everywhere they can for the missing girls, and even drop by the local police station to file a missing persons report. Aja tries to console Jerrica that Krissie is a sensible girl and that they’ll come back, but it’s no good; Jerrica blames herself for not paying enough attention. The rest of the Hologram’s support Jerrica by admitting that they’re all to blame for ignoring the girls when they needed them most. The Hologram’s try to set things right by telling Danse that they’ll perform at the Haven House benefit instead of the music awards. It seems they’ve learned a valuable lesson, according to Jerrica. The band’s hope is that Deirdre, Krissie, and Ba Nee will hear about the benefit concert and realize how much they do care about them.

Jerrica: “Some things are more important than awards.”

At the Misfits concert, a scalper is selling Misfits tickets at a discount of $50. A man runs by and bumps into him, causing the tickets to fall to the ground. In the heat of the moment, the young red head boy we saw earlier steals a ticket and heads into the concert.

Deirdre, Krissie, and Ba Nee arrive at the concert with the Misfits. Krissie and Ba Nee try to convince Deirdre that the Misfits really don’t care about them, right after Pizzazz tells them to stay out of their hair. It seem that Deirdre is starting to come to her senses about the situation they’re in, but they all decide to see the concert anyway before heading home.

The young red boy is spotted climbing the speaker tower, and the three Starlight girls decide to follow him because you can see everything very clearly.

Cue Misfits music vide: “I Am A Giant”.

Ending on a cliffhanger after the Misfits music video, Krissie decides to head back down, but she slips and almost falls to her death.


  • When Pizzazz talks to her father, his hair alternates from gray to brown.
  • Danse, Danny and Techrat are introduced in this episode as well as the Misfits’ new music company, Misfits Music.

Duration: 1:00:46

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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