20: “Island of Deception”

Synopsis: “During a cruise The Misfits play a trick on Jem and The Holograms that backfire and they all fall overboard. Stranded on a deserted island, both rock bands must learn to survive together.”

Tempest’s summary: Episode 20, written by Mary Skrenes. Jem & the Holograms board a cruise ship, cruelly leaving the Starlight girls behind to fend for themselves. The Misfits come, too, even though Eric hates the sea. They’re convinced that the Holograms on the boat because they’re trying to pull off a publicity stunt.

As the holograms get ready to go enjoy life on the boat, Jem informs them that Jerrica will be the one going out to have fun and spend quality time with her sweetie.

Rio is back and everything is terrible again.

Rio and Jerrica share a beautiful sunset together off the back of the boat.

The Captain is a creepy fan of theirs. The Misfits are super upset that the Holograms are at the Captain’s table when they aren’t.

Rio thinks the ship is awesome. But the Misfits hate everything. Oops, that prompts the Captain to have Jem sing a song.

“Throughout history the sea has lured hearts with its promise of romance and adventure” SET YOUR SAILS BITCHES.

Why are they pirates in this music video?

The shadiest looking crew member pretends that the crew wants to surprise the Captain for his birthday. we should know from the way he’s drawn that he is up to no good.

He puts them in a lifeboat and pretends they will pop up and sing. oops, the Misfits have arranged to actually drop them the fuck off the boat. And because of incompetence, they all fall over the side and die.

Ah, there’s that interference!

Synergy is, once again, the worst and not helpful.

Jem thinks stormer saw her as Jerrica under the water. Jem has a plan. Get along with the Misfits and survive? Hahahahaha.

Stormer asks after Jerrica. Insisting that Jerrica saved her even though none of the other Misfits saw her. They see an arrow in the sand and assume Jerrica went into the jungle to the highest point. At least this is what Jem hopes they believe.

Shana gets her angry lack woman on and tells Pizzazz they are all gonna work together or so help her…

I think earrings were about to come off.

They start to gather food and build shelter. Even though Pizzazz is reluctant at first, she helps Kimber catch a fish.

But trouble lurks in the jungle.

Put more wood on the fire. I want those flames roaring higher. You can’t be soft and survive. “It takes a lot.”

The Misfits take the survival kit while the holograms are sleeping. Pizzazz thinks that Jerrica is off making the whole thing a publicity stunt for Jem.

They are attacked by wild boars. Because. This is literally the island of Lord of the Flies.

The holograms save them. With Synergy. fucking synergy.

This is the first kindling on the fire of Kimber & Stormer’s lesbian relationship.

They encounter wildlife! it’s not okay. But then they find a pool of water and it is okay.

Synergy creates a Hologram of Jerrica and none of it makes any sense.

The Misfits chase after hologram Jerrica and they run to the top of the cliff.

They hear drumbeats.

There is a white man on this island wearing a tribal mask. What… the fuck. the entire fuck.

And he’s got a cockney accent.

Angus B., a hermit since I got my heart broke. he falls for Stormer immediately. What.

Kimber and Jem have a tender moment that Kimber ruins immediately.

Dude has a radio transmitter that miraculously works. Rio has stubble, everything is horrible. The ship comes for them.

Rio and Jerrica hug.


Kimber is all like: we can be friends! Hahahahahahaha Misfits say no.

This purple stubble is not okay.

Why are there two music videos and a public service announcement?

Detailed summary: Episode 20 opens with Jem and the Holograms, as well as the Misfits, boarding a luxury ocean liner.

As the Holograms board, Rio asks the band where Jerrica is. Kimber reassures him that she wouldn’t miss the trip.

We see Eric Raymond carrying the Misfits’ luggage as they board (what a patsy).

Roxy: Quit dragging your feat, Eric.

Eric: I hate the sea. Why couldn’t we fly to the island, like normal people.

Roxy: There’s gotta be a reason the Holograms are taking this tub, instead of a jet.

Pizzazz: It’s some some kind of publicity stunt, and the Misfits are gonna cash in on it.

Cut to the docks, we see Ashley and Krissie watching the ship depart. Ashley is upset that she couldn’t go to the concert. Krissie reminds her that it’s because the Holograms received round trip tickets.

Back on the ship, in the Holograms’ quarters, Shana goads Jem to hurry up and get ready. Aja asks Jem who is going to join the band on deck, her or Jerrica. Jim says Jerrica deserves to spend some “quality time with her sweety.” This seems so messed up to me that Jem is relishing the duel personas, even though it’s harmful to her relationship with Rio. Will she ever learn?

On deck, Pizzazz is lounging by the pool, when a man dives in and she is the recipient of some water recoil.

Pizzazz: This crate is a joke!

Roxy remarks about Jerrica and Rio walking along deck and says there has to be a gimmick, otherwise the two of them wouldn’t be there. The ever so soft side side of Stormer retorts and says that perhaps it’s just that they find the trip romantic.

Jerrica seems to really be enjoying herself. Rio and Jerrica take a romantic walk on deck as the sun is setting and they share a romantic kiss. Rio invites Jerrica to the captain’s table for dinner, but she declines as she wants to take a nap (all that walking and kissing must be exhausting). Jerrica promises to meet up with Rio later in the evening.

Jerrica’s excuse for wanting to have a nap means that she can switch to Jem and meet Rio and the Captain for dinner. Meanwhile, as Jem shows up in the mess hall, Pizzazz and the Misfits are glaring with disdain on the other side of the room. Pizzazz genuinely seems to be confused as to why Jem gets to dine with the captain, while the Misfits are stuck in the boonies. The waiter tells Pizzazz it’s because the Captain enjoys Jem and the Holograms’ music. Pizzazz says the Captain is a jerk and rips the menu away from the waiter’s hands.

Pizzazz: The captain is a jerk!

At the Captain’s table, Kimber, Aja, and Shana, regale how Captain Warren discovered their music. The Captain elicits Jem’s opinion on what she thinks of his ship. She admits she has slept through most of the trip (that seems rude). Rio begins to explain about how much he’s enjoyed walking around the ship, but the conversation is interrupted by the Misfits. We can hear them rudely complaining at their table.

Pizzazz: This place stinks. The food is lousy. The service is pathetic and the music is strictly funeral.

I don’t think Pizzazz intended for her colourful commentary to encourage Captain Warren to invite Jem to perform a song. What else can you expect when someone complains so audibly?

Cut to Jem and the Holograms music video: Set Your Sails.

After the Holograms finish performing and leave the dining area, Jem tells the band she has a date and won’t be going back to their room. Kimber giggles and corrects her.

Kimber: You mean Jerrica has a date

One of the Captain’s crew mates interjects and asks Jem and the Holograms if they would be willing to participate in a birthday surprise for Captain Warren. When the Holograms agree, he directs the girls to a life boat and asks them to get in. They’re instructed to pop up and sing happy birthday, as soon as the Captain walks by. Seems like a simple task, right? As it turns out, the Misfits have paid him off, but he doesn’t know what they really have planned for the Holograms.

When the Holograms pop up from under the covers, Pizzazz hits a button to lower the life boat. Her original tent was more of a practical joke to scare them, but something goes horribly wrong: both the Holograms and Misfits are thrown overboard. Stormer almost drowns and Jem swims after her, but the water shorts out Synergy’s projection, causing Stormer to temporarily see Jerrica.

Later, the Holograms and Misfits wash up on the shore of what appears to be a small deserted island. Jem tells the Holograms that Stormer saw who she really was because of the interference, so devise a plan to fool the Misfits.

Stormer asks where Jerrica is as she saved her life. Pizzazz brushes her off and claims she was never there, but Stormer insists. Stormer knows Kimber is Jerrica’s sister, so she asks he why she isn’t worried about her. Kimber reassures Stormer, but then Roxy notices that someone has made an arrow on the sand, pointing directly ahead. Stormer comes to the conclusion that Jerrica must have made it proceeded into the Jungle. Jem is asked why Jerrica would have gone into the jungle, so she makes an excuse that she was a girl scout. Jerrica must have headed for the highest point on the mountain, because logically that would be the ideal place to signal a ship.

Pizzaz tries to insist they go after Jerrica, but Jem warns her that it’s far too late in the day to do that, since walking through a jungle at night is far too dangerous. Jem seems to be a natural leader as she lays out a survival plan, such as how they’re going to procure food, water, shelter, and first aid. Pizzazz is having none of this.

Pizzazz: Don’t tell me what to do!

Shana: Listen up Pizzaz. Just this once, we’re going to work together. Together, you hear.

The Holograms and the Misfits agree to work together, each assigning specific tasks to one another. Shana will fish, Jem and Roxy build a shelter, Kimber checks the tide pools for something to eat, Aja checks the trees for fruit, and Stormer gathers firewood. Pizzazz is left behind.

Pizzazz: What am I supposed to do? Build a radio with sea shells?

We cut to Kimber who finds a rather large fish in a tide pool. She calls over to Pizzazz to take a look. Both Pizzazz and Kimber try to grab the fish. Several attempts are made but they eventually succeed. Kimber isn’t sure what to do with the fish, but Pizzazz takes charge, throws it over her shoulder and says she’ll handle it.

Later in the evening, the Holograms and the Misfits feast on their spoils of fresh fish and fruit. They have gathered around the fire, but there’s a disturbing noise coming from the bushes. Right then, Pizzazz instructs the Holograms to put more wood on the fire. She wants those flames roaring high.

Cut to a Misfits music video: It Takes Alot.

After awaking from sleep, the Holograms notice the Misfits have left and have taken their survival kit. They depart and try to track them down.

Cut to the Misfits walking along the jungle path. Stormer seems reluctant to leave Jem and the Holograms behind. Pizzazz explains that it’s obvious that Jerrica is up to making their ordeal a publicity stunt for Jem, hence the reason why the Holograms aren’t worried about her well being. Suddenly, a wild boar jump out of the bushes and begins chasing Pizzazz, Roxy, and Stormer. Screams can be heard from afar and the Holograms close in on their location. Jem uses Synergy to create a hologram of a stampeding elephant to ward off the wild boar.

Though Jem and the Holograms are responsible for saving the Misfits from danger, Roxy and Pizzazz are completely ungrateful. Stormer is shown several feet away looking shell shocked from the experience. Jem immediately runs over and asks if she’s okay. Jem grabs Stormer by the arm and pulls her up on her feet. Stormer suggests sticking with the Holograms as they head to the top of the mountain. Pizzazz concedes, but stubbornly says they might have to protect them.

The Holograms and the Misfits begin their trek to the top of the mountain. Kimber stops dead in her tracks when a large tarantula lands on her hand. Stormer, perhaps feeling compelled to return the favour, saves her by brushing the spider away with a stick. Kimber offers her thanks, but Stormer says “ah, forget it.”

As the brush clears, the Holograms and Misfits discover a beautiful water fall and decide to jump in and bathe. Snake comes close to attacking Aja. Jem creates a hologram of Jerrica, who comes swooping down on a vine like Tarzan and saves the day. Pizzazz asks Jerrica where she’s been and what’s on top of the cliff, but she runs away.

The Holograms and Misfits perilously walk along a very narrow cliff edge. As they come to the top of the cliff, a hut is discovered. They hear music coming from it, but when they investigate, they discover a record player. Suddenly, a tattered looking man leaps in from the window wearing a tribal mask. The man tries his best to scare the girls, but they remove his mask and reveal his identity.

Angus: I’m Angus Bean, a hermit since I got my heart broke, but that’s all over now (looks at Stormer). I see a vision. It bespeaks of hope, of love renewed. Tis love at first site. You believe in love at first site?

Angus seems infatuated with Stormer from the get go. He invites her to see his orchids.

Kimber consoles Jem, who is looking a bit down. She asks her if she is missing Rio, to which Jem nods.

Kimber: I guess love’s not easy for anyone. Well, that’s real sweet and all, but we’ve got to get off this island.

Kimber asks Angus if she can use his phone (really, Kimber?). Angus laughs at the ridiculous notion of a phone existing on a deserted island. At least he does have an old radio transmitter. Jem and the Holograms each take turns trying to call for her, hoping that a ship will pick up the mayday.

Back on the cruise ship, we see Rio with purple five o’clock shadow. He’s on the bridge and hears Jem’s mayday. Rio rushes off to tell the Captain to turn the ship around.

On the island, the Holograms cheer when the sound of the ship’s fog horn goes off. Eric Raymond looks shocked and can’t believe the Holograms and the Misfits are working together (looking at the island through binoculars). Rio doesn’t believe it either and grabs Eric’s binoculars. At first, Rio doesn’t see Jem or Jerrica, but then he does—Jerrica being the hologram.

Jem: Switcharoo, Synergy. You can’t hug a hologram.

Rio pulls up to the shore in a life boat to rescue everyone. Rio and Jerrica embrace. On the boat ride back to the ship, Kimber suggests that perhaps the Misfits can be there friends, now that they’ve learned how to survive together (nope). Roxy tells Stormer not to listen to Kimber, since clearly the Holograms just want to “horn in on their act.” Pizzazz reminds Stormer that she rescued Kimber. Aja offers a rebuttal, but Pizzazz finds it incredulous that she wants to take responsibility for a rampaging elephant.

We end with Rio saying things are back to normal. Jem and Jerrica share a kiss.

Duration: 54:01:00

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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