26: “Glitter And Gold”

Synopsis: “Jem hasn’t been heard from in some time and Jerrica doesn’t seem to care. The Misfits waste no time capitalizing on her absence, especially when Owen Beech, the owner of Diskovery Records, promotes a contest awarding a Gold Album and a new car, the Glitter ‘n Gold Roadster, to the winner.”

Summary: Episode 26 is written by Christy Marx.

We open with Anthony Julian shooting a new music video. Meanwhile, Kimber approaches Jerrica and mentions that the Misfits have a number one hit single and suggests that Jem and the Holograms put out a new album before the Glitter and Gold contest. Apparently Jem has’t been around in a while and Jerrica is upset at the very mention of her name. Jem storms off and Rio drops by to introduce Kimber to his friend, Max Conley, who appears to be interested her.

Max: You’re even more gorgeous than your pictures.

Kimber: Oh… really?

Jerrica takes notice of Rio reading a newspaper about Jem and questions if she has competition. Rio denies this and Jerrica becomes furious when reading a blurb from the paper about Jem’s declining career. Max asks Kimber if he can see her again and she makes plans for this coming Saturday. Kimber leaves and Jeff pulls up in a motorcycle (popping a wheelie) to pick her up.

The Misfits pull up to Diskovery Records, where they’re greeted by a mob of excited fans. Inside, Owen Beech, the owner of the record chain is announcing the Glitter and Gold contest. The first group to sell 500,000 albums is the winner. A reporter covering the event asks why the Misfits are the only name on the board. Owen explains he hasn’t picked a competing group yet, and of course the Misfits claim their superiority above all others.

Cut to Misfits music video: “How Does It Feel?”

Jeff drops Kimber off at home and ends up double booking her weekend date plans. How could Kimber so carelessly commit to two dates for Saturday night at 6 o’clock? Jerrica is seen having a heart to heart conversation with Synergy. Jerrica has been feeling down lately and it’s because she admits to being jealous of herself. Synergy tries to help out by creating a hologram of Rio to allow Jerrica to practice divulging her secret identity. Things to do not go as easily as Jerrica planned, when the hologram of Rio says he hates being deceived and equally despises liars. When Rio tells Jerrica he never wants to see her again, Jerrica commands Synergy to turn off the simulation.

Synergy: What’s wrong, Jerrica?

I don’t know what to do. I’m jealous of myself! If only I had the nerve to tell Rio the truth.

Both Jeff and Max show up at the same time to pick Kimber up, but when Kimber realizes what she’s done, a fight breaks out between the two men. All of this is happening in the background as we see Jerrica trying to confide in Rio to tell him who she really is. This is some real daytime soap opera level action right here. Jeff and Max crash through the bedroom window and land in the garden, though unharmed. Both Jeff and Max have been made fools of and decide to not to see Kimber again. It’s not over yet for poor Kimber, because Rio lashes out, calling her a deceptive liar. Kimber breaks down and runs away. Jerrica, feeling protective of her younger sister, rips into Rio and tells him he should at least have listened to what she had to say. Jerrica realizes that she now can’t tell Rio her secret, because clearly he won’t be able to handle it. Rio gets mad, again, and kicks over a potted plant.

Later on, Jerrica makes her way to see Owen Beech about entering the Glitter and Gold contest. Owen tells the Misfits he’s considering the Fifth Avenue Boys, which are being represented by Starlight Music. When Jerrica overhears Eric Raymond say the Fifth Avenue Boys will come begging to him after Jerrica ruins their careers, just like she did Jem’s, Jerrica turns into Jem and makes a surprise appearance.

Jem: If we can guarantee a new album in time for the contest, will you put our name up there?

Owen: You guarantee delivery?

Jem: Absolutely.

At Starlight studios, the Holograms drop by with Jem. Rio is surprised to see her and they embrace. Jem tells Rio they have to complete a new album in time for the Glitter and Gold contest. Although the timing is difficult, Rio is confident they can make the deadline. Jem says they need more than just a new album to win the competition. They’ll need a new look; the glitter and gold look.

Cut to Jem and the Holograms music video: “Glitter and Gold”.

Eric arrives at the seedy hideout of the Skulls band. He wishes to enlist their services, in exchange for a record contract at Misfits Music.

Jerrica is feverishly packing fully pressed records of the new Jem and the Holograms album: Glitter and Gold. Rio walks in and offers to help deliver the records, but Jerrica is still mad at him and refuses. For some reason Rio says Jerrica shouldn’t delivery the records by herself because “it’s dangerous.” What exactly is dangerous about delivering the records?

On the road to see Owen, Jerrica is cut off by the Skulls. After stopping her, they begin destroying the records, but Rio shows up just in time to stop them.

At Diskovery Records, the contest begins when doors open and hordes of Holograms and Misfits fans pour in. Unfortunately for the Holograms, the Misfits are ahead with respect to record sales–two to one in fact. The Misfits berate the Holograms for their efforts and tell them they might as well give up, but Jem tells her band mates not to retaliate, as their new music video is airing later tonight on Lin-Z’s show. Once the video airs, more Jem and the Holograms fans show up to buy the new album, allowing them to catch up to the Misfits.

Cut to Jem and the Holograms/Misfits music video: “We’re Up/You’re Down”.

The Holograms have gained on the Misfits. Pizzazz, Stormer, and Roxy are desperate and ask Eric to do something. Eric decides to game the system by handing out free money to anyone that will buy a Misfits record. Eric hands some money to an elderly woman, but when she walks out of Diskovery Records, she’s holding a copy Glitter and Gold. Eric tries to get the woman to go back into the store, but she tells him that the Misfits didn’t look like very nice girls. Eric looks exasperated and is out of money.

For a while it’s touch and go, but the balance is tipped when Rio buys the last record needed for the Holograms to reach 500,000. Unfortunately for Jem and the Holograms, Owen disqualifies Rio because he works for the band. Both the Holograms and the Misfits are now tied. Owen decides to extend the context by one more purchase.

Are the Holograms out of luck? A young boy walks in to make a purchase, but there are no copies of Glitter and Gold. He reaches for the Misfits record, but Rio gives up his disqualified purchase so that the man has a choice. Clash tries to bribe the man, but Ashley grabs the money and insist the contest will be a fair one.

We wrap with Jem and the Holograms winning the content by one purchase. Although the Misfits lost, Stormer remains positive that they still sold half a million records. Pizzazz does not take the loss well and has a temper tantrum.

Own presents the Holograms wit the prestigious gold album award and the gold roadster.

Duration: 54:09:00

Present: Alex, Tempest.

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