18: “Hot Time in Hawaii”

Synopsis: “The Misfits and The Holograms are both invited to compete in the “Battle of the Music Stars” in Honolulu. Eric’s hired thug, Zipper supplies the Misfits with rigged sports equipment to give them the edge in the competition. Later on, Kimber is kidnapped, and the Holograms have to find her in time to compete in the final event.”

Summary: Episode 18, written by Beth Bornstein. We open with Aja instructing an intensive aerobics session for the Holograms and the Starlight girls. The doorbell rings and Jerrica is delivered a priority letter, stating that Jem and the Holograms have been invited to participate in the annual “Battle of the Music Stars” competition in Honolulu, Hawaii. The winner will receive not only a trophy, but a chance to perform at the governor’s mansion.

Cut to the “special music star buffet” where the Misfits decide to celebrate their invitation by filling up their plates. Stormer raises concerns about gorging on the free food and suggests that the band should start training for the competition. Naturally, Pizzazz says there’s no need, as they’re going to higher Zipper as their coach, to train them in “the art of cheating.”

During the flight to Hawaii, Kimber leaves her seat and heads to the bar to order a large pineapple juice. She clumsily bumps into a man named Steve and spills her drink. It turns out, Steve is also heading to Honolulu. Fortunately for the Holograms, Steve knows a lot about sports and offers to help coach the band.

Later at the beach, we see Jem and the Holograms exercising on the beach, while the Misfits lounge in the sun. Stormer observes the Holograms exercising and decides to go for a run on the beach, but she’s stopped by Zipper.

Zipper: No need to do that, Stormer. With old Zipper here, you won’t have to do nothing. Nothing legal, that is.

Zipper has brought some “special” equipment with him to give the Misfits the upper hand in the competition, starting with some very James Bond style bicycles. On the bike, it features an electromagnet, which can pull you up to whoever is in front of you, rear tire slashing spikes, and an oil slick. Before Zipper can finish explaining all of the bikes tricks to Roxy, she takes off and starts pushing random buttons, which sets off the oil slick, causing Zipper to lose control.

Pizzazz helps Zipper test his modified pole vault, which artificially helps propel whoever uses it with no effort (via a hidden spring at the base of the pole).

Speaking of springs, Stormer is given special running shoes which feature springs that help her reach new heights. Those must be some seriously industrial strength springs.

Meanwhile, the Holograms continue training with Steve. At the beach, Kimber is swimming and practicing laps, but when Steve mentions she beat her previous record, a shark appears and heads towards her. Steve tries to warn her to swim in, but it doesn’t seem like she hears him right away. Kimber turns around and tries to swim as fast as she can, screaming for help. Steve comes to Kimber’s rescue on a Sea-Doo and fires a harpoon at the Shark, but we see a small spark of electricity and then the Shark explodes, revealing it was entirely mechanical. Where does Zipper find all of this stuff?

Watching the scene unfold from shore, Zipper doesn’t appear to be phased by the failure of his mechanical shark, because he has a lot more in store for Jem and the Holograms. The Misfits compliment Zipper on the food he brought them, but when Zipper says he thought he’d bring them shark since the Holograms were having it, the Misfits promptly spit it out in disgust.

The competition commences with a bicycle race, but things are off to a terrible start when Roxy blows out Shana’s tire, causing Roxy to win the race.

Next up is the pole vault, where Pizzazz ends up shattering the world record (no one seems to question how unlikely this is).

At the high jump competition, Stormer breaks the world high jump record. After the first day’s events, it’s announced that the scores are tied. How is this possible though, when the Misfits shattered several world records?

Later in the evening, Steve and Kimber take a walk on the beach. Steve compliments Kimber sand says she’s the best swimmer he’s ever coached. Things are interrupted though when Kimber notices the Misfits are at the Luau.

Cut to the Misfits music video: “We’re The Misfits In Hawaii”.

After the Misfits finish performing, Kimber leaves Steve for a moment to go speak with Jem. Pizzazz takes the opportunity to swoop in and try and steal him away, but Steve just isn’t interested in her, and he knows the Misfits are responsible for the Shark prank. Of course, Pizzazz denies any responsibility for the accident. After being rebuffed by Steve, Pizzazz makes a promise that she’s not done with Steve, or “little miss Kimber.”

Pizzazz speaks with Zipper about how rude Steve was to her (in a very innocent sounding tone, kind of like how she speaks to her father). Zipper doesn’t seem to care at all and tells Pizzazz that she has no chance of beating Kimber, even if she cheats. Kimber is just too good. Pizzazz comes up with an idea for Zipper: hide Kimber until the competition is over, thus assuring her victory.

At night, Kimber takes a stroll and looks for Steve. Zipper strikes and captures Kimber, carrying her away to a nearby volcano. Fortunately for Kimber, two young girls managed to witness the attack as they were looking for her autograph. One of the girls rushes off to find the rest of the Holograms and tell Jem they saw a man take Kimber to the volcano.

Jem, Aja, Shana, Steve, and the young girl, find Kimber tied up at the base of the volcano. Luck is not on their side as the main entrances collapses behind them. It looks like they’ll have to find another way out.

Cut to the swimming competition, Pizzazz is announced as the first place winner (by default). The crowd cheers for Jem.

Meanwhile, Steve and the Holograms find a shortcut back and managed to make it just in time for the final event—a tug of war. When Zipper yells: “finish them off, Misfits!” Kimber, recognizes the man that kidnapped her. Steve goes after Zipper and punches him, sending him into the mud pit, right after the Misfits lose the Holograms.

We conclude this episode with the Misfits being disqualified after Zipper admits that they cheated in every event and their modified gear is discovered (by Jazelle).

Cut to Jem and the Hologram’s music video: “How You Play the Game”.


  • When Roxy is trying out her bike, the green switch causes grease to come out of the bike, making Zipper behind her fall, but during the race, she hits the red switch which makes the grease come out.
  • Lin-Z introduces a 42 second repeat performance of the Misfits last concert hit, “We’re the Misfits In Hawaii” and a 48-second clip of Jem’s new outrageous hit, “How You Play the Game.”
  • Pizzazz’s make-up blows away during the “We’re Misfits In Hawaii” video.
  • When Jerrica and the others receive the letter, Aja says Kimber’s line.
  • This is the final appearance of the Zipper character.
  • This is the only episode to feature Zipper without Eric Raymond

Duration: 52:46:00

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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