S2E2: “The Talent Search: Part 2”

Synopsis: “As the Holograms deliberate over which semi-finalist will be their new drummer, the Misfits try to bribe one of them to reveal Jem’s secret identity.”

Summary: Episode 28 is written by Christy Marx and is the conclusion to two-part episode: “The Talent Search.”

We open with Jerrica bringing the good news to the Holograms that ticket sales for the talent search concert have sold out. The rest of the band are wondering how Shana would feel about this and if she is still mad about the entire situation. Jerrica suggests it’s time they find out, so she calls up Shana. But before Jerrica has a chance to speak with her, Shana hangs up because of Liz Stratton’s demanding nature. It turns out Shana’s designs for one of Liz’s co-star are so gorgeous, that they make her look better. Liz tears up Shana’s designs and tells her to remember that, when she remakes her designs. Shana is naturally shaken up and questions what she’s gotten herself into.

Cue Jem and the Holograms music video: “Show Me The Way”.

At Misfits Music, Eric Raymond, Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta discuss how it’s not going to be easy to bribe Raya to join their record label. Pizzazz suggests “there’s always the other guy” (she’s referring to semi-finalist: Craig Phillips). Stormer walks in and introduces the Misfits to her brother, Craig Phillips. Everyone in the group, including Eric, look surprised. Eric tries to persuade Craig to help them “Destroy” the Misfits. Is he up to the task? All Eric wants to do is reveal Jem’s true identity.

Pizzazz: You see, what’s good for Jem, is bad for the Misfits. And what’s bad for Jem, is good for the Misfits. And what’s good for the Misfits, is good for your dear sweet sister Stormer.

Craig: I’m a little out of touch. None of this really means much to me.

Eric: Does money mean anything to you? Whatever Jem’s promised, I can double it. Triple it.

Craig: I don’t care about money.

After unsuccessfully trying to buy Craig’s allegiance, Jetta tells Stormer to do something about Craig. Pizzazz blackmails her and says that if she doesn’t persuade Craig, she’ll be kicked out of the band. Stormer reminds Craig that if she ever needed anything from him, to just ask. Craig caves and agrees to go along with the plan–but only for Stormer’s sake.

The next morning, we see Craig and Aja going for a jog through the park. Craig stops as they cross a bridge and confesses that he only entered the contest to get close to Aja. Aja says she’s glad he did, and they kiss. Craig tells Aja there’s just one thing, he needs to know who Jem really is. Aja gets defensive and says she can’t divulge her identity. Craig flips out.

Craig: There’s just one thing I have to know.

Aja: What’s that?

Craig: Who is Jem?

Aja: I can’t tell you that!

Craig: So, I’m good enough to become your drummer, but not good enough to trust! Maybe I should drop out of the competition.

Aja: Jem keeps her identity secret for good reasons. No matter how I feel about you, I won’t betray Jem’s trust in me.

Craig: I’m sorry. I’ll never ask you again. Aja, I swear.

Aja: I trust you Craig, but Jem’s secret is hers to reveal, not mine.

Craig: Jem who?

At Misfits Music, Craig has an argument with Eric and tells him what happened in the park. Craig is glad that Aja has so much loyalty and integrity as to not reveal her band mate’s identity. Eric’s last ditch effort to try and make Craig feel bad doesn’t work. Eric says he wonders what Aja would think of him if she knew his sister was a Misfit. Craig is furious with Eric’s mind games and leaves.

The Misfits walk in just at the tail end of the argument between Eric and Craig. Pizzazz tells Eric that this is just another of his spectacular failures. Eric makes an excuse that Craig was useless from the beginning, and he’s sure Raya still knows something. Jetta seems to know just the right way to Raya. Jetta steals Eric’s wallet, takes the cash, and walks off. Eric is left looking quite sad, holding his extremely light wallet.

The talent search concert begins, with a drum duel between Raya Alonso and Craig Phillips.

Cut to a Jem and the Hologram’s music video: “Beat This”.

After the music video, Jem announces to the audience that it’s time to cast their vote for who they think should be the next drummer for Jem and the Holograms. An independent company will count the votes and an announcement will be made the following day.

Jetta pays some thugs to break into Raya’s father’s greenhouse and trash it. She asks them to bring back proof that they vandalized it.

Raya’s father is shaken by the vandalism on his greenhouse. It’s going to cost a lot of money to fix it. Raya looks rather despondent and seems to believe Craig is going to win the competition, so there’s no point in her even going to the press conference.

Stormer has a talk with her brother Craig about winning the competition. Perhaps if he does win, Jem will reveal her identity to him anyway. After all, Craig wouldn’t need to confess that he was the one to reveal who she really is. Craig tells Stormer she’s too good for the Misfits, but she tells him she would be nothing without them. Craig finds out that the Misfits threatened to kick Stormer out of the band if she didn’t persuade Craig to help them. Craig leaves as if he’s on a mission, perhaps to do something to help his sister?

Raya shows up at Misfits Music and begs Eric Raymond to help her financially, since her father’s nursery was destroyed. Eric agrees, but only if Raya can divulge Jem’s identity. Raya gets really close to saying who Jem really is, but then notices Jetta has one of her father’s orchids in her hair (that was pretty careless of Jetta). Raya is furious and pulls Jetta’s hair. Eric tries to disavow any knowledge or involvement in the crime. Raya tells Eric that even if she didn’t have a cent to her name, she wouldn’t accept any financial support from him (she leaves).

Craig is eavesdropping on the conversation and waits for Raya to leave. He walks in and threatens Eric to make an anonymous donation to Raya’s father. Eric doesn’t seem intimidated by Craig, until Craig throws him into his chair, grabs his desk lamp, and ties it around his neck.

Craig: I don’t know why, but Stormer thinks she can’t make it without you, so treat her right, because if you toss her out of the Misfits, you’ll answer to me, personally.

One the way out the door, Craig runs into his sister. He tells her everything is going to be fine and tells her to take care of herself.

At the talent search press conference, Jem is about to announce the winner of the competition. At the last moment, we see Craig back stage where he tells Aja he has to pull out at the last moment (to take care of some personal matters). Craig tells Aja that he’s moving back to Europe to avoid conflicts and promises to explain everything to her someday.

Liz Stratton is still making life difficult for Shana when she turns her latest design revisions down again, saying her co-star still looks more glamorous than her. Shana has finally had it up to here with Stratton. Shana stands up for herself and her work.

Shana: Ms. Stratton, I won’t do less than my best for anyone. You don’t want a designer, you want a flunky to feed your ego. I quit!

Cut to a quick moment between Shana and Anthony. Anthony suggests she go back to the Holograms, but Shana says they already have a new drummer and that they don’t want her back.

Back stage after the press conference, Jem is almost caught changing into Jerrica behind the curtains. Raya rushes back stage and stops her, but Jem looks surprised as clearly she had no idea Raya knew who she really was. In a private dressing room, Raya explains the entire situation how she first discovered Jem’s identity and that Eric was behind the destruction of her father’s nursery. Jem is thankful and proud to have Raya in the group, not only because of her talent, but because of her sense of loyalty and respect for Jem’s privacy.

The Holograms head to Starlight Mansion, where they meet up with Anthony. He explains Shana’s situation that she quit the production of Liz Stratton’s movie and that she thought the band didn’t want her back. The Holograms explain it was all a miss communication and that they pretended that they wanted her to go, so she could follow her dream. This was exactly what Shana wanted to her from her best friends, and luckily for the Holograms, she was hiding behind the door the entire time. Shana is finally reunited with her band mates and is welcomed back, but Raya leaves is looking left out.

We wrap with Raya looking rather lonely, sitting by her drum set in the garage of her home. Her father comes by to see her and is happy to have received an anonymous donation in the mail–just enough money to cover the damages to his nursery. Raya explains to her father that the Holograms don’t need her anymore, now that Shana is back. To Raya’s surprise, Jem and the Holograms pull up to her drive way and tell her they need her as the drummer in the band. When Raya question’s how Shana will fit in, Shana tells her that she’s happy to play her guitar again.

Cut to Jem and the Holograms music video: “All’s Right With The World”.

Duration: 55:04:00

Present: Alex, Aleen, K. Tempest Bradford.

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