2: “Disaster”

Synopsis: Joining Alex and Aleen this week is newcomer Sabriel. We pick up where things left off in episode one with the epic cliff hanger of Starlight house being set ablaze.

With the Holograms and Starlight girls homeless, Howard Sands generously offers to temporarily let them stay in the mansion that’s being given away in the battle of the bands contest (plus the winner gets a movie contract). Naturally, the Misfits become enraged at the news and work with Eric Raymund to devise a nefarious plan to bomb the mansion. If the Misfits can’t have what they want, then no one can! Zipper, Eric’s hired goon, decides the stealthiest place for a bomb is under a couch cushin (where does Eric find such incompetence?)

Listen in to find out what happens (spoiler, the Misfits do not win).

Duration: 57:11

Present: Alex, Aleen, Sabriel.

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