15: “The Rock Fashion Book”

Synopsis: “A book publisher hears about Jem and the Holograms winning a fashion show and signs them up to make a rock fashion book. The Misfits send Clash out to spy while they try to make their own rock fashion book. Their book is rejected, but Pizzazz’s father buys the rights to the Holograms’ book where they use their new control to make the Holograms look ridiculous. The photographer has proof that Clash and the Misfits are responsible for accidents.”

Summary: Episode 15, written by Rick Merwin. We open in the Starlight Music boardroom, where Robert Arlington, owner of Arlington House Publishing, meets with Jerrica Benton to offer a business proposal to Jem and the Holograms. Jerrica leaves her office and tells Rick she’ll go find Jem, but of course switches to her alter ego and then re-enters the room only moments later. Rick makes a passing reference to a previous episode where the Holograms won a fashion contest and says his idea is to put together a rock fashion book with the band. Jem jumps at the chance to showcase Shana’s fashion and design prowess and accepts, however, she leaves the room with the contract (hilariously labelled CONTRACT) so that Jerrica can sign it. After switching back to Jerrica, she heads back to the boardroom and tells Rick that the contract looks good and she’s ready to sign (Jerrica literally had no time to read that contract).

Cut to the Misfits who are watching Lin-Z announce that Jem and the Holograms will be participating in Arlington House’s Rock Fashion Book. Naturally the Misfits are unimpressed by the news. Typically the Misfits would plan sabotage as their primary tactic, but this time they decide to put together their own rock fashion book and publish it before the Holograms can finish theirs. There’s always a plan b though, and Clash is tasked with keeping an eye on Jem and the Holograms in case things with the fashion book don’t work out.

Roxy: Those no talent turkeys!

On the set of the Holograms photo shoot, the band is in awe of the dolphins at the aquarium. Kimber mentions how cute they are and that she wants one. Jerrica makes a odd remark how she can have one and keep it in the bathtub.

Cut to Jem and the Holograms music video: “Come On In. The Water’s Fine”.

The Holograms get ready for their platform shot, which is a bit dangerous as they have to stand high up on a platform, dangling fish as they wait for killer whales to eat them. When everyone preoccupied, Clash sneaks in and steals the photo shoot location list for the Holograms. The first attempt goes smoothly, but Richard, the photographer says they should do it a few more times to make sure they get the right shot. As they get ready for the second shot, Kimber slips on the platform, but Aja quickly reacts and grabs her. Shana and Jem slip as well and fall into the water. As Aja’s grip begins to slip, Kimber ends up pulling both of them down. The Holograms are not out of danger yet as the killer whales head for the girls. Rio and Richard jump in to save the Kimber and Aja and then grab Shana. But where’s Jem? The water has shorted out her earrings, temporarily disabling the holographic projection. Rio dives back in to look for Jem, but is unsuccessful. Fortunately for Jem, a dolphin comes to her rescue and saves the day. Just in the nick of time as she exits the water, Jem’s hologram returns and Rio embraces her. Feeling relieved but awkward at the embrace, Jem asks Rio to hold her and tells him that Jerrica will understand (scandalous!).

Rio: Look, I better get you over to some towls… and stuff.

After recovering from the accident, the band plans for the next photo shoot location, which is Washington, DC.

Later at the Misfits photo shoot, the band is dictating to their photographer (Harvey) exactly how they want their photos to turn out.

Pizzazz: Make sure you get the sun reflecting in our sunglasses.

Stormer: Ya, nice effect!

Harvey: Come on! Do you want fashion, or artsy schmaltzy?

Pizzazz: Artsy schmartsy, is it? Okay, I’ve had it, Harvey. You’re fired! Get off our beach! Okay Misfits, starting tomorrow, we’re doing it ourselves. We’ll get a camera and go someplace new.

The Misfits decide to take matters into their own hands after firing their unsatisfactory photographer. If there’s one thing we can’t fault the Misfits for, is taking control of their own creative destiny. They would rather have tight control over the design, production, and management of their own pop/rock music career. The band heads to a new local—an amusement park—where they decide to board a roller coaster and take turns snapping photos of each other.

Cut to a Misfits music video: “We’re Off and Runnin”.

The Misfits attempt to find a book publisher who will publish their photos. Regrettably, all seventeen publishers reject their work for being too amateurish. With the initial plan of creating their own rock fashion book coming to a screeching halt, the band resorts to plan b: sabotage the Hologram’s fashion shoot, any way they can. Thanks to Clash who stole the Holograms’ set location list, the Misfits won’t be having any troubles tracking them down.

In Washington, DC at the Holograms photo shot, Clash is noticed by a security guard, who tries to chase her in a golf cart. The guard loses control of the cart and crashes into one of the pylons, sending Richard and the entire band crashing down towards an untimely demise. Luckily for the band, Rio and the security guard catch them by grabbing a nearby tarp to cushion their fall. Jem is skeptical that what happened was just an accident and insists that the Misfits are responsible for it. When the security guard is asked if he’d seen any of them, he claims he saw just a tourist. Jem says “accidents don’t just happen (news flash Jem: yes, yes they do).

The next stop for the Hologram’s on their photo shoot trip is the Grand Canyon. The band is excited at the premise because no one has done a rock fashion shoot in that location before, although, there is some concern that the Misfits will find a way to disrupt things.

With the aerial photo shoot commencing via helicopter, the Misfits, in a cave below the Holograms, throw rocks at bats in order to sabotage their photo shoot. With the Holograms standing at the edge of a cliff, they become dangerously close to falling into the ravine as the bats fly between them. In the midst of the chaos, the Misfits take their leave, while Jem uses Synergy to project a super sonic sound wave that sends the bats on their way. But the Holograms are not out of danger yet. The cliff the band is standing on starts to crumble, however, Rio and Richard swoop down in the helicopter and manage to save them before they fall to their death.

We cut to the Misfits who are ruminating on their failed plan to sabotage Jem and the Holograms’ photo shoot. Although the Misfits put their lives in danger, it ends up creating even more positive publicity for the band. The morning newspaper happens to feature their “daring rescue” on the front pages. Pizzaz is fed up and decides to speak with her father, Harvey Gabor about a business opportunity. Normally Mr. Gabor wouldn’t give his own daughter the time of day, but his head seems to perk up when Pizzazz mentions the opportunity to make money. Pizzazz’s proposal is that Mr. Gabor back her idea to create her own rock fashion book, which Pizzazz claims to be a “guaranteed best seller.” Beyond just creating a rock fashion book for the Misfits, Pizzazz requests that Mr. Gabor buy the rights to Jem’s rock fashion book. Mr. Gabor concedes after his daughter puts on her best innocent girl voice (please daddy, for me?). The deal will be taken care of once he calls his New York office.

The Misfits make their way to meet Jem and the Holograms to inform them that they not only own the rights to their rock fashion book, but they will be taking over production and complete creative control, with Clash becoming the new art director.

With the Misfits now calling the shots, when the photo shoot begins, Richard is forced to take photos of the Holograms in demeaning poses, such as: scrubbing floors, lifting heavy luggage, and putting cutlery on dining tables. Richard is not happy about the direction being given and refuses to participate further, but the Misfits are quick to remind him of the new contract and ownership.

Jem and the Holograms meet later in the evening to discuss bailing from the project, but their assistant reminds them of contract and their obligation to produce a fashion book. Richard stops by and invites them to his dark room to make prints from the Washington, DC and Grand Canyon shoots.

Cut to Jem and the Holograms music video: “We Can Change It”.

Pizzazz drops by the dark room to pick up the photo package for the rock fashion book, but the photos she takes are the ones that prove the Misfits were responsible for the sabotage of the Holograms’ photo shoots. With nothing concrete to show her father, Pizzazz makes up an excuse the the photos simply didn’t turn out right. Mr. Gabor is naturally furious as he spent a large but untold sum of money in investing in Pizzazz’s rock fashion book. He grabs the photos from Pizzazz’s hands and is shocked at what’s before his eyes. Mr. Gabor is utterly flabbergasted that his own daughter would get him to invest in a project, only to sabotage it. Not all is lost though for poor Mr. Gabor. Howard Sands stops by the office and mentions that he’s a friend of Richard Arlington and that he’s willing to buy the rights back to the fashion book, albeit at a substantially lower price.

This episode wraps with the successful launch and book signing of Jem and the Holograms’ rock fashion book. Rio and Jem share a moment where she tells him that Jerrica would be proud of him for being so heroic (Jem breaks the fourth wall and winks at the camera).


  • Right before Clash is caught by the man in the white car, her dress doesn’t have the purple and blue lines on it. The lines are also gone when Clash and the Misfits are sitting in the waiting area.
  • During “We Can Change It”, one of the pictures shown from the photoshoots shows Jerrica, but Jerrica was never supposed to be at the shoot.
  • The fashion contest from In Stitches is referenced.
  • Factual error: Killer whales aren’t deadly.

Duration: 55:39:00

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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      1. The bats were psyched about the 80’s hair to nest in, less so about the helicopter and being punched by pop stars.

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