S2E19: “Mardi Gras”

Synopsis: “The Holograms are invited to wear the pirate Jean Lafitte’s jewels for the Mardi Gras celebration. But could Lafitte’s ghost be after them?”

Summary: Episode 45 (S2E19) is written by returning writer, Mary Skrenes.

We open on a cruise ship as Jem and the Holograms patiently wait for their mystery contact to divulge what hotel they will be staying at. On stage the Melodicus, Jem is invited to wear the pirate Jean LaFitte’s treasure, jewels that haven’t been seen since 1814. Jem announces on stage that the band is going to the Mardis Gras.

Jem and the Hologram music video: “Let Me Take You To The Mardi Gras.”

Pierre Larquette introduces himself to Jem as her liaison with the crew of Melodicus. When she asks why all the mystery about Mardis Gras, Pierre explains that it’s more than just an 11-day party. The identities of the crew are always kept secret. Also, LaFitte’s treasure is invaluable and they don’t want it stolen. Pierre promises to tell Jem more the following day, as long as he meets her for lunch.

Shana is seen looking out at the sunset, as an old woman named Mama Lou mistakes her for someone named Lily. Shana receives a warning.

Mama Lou: Heed the words of Mama Lou. Beware of zombies on fat Tuesday!

Pierre goes over to Shana and tells her not to be frightened of Mama Lou. He then notices that Shana bares an uncanny resemblance to the legendary Lily LaRose.

Pierre: Lily LaRose was a Bourbon street Chanteuse–a singer. Jean LaFitte was her greatest admirer, as I admire you, ma cherie.

Shana: Please don’t. I–there’s someone else. His name is Anthony Julian.

Pierre: So, am I doomed then to a broken heart like poor Jean LaFitte? But I do not give up so easily.

The Holograms arrive in New Orleans and are taken by horse and carriage to Maison Fleur, but first, they take a scenic detour up Bourbon street. Meanwhile, the Misfits are in New Orleans and are jealous that the Holograms are getting all the publicity. Pizzazz promises her bandmates that come tomorrow night, they’ll be the ones wearing LaFitte’s jewels. They also brought along a hired zombie looking goon, named Necco.

Jem and the Holograms arrive at their hotel, Maison Fleur, but the lights are off. The carriage driver says they must have blown a fuse again, but assures them it will be fixed in time for the ball the following night. Jem knocks on the door and a man holding a candle answers. She explains the crew of the Melodicus sent them, but Maurice is distracted by Shana and doesn’t hear Jem’s words. We hear a woman’s voice coming from inside the hotel. Yvette commands Maurice to invite Jem and the Holograms inside. Yvette apologizes on behalf of Maurice for being cranky, as he’s been upset since his friend, Francois, disappeared last week. Yvette explains that it’s nothing to worry about and says it’s not the first time Francois has gone missing. Yvette looks at Shana and says she is the reason why she picked the Holograms to wear LaFitte’s treasure. Shana is confused. Yvette explains the legend of Jean LaFitte and Lily LaRose, who was her great-great grandmother. Maison Fleur was the house that belonged to LaRose.

Jean LaFitte loved Lily LaRose, but she couldn’t return his affection as he was a slaver. Lily was a patriot, so she let LaFitte meet at Maison Fleur in secret, with General Jackson to plan the battle of New Orleans. Late one night, they came up from the river through the cemetery. LaFitte left a casket of jewels with Lily, making her promise to keep them until he returned, but he never returned.

Yvette shows Shana and the rest of the Holograms the painting of Lily LaRose, who just so happens to look exactly like Shana. Yvette warns the Holograms that the ghost of LaFitte haunts Maison Fleur.

While the Holograms are shown their rooms, Shana ends up staying in Lily LaRose’s chamber.

In the middle of the night, Shana is awakes after being startled by a shadowy figure who steals her locket, containing Anthony’s picture. Shana heads out into the hallway and calls for Jem, Kimber, Aja, and Raya. When they don’t answer, Shana lights a candle and descends downstairs. At the end of the hall, a door, barely open is seen. It sounds like Shana’s bandmates and their laughter is coming from that room, but Pierre stops to speak with her.

Jem, Kimber, Aja, Raya, and Yvette join Shana in the hallway after drinking chamomile tea together. Yvette wonders how Pierre got in and he explains that he entered through the terrace on the top floor after no one answered the door. Yvette apologies for Maurice as he sleeps like the dead. Shana explains that something was in her room, something horrible that took her locket. Pierre tries to console Shana and says it will turn up and that all she needs is a good night’s sleep. Shana won’t have it and tells Pierre not to patronize her.

Shana: Don’t patronize me, Pierre. You go in Lily’s room and see what kind of dreams you have!

Pierre: Yes, yes I will do it, cherie.

Shana: And don’t call me cherie!

Pierre: Ah, what a woman!

The Holograms decide to go sightseeing on the S. Charles street trolley, while the Maison Fleur is setup for the ball.

Jem meets Pierre at a cafe to discuss Melodicus, but he’s entirely distracted by thoughts of Shana and refuses to give up his pursuit. Jem asks if he has any more information about Melodicus, such as what the band will wear at the parade and ball. Pierre says the gowns should be arriving any moment now and Yvette will bring the jewels to the parade, where they will be presented with the most fanfare. Jem questions the safety and security of the jewels. Pierre explains that Yvette foolishly thinks the ghost of LaFitte will protect the jewels. Unfortunately for Pierre and Jem, Necco, the hired goon of the Misfits, eaves drops on their conversation.

On the trolley with Shana, Kimber, Aja, and Raya, Shana points out the strange old woman from the ship, Mama Lou. The trolley stops and the Misfits get onboard. Stormer says:

Stormer: They don’t seem glad to see us.

Misfits music video: “Surprise! Surprise!”

The Misfits get off the trolley to meat with Necco, who appears to be into domination because he tells Pizzazz:

Necco: Command me, mistress. Command me.

Pizzazz: Okay, Baby. Jem and the Holograms have got to go.

After a stern warning from Mama Lou, who tells Pizzazz and Necco that the ghost of LaFitte will protect the jewels, Pizzazz commands Necco and his goons to get rid of Jem and the Holograms later in the night.

At Maison Fleur, Jem arrives in a cab with Pierre, who asks her if Shana will dance with him at the ball. Jem tells Pierre to ask Shana himself.

Jem speaks with Yvette about why she’s taking a risk with having LaFitte’s jewels leave the premises of Maison Fleur. Yvette admits that she is in need of the publicity to attract tourists to the hotel. Jem heads to the library to change into her gown, but she accidentally hits a switch and a secret passage opens, trapping her. Looming behind Jem, in the darkness, a monstrous looking figure is seen. When Jem asks Synergy to light her way, a disturbing noise is heard. Back in the library, the rest of the Holograms change into their gowns and Maurice informs them the limousine has arrived. Kimber asks where Jem and Yvette are; Maurice explains she left an hour ago and Jem may be with her. The band heads to the limousine; Shana is frozen in her tracks when she is greeted by the zombie looking driver (Necco). Memory of Mama Lou’s warning about zombies on fat Tuesday come flooding back.

Jem is still walking through the darkened secret passage way at Maison Fleur, when she overhears Pierre and Maurice, conspiring to steal LaFitte’s jewels.

Shana, Kimber, Aja, and Raya realize something is wrong when the limo driver makes a detour from Canal street and drops them off at a cemetery, explaining that they aren’t going to the parade or the ball. The girls manage to escape and make a run for it, but are deterred when a group of zombies make an appearance.

At the parade event, the press surrounds Yvette, anxious to get a look at LaFitte’s treasure. Yvette explains she can’t present the treasure until the Holograms arrive. Of course, the Misfits decide to take advantage of the moment and make their way to the stage (walking on the shoulders of numerous journalists). The Misfits tells Yvette that they’re more reliable than the Holograms and the she should have chosen them in the first place. While reluctant, Yvette decides to let the Misfits wear the jewels. The Misfits fight each other over the chest of jewels.

At the cemetery, Jem finally finds her way out of the passageway, creating a hologram of LaFitte to scare off Necco and his goons (it works). Jem explains to her bandmates that she overhead Maurice and Pierre, conspiring to steal the jewels. They rush back to the night’s event to warn Yvette.

At the ball, Jem tries to explain to Yvette what has transpired, but Yvette brushes her off and pleads for help to stop the Misfits from singing. We see the Misfits telling the crowd that the press botched up things and that it was really the Misfits that were supposed to wear the jewels of LaFitte. Jem and the Holograms get on stage to sing.

Jem and the Holograms music video: “Everybody Wears A Mask.”

The Misfits, Maurice, and Pierre, slip away from the ball after the Holograms finish their performance. Jem and the Holograms go after them. We see the Misfits posing in front of the camera and the paintings of LaRose and LaFitte. Suddenly, the power goes out for a moment. When it comes back on, the jewels are gone and Jem blames Pierre for the heist. But it turns out, Pierre is an undercover detective for Melodicus. Stormer claims something cold and clammy touched her. Yvette realizes she knows who stole the jewels. She opens the painting of LaFitte and we see Francois, her monkey, who has stolen Shana’s locket and the jewels. Francois is the last surviving ancestor of LaFitte’s monkey. The Misfits are escorted out of Maison Fleur and Jem apologizes to Pierre for assuming he was the thief. When asked if there really is a ghost, Yvette says there’s the spirit of unrequited love.

Duration: 57:05:00

Present: Alex Knight, Aleen Simms, K. Tempest Bradford.

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