24: “The Jem Jam: Part 2”

Synopsis: “Jem saves Luna Dark from Pizzazz’s guard dogs and The Misfits plot to ruin the Jem Jam with help from Techrat. Meanwhile, Ba Nee goes to great lengths to prove that Randy is her father. Also, Krissie finds out Dominic is not as tough as he seems to be.”

Summary: Episode 24, the conclusion to a two-part series, is written by Jem creator, Christy Marx.

Hot off the heels of part 1, we open with Jem being attacked by the guard dogs of the Gabor estate. Synergy transforms Jem into Pizzazz, thinking that this will fool the dogs, but the plan fails. Jem panics, but Synergy comes to rescue when she creates a hologram of a monstrous and inhuman sized dog.

Inside the mansion, the Misfits hear the guard dogs and rush off the find out what’s gone wrong. This works out as an excellent distraction, because Jem is able to enter the mansion and find out which room Luna Dark is staying in. Jem explains the situation to Luna that she’s been tricked by the Misfits.

Outside, the kennel has been opened and Pizzazz freaks when the dogs have been let loose. Stormer and Roxy tell Pizzazz to call the dogs off, but she admits them that only her father can control them. The Misfits take shelter inside the kennel and close the door. Bad news for the band because Henry Gabor won’t be back home for several days.

Elsewhere, at Starlight Music, we see the Holograms and Starlight girls lounging by the pool. Ba Nee asks Johnny if she’s seen Randy.

Ba Nee catches up with Randy on her roller skates. Whilst jogging, Randy tells Ba Nee that he was in Vietnam, but before she can tell him that he must be her father, foot gets caught and she trips, hurting herself in the process. Randy picks Ba Nee up and takes her back to Starlight Mansion to get looked at. In this moment, Ba Nee embraces Randy and looks to be very happy.

At Starlight Mansion, Dominic tosses a pile of clothes and shoes to Krissie and demands that she have them cleaned. Krissie is furious and refuses, throwing them back at Dominic in disgust. Krissie finally confronts Dominic.

Krissie: Who do you think you are?

Dominic: I’m Dominic the slick, the cool, the hip.

Krissie: The nasty, the loud, the conceited.

Dominic: Listen, I’m a star, baby.

Cue music video: “You May Be A Star”, by Krissie.

Jem and the Holograms decide to practice for the concert with all of the special guests. Dominic walks in and tries to participate, by his mother, Lena, tells him he’s too inexperienced. When Dominic makes a fuss out of it, she tells him not to give him any lip.

In another part of the mansion, some of the Starlight girls are jamming away. Dominic overhears them and proceeds to berate and demoralize them, but the girls aren’t having any of it. A fed up Dominic walks away.

Outside at the pool, a couple of Starlight girls ask Dominic if he can swim. He arrogantly says of course, but he wouldn’t dare swim in the same ocean as Krissie. Krissie loses it and pushes Dominic into the pool. But things don’t go as expected, when Dominic sinks to the bottom. In that moment, Krissie realizes that he can’t actually swim, and dives in to save him.

Krissie: I wouldn’t have pushed you into the pool if I knew you couldn’t swim.

Dominic: I can swim. I was… uh, just teaching you a lesson!

Even after saving his life, Dominic refuses to acknowledge the fact that he lied about being able to swim. It seems he overcompensates in his behaviour, socially, with other people. Dominic is afraid to admit he can’t do something. Krissie ends up feeling petty for him, not anger, in the end.

Later, Jerrica rounds up the Starlight girls to take them on a trip to the zoo. Ba Nee grabs Randy and looks rather disappointed. She seems to have been under the impression Randy was going to take her to the zoo, alone. Jerrica calls Ba Nee out on her selfish behaviour and tells her to apologize to the group, otherwise she’ll be forced to stay home. Ba Nee does apologize.

Cut to Dominic, who is pleading his mother to be part of the Jem Jam concert. Lena turns him down once again, telling her son that he isn’t ready. Krissie eaves drops on the conversation and invites Dominic to the zoo. Dominic turns Krissie down.

Dominic: Who needs a bunch of worthless girls.

Lena grounds Dominic for being rude and says he’ll have to spend the day by himself. Krissie decides not to go to the zoo, because she think she help Dominic and find out why he’s so angry.

The Misfits get together with Eric and Techrat to find out what they’re going to do about all of the attention Jem is getting with the benefit concert. Eric claims what they need is a new gimmick. Pizzazz asks Techrat for a new gadget, but she clumsily touches a sensitive piece of equipment and damages it.

Cue Misfits music video: “Gimme A Gimmick”.

Techrat unveils his new “gimmick” to Eric and the Misfits. As the garage doors open, a blinding blue light baths them, but we, the audience, can’t see the object they’re looking at. When the Misfits ask if it’s safe to use, Techrat claims it is (with his fingers crossed behind his back).

At the zoo, Johnny mentions to Jerrica and some of the Starlight girls, that they have to pack soon for a trip to Cincinatti. Ba Nee is upset that Randy didn’t give her notice and says she’ll be going with him. Randy, lets Ba Nee down gently and says he can’t take her. Ba Nee finally comes out with it and proclaims that Randy is her father. Ashley tries to explain that he isn’t her father, just because he has red hair. Randy says that he left Vietnam years before she was born, so there’s no way that he’s her father. Ba Nee is distraught and runs away.

Jerrica chases after Ba Nee, but she jumps the fence where the bears are being kept. It looks like she wants to prove that Randy is her father by putting herself in harms way, but she accidentally falls into the pit with the bears.

Randy tries to reach Ba Nee, but he’s too far to grab her. Jerrica helps by climbing down, forming a chain with Randy to extend his reach. They grab Ba Nee and pull her to safety.

Ba Nee finally seems to come to her senses and admits that she wanted Randy to be her father so badly, she ended up believing it. Randy and Ba Nee decide to stay friends.

Cut to Krissie, who has followed Dominic to an old water tower. She confronts him and suggest that they try to become friends. Dominic just wants to be left alone, or does he? Krissie tells him that if he were nicer to people, he would make more friends. Dominic claims to have many friends, but Krissie sees through this and tells him he’s just too afraid to admit it. Dominic climbs the water tower and Krissie follows him. Half way up the tower, Krissie freezes and admits to being afraid of heights. Dominic snaps out of it and realizes she’s in danger, so he climbs down and helps her to safety. They make a deal: if Dominic can stop acting like a macho superstar, she’ll teach him how to swim.

In the finale, the Jem Jam concert begins, but it’s not off to a good start when Techrat intervenes. From the bleachers, Techrat pulls out his control device. A bright blue object is scene floating towards the stage. It’s the Misfits on a hovering stage, playing their music. Someone in the crowd thinks it’s a UFO. Techrat drops the control device when a panicking crowd rushes out of the venue. While the device is damaged, the hovering stage crashes into a tree with the Misfits. Techrat is furious his invention has been ruined, however, the Jem Jem continues successfully.

Cue Jem and the Holograms music video (with guests): “Jam All Night Long”.

Duration: 39:15:00

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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