8: “Starbright: Part 3, Rising Star”

Synopsis: “Jem, Rio, the Holograms and most of the movie crew quit the film after Kimber and Jeff’s close call in the explosions. Unfazed, the Misfits decide to start the movie from scratch, doubling its budget in the process. As for the Holograms, they resume work on the original Starbright script with the hope that the film’s profits will cover the costs of Ba Nee’s operation. Which movie will be a success?”

Summary: Picking up where episode 7 left off, Kimber ends up in a near fatal explosion on the set of Starbright. Trapped amidst the flames, Jeff races to Kimber’s rescue on his motorcycle. Weak and faint, Jeff carries Kimber to the Nurse to get her looked after. An argument breaks out when Jem blames Roxy for accident, but the rest of the misfits lie and act as Roxy’s alibi, claiming she was with the group the entire time. The blame quickly shifts to Eric Raymond, but he passes the buck to the technician, who of course then passes it on to Clash.

Clash: I didn’t touch a thing! (bangs wrist cymbals)

Infuriated with the way the production was being handled, Jem and the Holograms quit, along with Rio. This creates a mutiny within and a majority of the crew ends up leaving, forcing Eric Raymond and the Misfits to consider re-writing the entire script and hiring new people. Pizzazz suggests asking her father for additional funding, as the production budget will have to double as a result of the sudden changes.

Back at the nurses office, Kimber is given a clean bill of health. Finally coming to her senses about the way she’s treated Jeff in the past, she seems surprised that he saved her life.

Jeff: Kimber, I’d ride through fire for you.

Kimber: You already did.

At Starlight mansion, Jerrica reads a bedtime story to Ba Nee. Ba Nee is still in good spirits about how Jem is going to help her get the eye surgery she needs. Shana confronts Jerrica about not being able to to tell her the truth, that she hasn’t raised the $250,000 needed for the operation. Jerrica seems more determined than ever not to let Ba Nee down.

Jem and the crew of Starbright brainstorm about how they can raise money for Ba Nee’s operation. They decide to make their own indie movie, on a shoestring budget, just like they used to for their early music videos. Each of the crew volunteer to help out with the production, from costumes, to makeup, to set design.

(Cue Jem and the Holograms music video: “Putting It All Together”)

Clash pulls up in her car and stops to talk to video about the rumours that Jem was making her own movie. This scene is a flashback and is cut short where we see Clash telling the Misfits that Video said to her: “You can tell the Misfits that Jem and the Holograms are going to make you look like the phoney trash you are.” The Misfits then devise a plan to infiltrate the Holograms’ production with a spy. Clash is sent to Georgia, the Misfit’s makeup artist to give her a disguise (of course they lie about the reason why she needs to be made up).

Video decides to film a documentary about the making of the Jem movie. She interviews the cast and crew and discovers that everyone is working on the movie pro bono. Rio divulges what his role in the movie is.

Rio: You see I play Johnny Stone. I start out as a selfish rocker, but Jem shows me how to share.

Jem tells video that Starlight Music will be releasing the movie soundtrack and that all proceeds will be going to the Starlight Foundation for Foster Girls.

On the set of the Misfits movie, a flustered Eric Raymond is shocked at the sight of orangutangs on the set.

Eric: Orangutans, who ordered the orangutans?

Pizzazz: I ordered the orangutans, Eric. Bring them up here!

Eric: Pizzazz. Pizzazz! I… I’m the director… I… I’m supposed to…

Pizzazz: Shutup Eric. I’ll do what I want!

(Cue Misfits music video: “Welcome to the Jungle”)

At the end of the video, we see Pizzazz jump into Nick’s arms, only for him to drop her in a pool of water after freaking out about a lion.

Nick: I don’t have to put up with this… this circus.

Back at the Jem movie production, Rio and Jeff rehearse a fight scene while an unknown woman tries to get into the club where they’re filming. One of the crew members tries to turn her away, but lets her in after she says: “Oh I’m a friend of a friend of Jems.” That seemed unusually easy. It seems like they need better security of the movie set.

In disguise, Clash steals a majority of the wardrobe and some of the camera equipment and stuffs them in her car.

At the Misfits dressing room, Pizzazz argues with Georgia and berates her makeup application technique, claiming she can do a better job. After insulting Georgia, she packs the makeup and takes it away. Later, Pizzazz, Roxy, and Stormer begin verbally tearing apart every aspect of the production, from unsatisfactory costumes to set pieces. The set designer refuses to be insulted further and quits, which does not make Eric a happy camper.

Later at the Jem movie set, Jeff hands Video a VHS tape containing evidence of Jem’s near fatal accident from earlier on. Jeff instructs Video to deliver the tape to the union office, while Clash eaves drops on the conversation.

Georgia drops by the studio and asks if she can work on the movie. She admits to being wrong and they accept her apology.

Georgia: I listened to the Misfits instead of thinking for myself.

Suddenly crew members notice that critical equipment and wardrobe have gone missing. Fortunately for the Holograms, Georgia recognizes Clash and they chase after her. Clash manages to escape in her car with the missing equipment and video tape. The Holograms chase after Clash in the Rockin’ Roadster and nearly collide with an oncoming truck. Jem enlists Synergy to create a hologram of a falling tree, which causes Clash to hit the brakes. The Holograms catch up to Clash and end up taking back the tape and equipment.

Cut to a live concert of the Misfits, after the show they are surprised by Clash’s early return. Clash sheepishly admits that she failed at sabotaging the production of Jem’s movie. In a fit of rage, Pizzazz destroys her guitar.

During the filming of a scene in the Jem movie, cast and crew are interrupted by Nick.

Nick: Surprise! Jem, sweet thing. Nick Mann is here to save you from amateurs. With my name in the credits, your film will have to be a big hit. And just for you babe, I’ll work for just half my usual fee.

Kimber: We don’t need your help!

Jem: Now Kimber, let’s not be hasty.

Anthony Julian: But Jem, we shot half the movie with Rio as the lead!

Rio: Alright, if that’s the way you feel about it, Jem.

Jem: I was going to say, there’s no reason why we can find a part for Nick. Maybe a bit part?

Nick: A bit part? A bit part!?

Jem: And you’ll have to work for free.

Nick: For free?

Jem: Well everybody else is.

Nick: I don’t do bit parts. And I don’t work for free.

Rio: Jem, you’re the greatest!

On the set of the Misfits movie, filming is interrupted by a few surprise guests. On behalf of the producers guild, the stunt man’s union, the director’s guild, and the photographer’s local, production is to be shut down immediately. It turns out that directing a movie without guild approval and utilizing hazardous stunts is not a kosher thing to do.

Filming the last scene of the Jem movie, we get another music video.

(Cue Jem and the Holograms music video: “People Who Care”)

The Misfits decide to celebrate and Pizzazz tells Eric that the movie is a masterpiece. I guess we are to assume they managed to cut the movie together with whatever footage they had? But the party is quickly interrupted by Mr. Gabor, who seems to have smoke coming out of his ears. He says that the move production has cost him a fortune, including fines and lawsuits from dozens of unions.

Mr. Gabor: Indulging you is one thing. But losing this much money is inexcusable! From now on, Howard Sands manages this studio.

And finally, in the episodes denouement, Ba Nee finally gets to have her operation. Jerrica signs over a deed of trust to the doctor (who seems to be voiced by Charles Adler). Is this a deed to Starlight Mansion or Starlight Music? The doctor warns her about the severity of the situation if she’s unable to come up with the $250,000 the operation, but Jerrica is confident the Jem movie will be a success and will be able to recoup the cost.

At the premier for both the Misfits and Jem movie, we see audience members leave the Misfits movie as they’re disappointed that Jem wasn’t in it. The Holograms end up getting all of the audience members from the Misfits movie and many of them decide to see the movie multiple times. The Holograms claim victory, but this seems strange because this was just the premier. They wouldn’t be able to recoup the cost of production from just one event.

Howard Sands is pleased to present the Holograms with a cut of the film’s first bit of profit, which conveniently is a cheque for exactly $250,000, the amount needed for Ba Nee’s eye surgery.

We end on happy note with Ba Nee watching a screening of the Jem movie.

Ba Nee: It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.


  • The check that Jerrica receives for the first share of the movie’s profits has an address written on it: “Bank of S.M. Lieber 6007 Sepulveda, Van Nuys. CA 90067”. We also learn that – Howard Sands has a middle name starting with an “E.”
  • When Jeff says that he’ll take Kimber to the nurse, he has the same hair colour as Nick.
  • After Georgia has finished her remake of Clash, Lindsey has the wrong colour of her bandana, green, and then in the next clip it’s back to orange.
  • In the “People Who Care” video, Jerrica has blue eye shadow for a little while.
  • When Eric runs away from the premiere of the Misfits movie, Pizzazz’s dress changes its colour for a moment.
  • At the end of “Putting It All Together,” the cel ends on the right side of the screen.
    When Kimber tells Jem that the costumes are missing, the lines on Jem’s belt are pink, not blue.

Duration: 1:01:55

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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