19: “The Princess and the Singer”

Synopsis: “While touring the small European country of Morvania, Kimber meets Princess Adriana, the teenage heir to the throne who happens to look exactly like her. When Adriana escapes from her room, her power-hungry cousin, Lexa, hires her henchmen to track her down and bring her back. When Kimber and Adriana bump into each other, Lexa’s henchmen discover Kimber (who they think is Adriana), kidnap and lock her in a tower.”

Summary: Episode 19, written by Christy Marx and Ellen Guon. We open with Jem and the Holograms taking a trip to the small European country of Morvania. They’ve been invited by the royal family. Whilst looking out the window towards the airport as they arrive, it doesn’t take Kimber very long to crack a joke about the airport being larger than the country itself. The rest of the Holograms tell Kimber to behave, because they’re getting the “royal treatment.” Kimber promises to behave herself.

The Holograms arrive at a first class hotel: Hotel Victor. As the band is escorted to their suite, we cut to princess Adriana, who appears to be fed up with completing her royal duties (of signing papers). What are these papers and why are they important? Adrianna’s “royal cousin,” Lexa enters and gives her a hard time about sending a private jet all the way to America, just so she could bring Jem and the Holograms to Morvania for a private concert. Meanwhile, Lexa and Dimitrios find the princess increasingly difficult to control, so they plan a nefarious plot to get rid of her after the concert.

The princess decides to escape from her bedroom, after reaching her limit of being commanded around. Lexa asks Dimitrios to send his henchmen after Adrianna to bring her back to the palace.

Cut to the Misfits at the airport as they arrive in Morvania. Pizzazz, Stormer, and Roxy question Eric about the lack of press, but her reminds them they are in the country as tourists. When asked what the plan was, all Eric can say is that he’s working on it. Once again, why do the Misfits continue to work with such an ill prepared manager?

At a local market, the Holograms are doing some shopping. Kimber is trying to purchase an item from a vendor, when princess Adrianna bumps into her. While this event is unfolding, Dimitrios and his henchmen begin their search.

The Misfits run into the Holograms and decide to trash them.

Cut to Jem and the Holograms music video: Here Comes Trouble.

The Hologram’s decide to leave and escape the Misfits, but when they bump into who they think is Kimber (it’s really Adrianna), they grab her. Adrianna just goes along with it after realizing Dimitrios is looking for her.

Elsewhere, Kimber is captured and taken to a prison cell. Kimber demands to be released and tells Lexa and Dimitrios that she’s not the princess. It takes a while, but they begin to realize they may have captured the wrong person. Thus, a new plan must be devised.

Kimber manages to escape her cell leaping to a window ledge. Below the ledge is an incredibly long drop to the ocean, but Kimber makes the jump with no where else to go. Fortunately, she avoid colliding with the rocks and plunges into the water. Dimitrios and his henchmen chase after her in a power boat, but fail to capture her.

At Hotel Victoria, Jerrica wakes up Adrianna. Adrianna requests breakfast in bed, but Jerrica says they have a rehearsal for the concert in 30 minutes. The Holograms head to the stage to practice, but when Adrianna tries to play the keyboard, it’s clear she’s never played the instrument before. Before Adrianna can explain herself, Lexa walks in and interrupts them with a message from the princess. Lexa is surprised to see a woman who looks exactly like the princess. When Lexa asks who she is, Jem introduces her as Kimber, her sister. Adrianna requests to speak with Jem in private.

Cut to the real Kimber, who is wandering aimlessly through the town of Morvania. She comes across a shop owner who allows her to use his phone. Kimber calls Hotel Victor.

At Hotel Victoria, Adrianna tries to explain to Jem and the Holograms that she really isn’t Kimber and that she only happens to look exactly like her. Aja mentions how Adrianna does sound slightly different than Kimber (I didn’t notice a difference).

Back at the shop where we see Kimber trying to call the hotel, one of Dimitrios’ muscle bound morons grabs the phone and rips it out of the wall.

At the palace, Dimitrios enters and tries to explain to Lexa that the princess escape. Lexa explain that it’s not Adrianna that eluded them, it was Kimber from the Holograms. The real princess was with the Holograms, rehearsing for the show. Lexa plots to kill Adrianna at the show, by planting explosives in the dragon statue. With Adrianna out of the way, the throne of Morvania will be hers.

Lexa is interrupted by a mesh of discordant sounds, which turns out to be the Misfits, rehearsing.

Cut to Misfits music video: “Queen of Rock and Roll”.

Eric Raymond mistakenly presents the Misfits to what he thinks is the princess of Morvania, but it turns out to be Lexa (how embarrassing for Eric).

Cut to Kimber, who is desperately trying to escape the clutches of Dimitrios’ Henchmen. Kimber buys some time by pulling a table cloth covered in plates and cutlery. She makes her way toward the roof, but is cornered. There’s only one way out, so she makes a run for it and leaps from one building toward the next. The landing doesn’t go right, and Kimber’s hands slip, causing her to plummet to the ground. Narrowly escaping death, she breaks her fall by grabbing a clothes line and landing in a bin full of laundry. Kimber signals the first taxi she sees and gets away.

Elsewhere, Lexa lures the Holograms away from Hotel Victor, by asking Stormer to imitate Kimber’s voice and convincing them to go to the plaza. Moments later, the real Kimber arrives at the hotel, but she’s trapped by Lexa and the Misfits. It seems that Eric wasn’t quite prepared for the high stakes involved with capturing Kimber, because Lexa tells him that the dragon will “spout fire.” Lexa warns Eric to stay away from the theater, unless he wants to perish, just like his enemies will. Will the Misfits get what they bargained for? A chance to be the sole performing band.

Adrianna, Jem, Aja, and Shana, look for Kimber at the plaza, but quickly come to the realization that they’ve been duped. Concerned that she won’t be able to do the concert because she can’t play the keyboards, Jem says she can just fake her way through it.

At the concert venue, Dimitrios sets the bomb in the dragon statue. Corvin catches him, but when asked what exactly he was doing, Dimitrios says he was just making sure preparations were complete.

As we wrap, the curtains go up at the concert. Jem asks the audience where their princess is, but Lexa makes an excuse that she’s not well. Adrianna reveals herself and accuses Lexa of plotting against the throne, but she laughs it off and so does the audience.

Outside the venue, the Misfits arrive with Eric, who tells Corvin there’s a bomb inside the dragon statue. Corvin immediately realizes that Dimitrios must be responsible, since he caught him earlier around the statue.

Right before the bomb goes off, Corvin arrives just in time to warn Adrianna and the Holograms to get off the stage. As the lighting fixtures collapse, Jem seems surprised that the Misfits warned them about the sabotage. Pizzazz tells her “not to get too mushy.”

Corvin and the palace guards chase after Lexa, but she threatens to harm Kimber, unless Adrianna cedes power of the throne to her. Jem asks Synergy to create a diversion and a fire breathing dragon appears. Dimitri sees the dragon and tries to run away, but the guards capture him and seize Lexa.

We end with Kimber playing a joke on her band mates, on the plane ride home. For a moment, the Holograms think Kimber might be Adrianna, but then she winks at the camera.


  • This is the fourth time that Jem and The Holograms have been out of the country. The first time was to Paris, France in Kimber’s Rebellion, the second to Beijing, China in Adventure in China, the third time to Venice, Italy in In Stitches, and then with this one to the fictional country of Morvania.
  • This is the first time that The Misfits actually saved Jem and The Holograms from certain doom.
  • This is the first time that Jem and The Holograms traveled to somewhere that was fictional. The other places that predated this episode were real cities and countries.

Duration: 46:22:00

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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