7: “Starbright: Part 2, Colliding Stars”

Synopsis: “Ba Nee will go blind if she doesn’t undergo expensive eye surgery within the next few weeks. Unfortunately, Jerrica’s financial options are limited after she learns that Eric Raymond used the money from Starlight Music to promote the Misfits. Her only option is for Jem and the Holograms to finish making Starbright. But that won’t be easy now that the Misfits are in complete control over the production.”

Summary: Opening on a rather somber note, Jerrica is presented with shocking news that an experimental laser eye surgery for Ba Nee will cost $250,000. How will Jerrica raise the capital? Will Ba Nee’s vision be saved?

Jem: She’s only 8 years old. It can’t happen. I won’t let it happen. There must be some treatment.

On the drive home from the ophthalmologist, Ba Nee asks Jerrica if her eyes will be okay. Wanting to spare her of any concern, Jerrica tells Ba Nee that her eyes will be just fine.

At Starlight house, the Holograms brainstorm how they can raise the money for Ba Nee’s operation. Naturally, Starlight Music is the most obvious source of money, being a successful record company.

The Holograms make their way to Starlight Music, only to discover a rather empty lobby and a man moving boxes of important documents.

Kimber: This place is like a tomb!

When they demand to know what’s going on, we discover that Starlight Music has not been paying their bills. Joanie explains to Jerrica that she tried to warn her, but the phone company disconnected their lines. Joanie shares a startling revelation that the majority of the company’s money has been diverted to promotion for the Misfits by Eric Raymond.

Jem: We’ll straighten this mess out. I’m in charge now, Joanie.

In order to pay for Ba Nee’s operation, Jerrica concedes that the Holograms must finish the movie. Jerrica meets with Eric to tell him the band is back in the production. Eric stipulates that if he were to allow this, it will have to be on his terms.

Eric: If I let Jem and the Holograms come back, it will be on my terms. I need an assistant, someone to run around for me.

Begrudgingly, Jerrica accepts Eric’s terms.

At the studio, Eric breaks the news to the Misfits that Jem and the Holograms are back in the movie, but assures Pizzazz it will be on his terms. Meanwhile, Clash argues with Video that she shouldn’t be wasting tape on the Holograms because they’re conceited. Video accidentally divulges the true reason for the Holograms’ return: they’re doing it just to raise enough money to pay for Ba Nee’s eye surgery.

Clash explains to the Misfits the true nature of why the Holograms have return to the movie production. They decide to take advantage of the desperate financial situation the Holograms are in, by ordering them around, starting with kicking them out of their own dressing room.

Cue Misfits video: “Congratulations.”

Completely ignoring the perfectly handsome Jeff once again, Kimber instead tries to get the attention of Nick Mann.

Glad you’re back Kimber!

Kimber: Hiiiiii Nick. Did you miss me?

Jeff: Excuse me while I go talk to the wall.

Nick: Oh, were you gone?

In the studio hallway, we see Rio tell Jem that he’s surprised she didn’t have more pride (I assuming he’s talking about her sudden return to the production of the movie). Their conversation is cut short when Pizzazz comes calling.

Pizzazz: Riooooo. Rio, darling, I need you.

Reduced to Eric Raymond’s assistant, he calls for Jerrica to bring him a cup of coffee. But Jerrica is put into a difficult situation where Eric demands Jem’s presence, but wants Jerrica to stay by his side. She manages to whisper into her earrings that Synergy should create a hologram of Jem. Eric falls for the convincing facade and proceeds to block the next scene that needs filming. Eric sets up an intimate scene with the idea that he’s about to kiss Jem, but instead is blown away by Pizzazz’s breathtaking beauty, and instead kisses her. When the camera stops rolling, Nick admits the kiss was “terrible.” Pizzazz’s feelings seem a bit hurt by this comment and decides to ask Clash with a job. To get revenge, mixes up some call sheets to confuse and delay the Holograms from showing up at the right location and on time.

Cue Jem and the Holograms video: “Show Me The Way”

When the Hologram’s eventually discover where they’re supposed to be, Eric refuses to hear their reason for their tardiness and decides to dock them a days pay (what a jerk).

At the beginning of the next major scene for Starbright, Jem projects a hologram of Jerrica to assist Eric, but when he tosses her a script, it goes straight through her. Creating a distraction, Aja leaves the cage she’s in and tells Pizzazz Jem is still in two more scenes then her. Pizzazz’s bruised ego takes another beating while she demands Eric remove Jem from the scene. In the nick of time. Jem switches back to Jerrica and hands Eric the script before raising any suspicion.

Breaking for lunch, Rio catches Jerrica’s attention and explains that Jem isn’t worth his time. Once again, Rio’s internal struggle to determine who he wants to spend his time with, Jerrica, or the illustrious Jem. But Jerrica doesn’t take this well.

Jem: Let me make something perfectly clear, buster. Jem is here because I asked her to come back and take Eric’s humiliation. Because Ba Nee needs an operation. And do me a favour. Don’t come crying back to me just because Jem does something you don’t like!

Rio: What did I say?

While blocking a dangerous scene involving Jem crossing a ravine, Nick decides to use his stunt double, while Jem is refused one without having to pay for that herself. But this scene contains absolutely no safety measures: no safety net, no fall bag. Eric fires the director after he refuses to film without safety precautions. Eric decides to take over directing duties. But when the cameras roll, something goes wrong and Jem almost falls to her death before Rio saves the day. Impressed by Rio, Jem seems to forgive him and kisses him.

Luckily for the Hologram’s, Video filmed the entire disaster and plans to get Eric into trouble. The Misfits send Clash to retrieve the video before it’s too late. Clash gets her hands on a magnetic tape eraser from one of the video editors, thinking she will destroy the tape, but in a twist, Video and the Hologram’s swapped the true tape with a fake. Wanting to take the tape to the union, Jem refuses since the production would likely be shut down. Her reluctance infuriates Rio.

Rio: And I thought you had brains. Huh, women.

At Starlight house, Kimber is day dreaming about her upcoming scene with Nick. The rest of the Hologram’s admit the movie isn’t worth the risk, but Jerrica insists it’s worth it because Ba Nee is relying on her eye surgery.

In her bedroom, Ba Nee questions Jerrica about when she’ll receive her eye operation. Jerrica tries to console her by telling her it will be very soon and then tucks her in.

Jerrica: Jem’s going to take care of everything, I promise.

The following day on location, Kimber comes to the stark realization that Nick is not a nice person, after he rejects a fan’s request to sign an autograph (in a rude manner).

Cue Jem and the Holograms video: “Love Is Doin’ It To Me”.

Kimber finally seems to give Jeff the time of day, after Nick brushes her off. Jeff quells Kimber’s concerns about the scene they need to film by rehearsing it with her.

Jeff: How about a kiss for luck?

Roxy tries to ingratiate herself with Jeff, and to make Kimber jealous, kisses him. Jeff rebuffs her and they begin filming a scene involving a dangerous motorcycle stunt.

When the camera rolls, Clash sabotages the stunt, causing an explosion to go off prematurely, putting Kimber in harm’s way. Episode 7 ends on this cliffhanger, so stay tuned for the conclusion in episode 8!


  • Jerrica’s outfit looses the pink stripes that go white and the sash has changed from red to white. She’s also dropped the hat.
  • Kimber’s hair turns pink when the Holograms are about to reenter the movie studio.
  • When the explosions go off, Jem’s hair is momentarily blue.
  • Near the beginning of “Love Is Doin’ It To Me,” Aja’s outfit “Only The Beginning” is shown to have sleeves.

Duration: 42:49

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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