23: “The Jem Jam: Part 1”

Synopsis: “The Misfits plot to ruin The Jem Jam, a benefit concert Jem is planning, by tricking Luna Dark into coming with them, while Krissie must deal with Lena Lerner’s spoiled son, Dominic, and Ba Nee is sure that Randy James, a red-haired drummer is her father.”

Summary: Episode 23, the first in a two-part series, is written by Jem creator, Christy Marx.

We open at a by invitation only banquet, hosted by Jem and the Holograms, where they plan on announcing a benefit concert with some special guests. The Misfits are anxiously awaiting Jem’s announcement as the benefit has been kept secret. Eric Raymond has brought Techrat with him, who gives Clash a special camera that will wireless send whatever footage she takes, to a mobile screen so that the rest of the Misfits can see what’s going on. Clash is disguised as a reporter and makes an attempt to find out what’s going on at the banquet. Before Clash can enter, she sees Ba Nee and lies about her father asking to see her in the lobby. Not knowing that Ba Nee doesn’t know her father, Clash’s plan works. Ba Nee asks Clash if he had red hair, and naturally Clash goes along with it and acknowledges. Ba Nee runs off.

In lobby, Ashley finds Ba Nee and asks why she ran off. Ba Nee says a lady told her that her father was waiting for her, but Ashley tries to explain she doesn’t have one. Ba Nee is understandably upset as this is a sensitive subject for her. All Ba Nee seems to know about her father, is that he was American and had red hair. She vows to find her father someday.

In the dining hall, Krissie offers refreshments to some of the guests, but a young boy sporting a leather jacket, rudely asks her for a drink.

Jem takes the stage and announces the Jem Jem. A benefit concert featuring many talented musicians, including: the grand master of rhythm and blues, Rowan Owens, Ron Cox, Lena Lerner (and her son, Dominic), and Luna Dark.

After watching Jem’s announcement, the Misfits are baffled at how Jem managed to secure such top talent for the concert. They want to retaliate but don’t have any clue what to do. Eric Raymond steps in and tells them to wear some special costumes he’s prepared, and that they should just trust him. Stormer is taken aback by the clearly unfashionable and horrible design of the outfits.

Jem announces the final guest: Johnny Deacon. Ashley and the other Starlight girls are pushed out of the way as a few people rush to the stage. A man pushes Ashley aside and says: “look out, little girl.” Ashley vows that someday, people will be asking for her photo.

Cut to a music video by Ashley: “I Can See Me”.

The Misfits disrupt the banquet as they walk in wearing ridiculous body hugging latex suits, with a multitude of obscenely bright flashing lasers. They try to divert the crowds attention by announce their new “improved” look. Jem is furious that the Misfits have crashed the event and dismisses their involvement in the Jem Jam when Johnny Deacon asks if they’re part of it.

A mob of angry punks, who happen to be staunch Jem fans, crash the party. They start questioning who is a real Jem fan and begin attacking several camera men, destroying their equipment. Pizzazz tells Jem that she “sure has some creepy friends,” however Jem denies any relation with them. As some of the guests follow Clash and the Misfits, Aja uses her martial arts training to take down one of the thugs. Jem notices some of the punks trying to steal the Holograms’ equipment, but quickly quashes their attempt by using Synergy to make the guitars look like they’re monsters. Rio and Johnny kick a few punks out, while the rest of the Holograms and Starlight girls work together to capture the remaining few.

Jem: Synergy, I need some punk repellent.

Jem invites the Jem Jam guests to stay at Starlight mansion. Krissie tries to make friends with Dominic by being incredibly polite, but when she introduces herself, he commands her to handle his bag and walks away. Krissie grabs Dominic’s bag and follows him upstairs, but Dominic won’t have it. He tells Krissie that she blew her chance at being nice to him, and that she shouldn’t bother trying anymore. Dominic reaches Krissie’s room, and decides to take it upon himself to claim her room as his, for the remainder of his stay.

Krissie: Here’s a horrible, arrogant, pest!

Johnny settles in, in one of the guest bedrooms. He asks Jerrica if she can send Jem to meet him and his drummer.

On the staircase, we see Ba Nee watching over the other Starlight girls and guests, who appear preoccupied with other things. She day dreams about what it would be like having a father.

Cue “A Father Should Be”, by Ba Nee.

Randy James, Johnny Deacon’s drummer, is introduced to Jem. Ba Nee sees the red headed drummer and mistakes him for her father. She runs over to Randy and gives him a hug.

Elsewhere, at Misfits Music, the Misfits are instructed by Eric to release balloons that are branded with their logo. Eric seems to be convinced that this will help promote the band, but the Misfits think he’s gone “soft in the head.”

At Starlight Mansion, the Holograms, Starlight girls, and Randy, are playing a game of volleyball. Randy makes a winning shot, and we see Ba Nee, his own personal fan, cheering from the side lines. Johnny lands a helicopter in the back yard and asks Jem if she wants a ride.

On the rooftop of Misfits music, the Misfits release the balloons just as the helicopter flies overhead. The balloons get caught in the blades, causing the Johnny to temporarily lose control. Fortunately for both of them, the engines fire up again and control is regained.

At Starlight Mansion, when Jem returns in the helicopter with Johnny, they discover the accident was caused by the Misfits and their balloons. Rio consoles Jem after being shaken up. Johnny asks the group if the Misfits are always this much trouble, and the Holograms say they always are, and then awkwardly laugh it off.

The Misfits, Eric, and Techrat wait for Clash to arrive at an abandoned warehouse with news of where and when Luna Dark will be arriving. Clash shows up with Luna’s flight information, and Techrat programs the data into some kind of electronic device. He instructs Pizzazz that all she has to do, is point and press the button.

Jem and the Holograms head to the airport to meet up with Luna Dark as she arrives at Gate 2. The Misfits are also at the airport, disguised as limousine drivers. Pizzazz uses Techrat’s device to scramble the flight arrival and gate information, so as to divert the Holograms.

Luna Dark clears customs and is greeted by the Misfits, who claim to be their limousine drivers. Luna questions this and asks what happened to Jem, but the Misfits make an excuse that she’s always unreliable.

Jem and the Holograms watch as the Misfits drive off with Luna Dark. Jem decides to chase after them alone, in the Rockin’ Roadster. So I guess Shana, Aja, and Kimber have to take a cab back home? Why couldn’t the rest of the band come along?

Jem uses Synergy to disguise herself as Pizzazz and the Rockin’ Roadster as their black van. Jem drives up to the Gabor estate entrance and demands to be let in. The security guard is at first confused, as he just saw Pizzazz enter, but after demanding to be let in, he lets Jem through.

Jem attempts to infiltrate the Gabor estate, but a pack of guard dogs attack her. Will Jem survive? Stay tuned for the conclusion in “The Jem Jem: Part 2.”

Duration: 34:45:00

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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