6: “Starbright, Part 1: Falling Star”

Synopsis: “It’s time for Jem and the Holograms to begin shooting Starbright, the movie that was part of their Battle of the Bands winnings. Pizzazz has some nasty surprises in store for them: her father has bought the movie studio that produces Starbright, the Misfits are the new costars and Eric Raymond is running the studio! Jem and the Holograms are determined not to lose their movie to their arch rivals, but tempers quickly heat up as production gets underway. Meanwhile, Jerrica learns that one of her Starlight Girls, Ba Nee may be having trouble with her eyes.”

Summary: Struggling between her duel identities as per usual, at Howard Sands party, the Countess summons Jem to the Hologram’s dressing room to check out the amazing outfits she made for her and the band. Mingling at the party with guests, Rio comments on how amazong Jem looks. A random person asks Jem if she knows where Jerrica is. Rio doesn’t seem to happy about Jem’s rather swift departure.

Rio (to Jem): You look so hot, you’ll melt the cameras.

At Starlight house, one of the orphans, Ba Nee is sitting uncomfortably close to the television set (which just so happens to be playing the Hologram’s “Like A Dream”). Mrs. Bailey chats up Jerrica and voices her concern about Ba Nee’s vision. Jerrica, clearly sharing her concern, immediately decides to make an appointment with an Ophthalmologist. Shana and her boyfriend Anthony Julian walk-in—he asks to speak with Jem (Jerrica runs off to switch identities).

Jerrica enters the hidden room where Synergy is stored. She has concerns about Synergy’s power levels, as she’s been changing between Jem and Jerrica rather often. Synergy quells Jerrica’s trepidation and mentions she can project up to 600 holographic images per minute, without power loss. Jerrica pats Synergy’s display and says”

Jerrica: My father sure knew what he was doing when you built you.

Back at the party, Shana’s boyfriend introduces “Vivian Montgomery” (AKA, “Video”). Video expresses interest in producing a documentary about the making of the Hologram’s first movie. Naturally, Jem jumps at the chance and accepts her offer. But before they can get into deep discussions about the project, Jem is interrupted by one of the Starlight orphans: “Leelah,” whow as actually looking for Jerrica. Once again, switching back to Jerrica, it turns out Leelah was worried about running out of ice for the party. Jerrica seems like a bit of a control freak, wanting to control every aspect of the party. Why can’t she delegate and let other capable hands handle the minutia of the event? Rio pulls her away to a balcony where they can have a private moment and convince her she’s trying to do too much. Jerrica shifts the conversation to Jem, seemingly for the purpose of eliciting a comment from Rio about how beautiful she is. Is Jerrica jealous with her fictional counterpart?

Rio: Yeah. She makes the air sizzle. Like some bright and dazzling dream. If you can find her. But you’re not like Jem. You know what I love about you, Jerrica? You’re so responsible, and dependable, and comfortable to be with.

Jem: You make me sound like an old pair of shoes.

Rio: I can fix that (kisses Jerrica).

(Cue Jem and the Holograms music video: “Who Is He Kissing”)

After an extended and possibly uncomfortbly long kiss, Pizzazz and the Misfits are spying on the Hologram’s party. Pizzaz is actually looking at Starlight house through some incredibly power binoculars, because she can see them from the balcony of her father’s mansion.

Pizzazz: I want to be famous. I want my name spoken with awe. I want people to throw themselves at my feet. That movie should be my movie, not Jem’s.

As an aside, Roxy mentions if she had that much money, she would just make her own movie. This sparks Pizzazz’s interest and she decides to use her charm on her wealthy father, to convince him that he should buy a movie studio.

Pizzazz: Daddy… Remember you promised me anything I wanted for my birthday. Well, I want a movie studio.

Harvey Gabor: A movie studio? That’s ridiculous. A poor investment!

Pizzazz: You said anything. I WANT A MOVIE STUDIO! You promised!

Harvey, being the terrible and weak willed father he is, agrees to his daughter’s wishes.

At Starlight Music, Howard Sands gives the Hologram’s some unfortunate news: the movie studio has unexpectedly been sold to a new owner. They walk into an office and our greeted by not only Eric Raymond (who Jem thought was in jail), but the misfits. Eric informs the Hologram’s that the Misfits are their new co-stars in Howard Sands’ movie. Eric tells Jem that “it’s amazing what lawyers can do, if you pay them enough.” This seems like a bit of ret-con to me. At the end of epsideo 4, didn’t Rio Eric give the same line and then punch Eric?

Eric demands that Jem and the Hologram’s follow the completley re-written script, which will put the Misfits at the center of attention. Jem refuses, but Eric threatens legal action if they don’t stick to what’s stated in their contracts.

Jem: Nothing, or nobody is taking this movie away from us.

The following day, Jem and the Hologram’s arrive on set. Anthony Julian, is seen having a very vocal argument with Eric about sudden script and story changes. The Hologram’s head to the make-up department when Kimber raises an important point: what is she going to do when someone touches her holographic disguise. The best thing Jem can say is: “We’ll think of something.” The Misfits barge in and demand they get taken care of first by the make-up team. With Aja enraged, Jem holds her back and tries to calm her by telling her the Misfits intentionally want to provoke them. On the way out of make-up, The Misfits fire shots in the direction of the Holograms, saying that make-up can’t work miracles and that they shouldn’t be too disappointed. Jem has to make a quick decision about how to handle the make-up person and makes an excuse that she has to do her own hair and make-up (the make-up lady ends up thinking she’s a snob). Nice save, Jem.

Pizzazz: Even though my father owns this studio. I want you to treat me like any other star. Could you get me a chair, please?

Jem’s co-star, the handsome Nick Mann, introduces himself to Jem, while Pizzazz tries to interupt. Nick, ignoring Pizzazz’s attempts for his attention, asks Jem if they can go to a private place and rehearse their parts. Nick’s charm turns to scummy when he warns Jem that he always falls in love with his leading lady’s.

Nick: “How could they resist? Heh heh.

Video makes her way toward to studio’s front gate, when she’s held up by the security guard, who informs her that someone else just entered using her name. This is the first time we’re introduced to Clash, who will eventually become a new member of the Misfits.

Clash tries to ingratiate herself upon the Misfits by saying she’s their biggest fan. Pizzazz, with her ever growing ego that needs feeding, buys Clash’s comments. Julian tries to kick Clash off the set, but the Misfits and Eric argue with him that because they’re the stars, he has to comply with their demands. Julian decides to leave the production and storms off. With the director fired, Eric decides to direct the picture himself (a rather foreboding idea).

At Starlight house, Jerrica tails Mrs. Bailey that she’ll take Ba Nee to the eye doctor. Shortly after, Jerrica consoles Shana that everything will work out okay with respect to the movie.

(Cut to Jem and the Hologram’s music video: “Jealous”)

Rio and Nick get into a scrap. Eric warns Rio that he’s going to have to behave himself, while Pizzazz seems to get a bit “friendly” with him.

The Holograms and the Misfits partipate in a press junket to create some buzz about the movie. Nick suggests to Jem that she should play up the (false) idea that the two of them are involved. Jem is not enthused by the notion as there’s no romance whatsoever. Video interviews Jem about what it feels like be a star of a multi-million dollar film. Nick cuts her off before she can finish and then surpises everyone by kissing her.

Nick: Of course Jem has the benefit of my experience, don’t you sweetheart.

Jem: Nick is very… helpful.

Kimber is a bit jealous of all the attention Jem is getting during the press junket. Eric swoops in like a hawk to take advantage of the situation and prey on Kimber’s fragile self confidence. He claims that Jem steals the spotlight from her because she knows Kimber is the real talent of the group. Meanwhile, a banner is revealed that reads: “The Misfits in Starbright.” A journalist asks Eric and Pizzaz about the title, since everyone is under the impression that it was Jem’s movie. Rio apologizes to Jem and claims he was totally in the dark about the situation. A clearly upset Jem sarcastically tells Rio: “Oh, I’m sure you didn’t.” Pizzazz seizes the moment to speak with one of the journalists. She claims: “She needs us to add ‘Pizzazz’ to her dull movie.”

At Harvey Gabor’s office, Howard Sands implores him to change his mind about letting Eric Raymond run the movie studio, due to his bad reputation. Gabor doesn’t seem to be listening, until Sands says the decision could cost him millions and ruins his reputation.

Harvey Gabor: I’ll tell ya something. If it makes my daughter happy and keeps her out of my hair, that’s all I need to know. Good day.

At the movie studio, Jem informs Eric the Holgrams are ready for their number, but much to their disappointment, the Misfits have already started to perform.

(Cue The Misfits video: “Unniversal Appeal”)

Jem and Pizzazz get into a spat on the set of the “Unniversal Appeal” music video set. Jem pronounces that she quits the project, and the Holograms follow suit. The Misfits, including Clash, celebrate the Hologram’s departure from the film.

At the ophthalmologist, the doctor gives Jerrica some sad news: Ba Nee has a degenerative eye condition (likely inherited from her parents). Within a matter of months, or perhaps weeks, Ba Nee will be blind.


  • Roxy and Stormer seem to be mind-boggled about how wealthy Pizzazz’s family is.
  • The episode was filled out with extra scenes and/or partly re-animated.
  • During “Congratulations,” when Pizzazz pushes Jem away from Rio, Jem’s tights are missing.
  • When The Misfits are getting their make-up and hair done, Stormer’s whole left arm is pink like her top.

From this episode and on, the main characters’ original outfits (as well as their faces somewhat) were changed to better resemble the Hasbro dolls. Main changes included:

  • Jem’s pink belt became white.
  • Jerrica’s pink and blue striped dress with a red belt, a hat and pink shoes, became white and blue striped with a white belt, without hat and blue shoes.
  • Pizzazz has a longer black stripe on her collar and skirt. She no longer has a black sash on right knee and her sock has switched legs. She also gained a bracelet, while lost a leg band.
  • Roxy’s sweater has changed from black to purple. She has lost her pearls and her pants have changed from the red and green with black letters to green/blue/yellow stripes. She lost her necklace, gained a bracelet, her belt changed shape and she got new shoes.
  • Lin-Z’s look has changed dramatically from the fist time she was seen. She has gone from the jacket and pants outfit to an orange and green one. Her hair changed from being choppy to being permed. Lin-Z is unusual in that her appearance was changed despite not having a doll.

Duration: 01:11:56

Present: Alex, Aleen, Tempest.

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