21: “Old Meets New”

Synopsis: “When Jem and The Holograms perform a cover of a song called “Rock and Roll Is Forever” at an outdoor concert, they infuriate an elderly singer named Bobby Bailey, who turns out to be the lead singer of a 50’s rock and roll band called Bobby Bailey and the Tornadoes.”

Summary: Episode 21, written by Sandy Fries. We open with Jem and the Holograms performing a cover of the 1954 classic, “Rock and Roll Is Forever.”

Cut to Jem and the Holograms music video: “Rock and Roll Is Forever”.

After the Holograms finish performing, an irate Bobby Bailey makes his way to stage, heckling the band. A security guard intervenes and prevents him from reaching the stage.

Bobby Bailey: Boo, that was lousy. You got that song all wrong! You guys really stunk!

Security guard: Hey pops, cool out.

Bobby: I’ll clean you out, jack. You lay one hand on me and I’ll punch out your lights.

Back stage in the Holograms’ dressing room, Kimber asks the girls if they noticed the angry man razzing their set. We then hear Bobby Bailey arguing with the guards as he intrudes and enters the dressing room.

Bobby: That song. That song was all wrong.

Kimber: What makes you such an authority on how we should be playing that song?

Bobby: I’m an authority, because I wrote the song when your daddy was in diapers! My name is Bobby Bailey.

Jem: Bobby Bailey of Bobby Bailey and the Tornados?

Bobby: That’s right little girl.

Jem and the Holograms, along with Bobby Bailey, make their way to the condemned apartment building he’s been living in for the past 25 years. When they arrive, the front entrance is boarded up, but that doesn’t stop Bobby from removing the 2x4s blocking the way. Bobby claims the building is in great shape, although we can clearly see it’s a little worse for wear. Aja asks what the reason is for the condemned sign. Bobby explains that the weasel who owns it wants to tear it down and build a factory.

Cut to Eric Raymond, who is “relaxing” by demolishing an old building. For some reason the Misfits are with him.

Eric: Ah, how relaxing.

Stormer: You sure got weird hobbies, Eric.

Pizzazz: I think it looks like fun.

Eric: Once they’re demolished, I’m going to build the biggest record factory on the east coast.

Roxy: Wow!

Back at the apartment, Bobby shows the Holograms into what used to be the recording studio that his band, the Tornados, recorded all of their gold albums in. But it’s been a long time since that space has been a recording studio. Now, it’s transformed into Bobby’s living quarters.

Eric drives the wrecking ball truck to the final building needing to be demolished, which just so happens to be Bobby Bailey’s building. Eric asks for the Misfits help. What’s in it for them? Once his new record factory is built, their album will be the first one to be cut.

Stormer: Why does it matter where our next album is cut?

Eric: It matters because… Well. It matters, because I’m going to throw the biggest opening party bash you’ve ever seen, and the Misfits are going to perform the ceremonies.

Regrettably, before Eric can enumerate the details of his plan, Pizzazz grabs the controls and proceeds to demolish the building. Eric panics and tries to stop her, warning her that people are still in the building. Eric tries to wrestle the controls away from Pizzazz, all while saying he’s going to be sued for any damages. The wrecking ball is out of control and both the Misfits and Eric abandon the machine.

Bobby and the Holograms exit the building to find out what all of the commotion is about. Bobby notices that Eric is responsible for the out of control machine, runs over to it, and manages to turn it off before any serious harm can come about.

Bobby: Eric, you stupid turkey!

Kimber makes a comment about Bobby not being bad for an… but she’s cut off before she makes an agist remark.

Kimber: Not bad for a… ah, I mean.

Bobby: You mean, you didn’t realize anyone my age could move and think that quickly.

An enraged police officer rushes over to Eric. She complains that he not only destroyed her cart, but is also parked illegally in a no parking zone. Eric, unsuccessfully, tries to buy her off with a $50 bill. The police officer is clearly offended at Eric’s attempt to bribe her. She decides to write him “enough tickets to fill her quota for the next three months.”

At the apartment, we get an exterior shot of Bobby doing some repair work on the shutters. He hits his finger with a hammer, and Kimber offers to help.

Bobby: I may be an old fossil to you, but I don’t need some New Wave space cadet to help me swing a hammer!

Kimber: Fine, do it yourself then!

The Misfits drive by on a flat bed and begin playing a song.

Cut to a Misfits music video: “Jack, Take A Hike”.

Bobby: You see what I mean? Modern day rock and rollers are nothing but trouble.

Elsewhere, on a private yacht, the Misfits and Eric are lounging in bathing suits and discussing how they weren’t irritating enough to drive the tenants away from the building. Eric has a plan to get rid of the senior citizens for good.

Eric: Hello there fellas. Ladies, I’d like you to meet my secret weapons: Torch, Mickey, I’d like you both to meet the Misfits.

Eric has hired Torch and Mickey to sabotage the building, from the piping to the electrical system. In fact, one of his goons cuts a live wire by an electrical poll, causing it to defend and almost kill Bobby. Kimber pushes him out of harms way (as far as this scene is animated, it looks as if Bobby does get struck by the live wire).

The Holograms try to chase the attacker, but he escapes.

Jem: It’s too late. Eric must have hired a marathon runner.

Cut to the Rockin’ Roadster, which pulls up to the court house containing legal document archives.

Shana: I’m really worried about Kimber.

Aja: She’s been acting very strangely.

Jem: What do you mean?

Aja: Kimber Benton spending the past eight hours doing research in the court’s public archives?

Jem: You’re right. I hope she’s not sick.

As it turns out, Kimber has been doing research to find a way they can save Bobby’s apartment building. According to legal documents, in 1958, the entire area was zoned as residential, meaning no one can build a business there. Kimber is very pleased with her detective work. Bobby seems to appreciate it, in a curmudgeon sort of way.

Bobby: Not bad, for a New Wave space cadet (Kimber scowls at him).

The Holograms, with evidence in tow, confront Eric on his yacht. They protest the demolition of Bobby Bailey’s building and tell him there are no legal grounds for it. It’s here that we see Eric, who has decided it would be great to dress like the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island.

Eric does not give up easily. He arranges a private meeting with councilman Sanford. In his limo, Eric makes a proposition. In exchange for a handsome sum of money, which would go towards the Carl Sanford’s re-election fund, Eric requests the rezoning law for Bobby Bailey’s building be removed.

Later in the evening, Jem and the Holograms, along with Bobby, watch as they announce the residential zoning laws be overturned. Everyone seems to have give up, with the exception of Kimber. Kimber doesn’t have a plan yet, but she wants to keep fighting Eric until they regain control over the building.

Cut to the exterior of Bobby’s building, Jem is about to shoot a documentary about the history of the building and why it’s worth saving. Video is there with her camera equipment to capture it all.

In a seemingly quick turn around time, Jem’s rockumentary (see what I did there?) airs on TV. Huddled outside Bob’s Electric, a group of people, eyes fixed, are watching the program. A kid turns to his dad and says: “Boy dad, I didn’t know anyone your age knew anything about rock and roll. Think there’s anything we can do to save that building?”

Making a final stand against Eric Raymond, the Holograms and all the tenants of the building, stand between the apartment and the bulldozers, which of course are being driven by the Misfits and Eric.

In the climactic finale, Kimber puts a stop to things when she holds up a new legal document, stating that the building is now a residential zone. Mr. Wellington, the head of the cities historical society, explains the situation. Because Bobby Bailey assembled his own small museum of rock and roll history, the building has been declared an historical landmark.

With his tail between his legs, Eric gets back in his bulldozer and leaves the premises.

Bobby is grateful for all that Kimber has done. She was the only one that never gave up hope.

Bobby: I guess you’re never too old to learn.

Kimber: Or too young.

Cut to a Jem and the Holograms music video: “Let’s Not Forget The Past”.

Duration: 50:30:00

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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1 thought on “21: “Old Meets New”

  1. GOD I’m glad I wasn’t alone going, “Hey, pretty sure white people didn’t make rock and roll, kay thanks.” Second, why are the Misfits having such problems controlling heavy machinery in this episode when in the pilot they’d all gotten their heavy equipment operator’s license in episode one when they tried to bulldoze children? And third and finally, why can’t they catch up with marathon-running goons when like 3 episodes ago they were running marathons and high-jumping and shit in Hawaii? Like…make up your mind, writers.

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