S2E12: “Danse Time”

Synopsis: “Richard Xanthos holds a contest for $250,000 for the group that can make the best music video that personifies friendship and goodwill. Jerrica Benton decides that if Jem and The Holograms win, they will donate all the money to Haven House. Naturally, the only opponents are The Misfits.”

Summary: Episode 38 (S2E12) is written by George Arthur Bloom.

We open with Richard Xanthos who is giving an inspirational speech about the concepts of friendship and goodwill. He announces a contest with a prize of $250,000 for the group that produces the best video, personifying the themes discussed in his speech.

Xanthos: And I, Xanthos, believe that the key to making the world better is music.

Both Jerrica Benton and Eric Raymond are in attendance. Eric promises that the Misfits are going to win hands down, but Jerrica argues that they don’t even know the meaning of friendship and goodwill.

Eric: They know the meaning of money; that’s all that matters.

Jerrica decides that the Holograms will enter the contest and the prize money will go to Haven House.

The Holograms, sans Jem, begin preproduction work for the new music video to be entered in Richard Xanthos’ contest. Danse is called to set as she prepares to perform while ice skating. Danse decides to include some of the orphans from Haven House in the video. Video is concerned that Jem hasn’t made it to set as they begin shooting within the hour.

At Starlight Music, Jerrica signs a contract for Joanie, stating that if Jem and the Holograms win the contest, the entirety of the prize money will be handed over to Haven House. Jerrica tells Joanie she has another appointment and needs to leave. She transforms into Jem.

The Misfits have decided enter the contest, naturally. On the set of their music video, Roxy is infuriated as her clumsy makeup artist almost pokes her eye out. Jetta, seated next to Roxy, takes a jab and says:

Jetta: Too bad she missed, ducky.

Keep it up Jetta, and I’ll knock you all the way back to Liverpool.

Pizzazz gives a speech about how you shouldn’t have to work hard and life should be free and easy.

Cut to Misfits music video: “Free And Easy”.

Jem shows up at the video shoot for the new Holograms music video, apologizing to Video for her tardiness as she had other pressing matters to attend to.

At the Misfits music video set, we see Roxy, Jetta, Pizzazz, and Stormer, sitting as they wait to be called. Eric drives by and tells the Misfits to scrap their music video. The Misfits are reluctant to throw away the progress they’ve made on their video, but Eric informs them they won’t qualify unless they make one that conforms to the theme of friendship and goodwill. Stormer says the theme “sounds nice,” but her bandmates don’t feel the same way and she quickly back pedals. Of course, when Eric mentions the prize money of $250,000, suddenly the Misfits feel interested in making the video.

At the Jem and the Holograms music video set, Video calls for the snow machine and then yells “action.” As the camera rolls and Danse prepares to do her routine, the snow machine malfunctions, causing destruction on the set. Danse’s leg is hurt in the chaos as a prop tree collapses on it. The snow machine operator comes rushing over and swears it’s not his fault. Danse is rushed to Sun Memorial hospital, where the doctor informs her that test results show extensive trauma in the tendons and ligaments of the left leg. With proper therapy, she will be able to walk again. As far being able to dance again, the doctor is unsure and only time will tell. A frustrated Danse attempts to get out of the bed and claims she’s fine, but as she tries to stand on her own, she collapses. The doctor reiterates that a lot of hard work will be needed on her part for proper rehabilitation, but she’ll eventually be fine. Danse does not seem to be optimistic about being able to danse again.

At Starlight Music, Video informs Rio and Jerrica that they only have three weeks to shoot the video. Growing concerns over losing Danse creates tension for the production. How will the Holograms complete their music video in time for the competition? Rio voices his concerns about the Misfits taking a shot at the prize, but Jerrica says she’s more concerned about Danse’s recovery. Video suggests to Jerrica and Rio that perhaps they can find someone qualified enough to take her place? Jerrica claims Danse is the best and that there’s no choice but for her to recover and finish shooting the video.

Danse begins her physiotherapy recovery. We see her in a wheel chair, but as one of the male patients enters the room with a plate of treats, Danse clumsily runs into him with her wheelchair. She begins to berate him for not watching where he was going, but another patient explains to Danse that Cisco is blind. Later in the evening, Danse goes to apologize to Cisco for bumping into him. He asks her if she’d like to go for a walk, but Danse explains she’s unable to. Cisco decides to take her on a bit of a joy ride, claiming he staked out the place earlier and can confidently race around without hitting anything. Cisco has a heart to heart with Danse, explaining that he’s been blind since he was 3 years old, but the doctors seem optimistic that he will regain some eyesight after an operation. Cisco tells Danse that he heard she’s a dancer, but when she asks how he knows that, he explains he did some research as he wanted to know who he “dumped doughnuts on.” Cisco compliments Danse as her reputation is well known. In a somewhat listless tone, Danse tells Cisco that she can’t dance anymore since the accident. Cisco asks her if she’s tried walking, and she says she has, but then he tells her to try again and begins to clumsily demonstrate his dancing skills, eventually falling into the pool he was standing next to. Cisco begins to flail in the water and panics as he can’t swim. Danse rushes over to grab the life preserver, but it’s completely out of reach. Out of sheer adrenaline and will, Danse climbs up lifeguard post, grabs the life preserver, and tosses it to Cisco.

Cisco: I knew you could get out of your wheelchair, if you tried.

Danse: Okay, Cisco, you convinced me, I’ll try to get better.

Cut to a montage of Danse in a strenuous physiotherapy session, as her trainer, Wes, pushes her so that she can heal and get back to dancing. Danse almost quits at one point, but Wes reminds her that Cisco never gave up, so she takes a few more steps and manages to stand on her own. The Holograms watch as this is going on and cheer.

Cut to Misfits Music, Eric Raymond comes up with the idea that everyone loves gum balls. On a table, we see a gum ball machine and the Misfits are surrounding it. Eric says gum balls are a symbol of friendship and goodwill. Pizzazz blurts out that she hates gum balls, but Roxy says she hates everything. Eric tells the Misfits to pretend each gum ball tastes like $250,000. Jetta agrees with Eric that “even the queen mum chews gum balls.” Pizzazz threatens Eric that if his idea for Xanthos’ music video doesn’t work out, he’ll be out of a job.

Cut to Danse, who walks in on Cisco and Susie as they complete a chess match, she asks him if he thinks Susie will ever walk again. Cisco says that Susie thinks so, and that’s the most important thing. All it takes the right attitude and a lot of work.

Cut to a Jem and the Holograms music video: “Takes Work”.

On the set of the Jem and the Holograms music video, the band discusses what they’re going to do as the contest is only 1 week away. Jem is optimistic and hopes that within a few days, Danse will be back in action. Rio informs Jem and the band of some unfortunate news–the Misfits have poached most of their top talent. It turns out the Misfits offered the crew large sums of money to shoot their music video instead. How will the Holograms complete their music video, with both Danse and most of their crew gone?

The Misfits begin shooting their new music video, which comprises of an incredibly detailed and life sized gum ball machine. Inside the machine are the Misfits. Eric decides that he wants to operate the gum ball machine and pushes aside its Scottish operator, but he pulls the wrong lever. A trap door opens and the Misfits are ejected from the machine. The director yells cut and the entire crew laughs at their expense. Eric places the blame on the Red, the operator, but Red explains it was actually Eric who was at fault. The Misfits turn on Eric and Red, completely fed up, pulls a lever and releases the gum balls, which crash into the Misfits. The entire crew quits and goes back to Jem and the Holograms.

Danse decides to visit Cisco and wish him luck in the operation. Cisco affectionately grabs Danse’s hand and says he’s been trying to imagine what she looks like and asks her for a hint. Danse says he’ll have to wait until after the operation, but she hopes he won’t be disappointed. Cisco tells her that he doesn’t have to see her to know she’s beautiful.

The Holograms join Jerrica in pleading with Richard Xanthos to extend the contest deadline, even by a few days. Xanthos doesn’t bite and says it wouldn’t be fair to the other contestants, but wishes Danse a speedy recovery.

We see Wes, Danse’s physiotherapist, continuing to push Danse in her therapy. We see Danse begin to walk on her own. Within a few days, she won’t even need a cane for support. The Holograms ask if Danse will be able to shoot the music the following day. Although somewhat reluctant, she promises to try.

The next morning, Danse walks into Cisco’s room and congratulates him on a successful operation. Cisco tells her he didn’t hear her wheelchair, but she tells him the good news–she doesn’t need it anymore. Cisco removes his sunglasses and tells Danse he can see her. Danse seems nervous and asks if he’s disappointed, but he tells her she’s as beautiful as he imagined.

Cut to Jem and the Holograms Music video: “People Who Care”.

At the end of the final music video, we see the Holograms at Richard Xanthos’s home. Xanthos calls up Jerrica and announces that Jem and the Holograms are the winners of the competition. Jerrica makes a speech and thanks Danse for making the video possible and dedicates the prize money to Haven House. At the contest celebration party, Danse shows up with Cisco and approaches Jerrica to ask where Jem is. Jerrica makes an excuse that she saw her outback, getting some fresh air. Jerrica changes into Jem and bumps into Danse and Cisco. Danse thanks Jem and Cisco remarks about how he never thought he’d see see a full moon again. Danse says she never though she’d dance again.

Duration: 1:06:06

Present: Alex Knight, Aleen Simms, K. Tempest Bradford.

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