5: “Battle of The Bands”

Synopsis: “The Holograms rush to save Synergy from being discovered by Eric Raymond. By the night of the Battle of the Bands, Raymond and the Misfits are desperate for some way to ensure victory over their rivals. A golden opportunity presents itself when Ashley tries to end her dealings with them. Can the Holograms save Jem and Ashley in time to win the contest?”

Summary: Eric Raymond’s private detective, Malone, discovers Synergy’s secret location. Setting off Synergy’s “intruder” alert, Malone snaps some photos of his discovery and then violently smashes Synergy with a conveniently placed chair, doing considerable damage to her hardware.

Malone: “Shut up or I’ll smash you to smithereens!”

Synergy manages to send a warning to Jerrica in the rockin’ roadster, and the Holograms immediately make haste to come to her rescue. Oddly enough, instead of checking on Synergy, the Holograms decide to follow Malone (disguised as a different vehicle; but how when Synergy was damaged?). Malone makes his way to the “Bureau of Records” and requests ownership papers for the Starlight Drive-in. After tailing Malone, the Holograms determine that he must have been employed by Raymond when they see him driving into Starlight Music.

Back at Starlight Music, Malone meets with Raymond, showing him the photos of Synergy and disclosing not only her secret location, but the owner of the drive-in: Emmett Benton, Jerrica’s father. With this information alone, Malone suggests that Jerrica and Jem can only be one and the same person. Raymond is quick to dismiss the correlation and claims he’s seen Jerrica and Jem together, so they clearly can’t be the same person. Putting aside the Jem/Jerrica debate, Raymond sets his eyes on the price: Synergy.

The Holograms regroup at the drive-in to check on Synergy. In a bit of a twist, Synergy turns out to be okay. As soon as Malone discovered her secret, she created a hologram of herself, which made Malone think he had destroyed her. With Synergy’s whereabouts compromised, the Holograms smartly dismantle and relocate her to Starlight Mansion. Much to the chagrin of Zipper and Eric Raymond, by the time they arrive, all they discover is an empty room.

At Starlight Mansion, the Holograms successfully reassemble Synergy in a hidden room.

(Cue Jem and the Holograms music video: “She’s Got The Power”)


The Misfits arrive at Eric Raymond’s office, demanding that he do something since the battle of the bands are later that night. They’re interrupted by Ashley’s outburst and she renounces her interest in the band and returns the money they gave her. Pizzazz and Rxy take their leave, while Stormer stays behind for a moment, showing some reluctance (and possibly some guilt) for leaving Ashley behind.

Eric: “Look, why don’t you girls get ready for the concert. Just leave her with me.”

At Starlight Mansion, the Holograms are picking out the outfits they want to wear for the concert; they’re good spirits are interrupted by an ominous phone call from Ashley, who says Eric Raymond is holding her captive. Eric stipulates that Jem and the Holograms have just 30 minutes to get to Starlight drive-in, and not a word to anyone else, or Ashley pays the price (just call the cops, Jerrica!). The Holograms will not let Eric blackmail them, so they decide to rescue Ashely. Rio enters and senses something odd is going on, but Jem insists that he should trust her.

Back stage at the battle of the bands, The Misfits grab Ashley and lock her in a chest. Feeling bad for Ashley’s situation, she tries to comfort her, but the Misfits exert their influence on her and convince her to leave Ashley behind.

In the sound booth, Pizzazz takes the opportunity to goad Rio by suggesting that Jem chickened out, since she hasn’t show up yet. The Misfits make way to the concert stage and go on first.

Pizzazz: “What’s a matter lover boy, has Jem chickened out?”

(Cue The Misfits music video: “Taking it All”)

The Holograms show up at Starlight drive-in to meet Eric Raymond’s demands, which of course, he’s accompanied by his typical entourage. Jem demands Ashley’s return, but Eric refuses to return her until after the battle of the bands concert. When an opportunity presents itself, Kimber tells Jerrica to run for it and elbows Eric. Zipper chases after Jem in the rockin’ roadster. After cutting Jem off, she makes a run for it and ends up losing one of her earrings.

Back at the concert, Jem and the Holograms are a no show. The Misfits finish their music act. Eric Raymond warns Rio back stage that if the Holograms don’t show up by the intermission, they may be disqualified. Rio makes an accusation that Eric has done something to prevent them from making their appearance. The concert promoter has to hold Rio back from beating the pulp out of Eric.

Rio discovers Ashley, locked in the trunk and releases her. The promoter gives notice that the Holograms only have 15 minutes to get on stage.

At the Starlight drive-in, Jem asks Synergy to project a hologram of Jem and an entire police force. Zipper and his hired thugs fall for the prank, but then the real police show up to arrest the bad guys. Rio and the Holograms make their way to the concert as fast as they can. Miraculously, just before The Misfits can be announced the winners (by default), the Holograms appear like magic from a hazy cloud of smoke and perform their number.

(Cue Jem and the Holograms music video: “Music is Magic”)

Howard Sands awards the Holograms the winners, and gives them the concert price: the mansio.

Pizzazz: “No matter what it takes, we’re going to get even.”

At Starlight Music, much to Jerrica and Rio’s surprise, Eric Raymond is still in his office. They assumed he would have been in jail and his office cleared out, but his admits that he has very good lawyers. In a bitter sweet end to this five part miniseries, Rio punches Eric and Jerrica vows to make something amazing out of Starlight Music, something that her father would be proud of.

Eric: “it’s amazing what lawyers can do, if you pay them enough.”

Trivia: There are a few scenes throughout the episodes where artifacts in the film can clearly be seen (black lines).

Duration: 55:33

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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