S2E20: “The Middle of Nowhere”

Synopsis: “Jem and The Holograms visit Ba Nee’s pen pal in Alaska. It’s up to them to stop The Misfits and Eric Raymond from ruining the trip and destroying a natural seal habitat.”

Summary: Episode 46 (S2E20) is written by Chris Pelzer.

We open with a very busy Harvey Gabor, frantically making phone calls. Pizzazz barges in and screams to get the attention of her father.

Harvey Gabor: Phyllis, can’t you see I’m taking care of business?

Pizzazz: Daddy, I want to talk about business?

Gabor: Business? You? That’s wonderful! What business would you like to talk about, dear?

Pizzazz: Daddy, you remember Eric Raymond?

Gabor: Yes, I remember you, all right. You’re the guy that ruined my movie studio. I lost millions!

Eric Raymond makes a pitch to Pizzazz’s father to buy an oil refinery in Alaska. The proposal is that by owning the materials needed to make vinyl records, he’ll be able to make records cheaper than any other record company in the world. Any investor wise enough to back him would make a fortune (potential billions). Mr. Gabor says he’ll fly to Alaska, and if everything checks out, he’ll sign the papers. He asks Pizzazz to go to Alaska to make sure Eric does everything right and to make him proud.

At Starlight Mansion, Ba Nee is upset after receiving a letter from her pen pal, Utu, in Alaska. Utu mentions someone wants to buy an island to build an oil refinery, but Utu is concerned the seals that occupy the area will die. Jerrica mentions to Ba Nee that the Holograms are performing in Alaska and that she should join them on the trip to pay Utu a visit.

The Misfits arrive in Alaska and make their way to Atuk via dog sled. Eric assures Pizzazz he only needs one more signature to seal the deal and acquire the land needed to build a refinery.

Pizzazz: This is a ridiculous way to travel, Eric.

Flying overhead, we see a small charter plane with the Holograms, Ba Nee, and Utu. They decide to take the scenic route with Utu as their guide.

Jem and the Holograms music video: “In The Land Of The Midnight Sun.”

After arriving in Atuk, Utu introduces Ba Nee and the Holograms to her parents, Mr and Mrs. Keniak, and her brother, George. Eric Raymond arrives and introduces himself to George, and reminds him that they discussed selling the plot of land they own over the phone. George tells Eric that he’s confident he’s convinced his father to sell the island. Utu is concerned and asks what will happen to the seals. George only seems to be concerned with a big payout. For now, the business deal will have to be discussed the following day, much to Eric’s chagrin, who claims the deal must be completed today.

Later in the evening, after dinner, Utu is upset about the impending doom of the seals. Shana offers to finish cleaning the dishes and the rest of the Holograms convince Jem to join Ba Nee and Utu to pay a visit to Naku, the local pet seal. They head out via Kayak.

The Misfits have growing concerns over the sale of the island. Eric reassures them that George wants to sell the island, it’s only the little girl that objects. Suddenly, we hear Harvey Gabor’s voice calling on the radio transceiver. Eric picks it up and acknowledges, but Pizzazz gets upset as Harvey was calling for Phyllis. Harvey asks if the paper work has been completed. Eric gives the disappointing news and Harvey decides not to land. Pizzazz grabs the radio and tells her father that the deal will be signed in the morning. Harvey gives them 24 hours to complete the deal.

Harvey: Phyllis, don’t disappoint me again.

Pizzazz: Eric, I could kill you.

Cut to a quick scene where Shana, Aja, Kimber, and Raya are helping out with chopping wood. George makes a joke about it being too hard for them, since Utu chops the wood herself, every day.

Elsewhere, Jem, Ba Nee, and Utu are seal watching and look for Naku.

Meanwhile, George tells the Holograms about how he’s looking forward to being rich and not working again (Raya makes a crack how it looks like he doesn’t do much work anyway). Kimber asks what’s going to happen to the seals. George doesn’t seem to have remorse for the inevitable fate of the seals. He tries to assuage the concern by saying Utu will receive a portion of the sale (he says he’ll make certain she goes to college).

Jem asks Utu to bring her brother out to see the seals; perhaps he’ll change his mind. Utu already tried this to no avail. Ba Nee gets into a Kayak and proclaims that she’s able to pilot it without any help. Jem warns Ba Nee to come back to shore, but before she can, the strong current carries Ba Nee away. Ba Nee screams for help as she’s sucked into a whirlpool. Utu and Jem Kayak to rescue Ba Nee and manage to pull her out, but not before Jem stumbles, hits her head, and blacks out. Utu and Ba Nee panic, but the seals come to the rescue and help bring Jem to shore.

The Misfits discuss spending some of Eric’s money if they have to stay in Alaska another day.

Misfits music video: “Makin’ Mischief.”

As Ba Nee and Utu arrive with Jem on shore, the Misfits see what’s happened as Pizzazz is overlooking a cliff with binoculars. Stormer suggests they call for help, but Pizzazz decides that it would be better if they saved them, since it would look favourable to Utu’s parents if they knew the Misfits saved them.

George apologizes to the Holograms for his previous comment and they accept. Raya asks where Jem, Utu, and Ba Nee are as it’s getting late.

On the beach, Jem is still unconscious. Ba Nee blames herself and Utu tries to console her that someone will arrive soon. Utu starts a fire. Pizzazz and Jetta get into a boat and go after Jem.

George tells his father he will get Sanders and will take a plane to begin a search for Jem, Ba Nee, and Utu. Concerns grow over the impending fog, which will make the search impossible.

While attempting to save Jem, the strong current pulls Pizza and Jetta out to sea, putting them in harms way as two giant icebergs get dangerously close to crushing them. Their engine fails and they’re unable to restart it. Luckily for Pizzazz and Jetta, they manage to paddle fast enough and miss the icebergs.

At the beach, Jem finally awakens and reassures Ba Nee and Utu that someone will eventually show up after noticing the smoke from their fire.

A ship discovers an empty Kayak and calls in to alert Utu’s father of the bad news. In the charter plane, Shana notices two people in a boat, just barely visible through the thick fog. Sanders flies lower to take a closer look. It’s Pizzazz and Jetta. Unfortunately for them, an iceberg once again comes dangerously close. They both paddle as fast as they can. The plane lands and picks up Pizzazz and Jetta and manages to fly away, just barely avoiding collision with the iceberg.

While searching for his sister by ship, George regrets how he treated Utu. Raya notices Naku, Utu’s pet seal, who’s dangling Ba Nee’s hat. Raya suggests that Naku must know where Utu, Ba Nee, and Jem are. George is skeptical, but they decide to follow Naku.

George: Are you crazy? You’re talking about a seal.

George, his father, Raya, and Aja find the stranded Utu, Ba Nee, and Jem. Everyone is relieved and George thanks Naku for being responsible for leading them.

Eric Raymond attempts to close the deal with George and his father. When they ask if there’s any way to save the cove for the seals and still build the refinery, Eric refuses as the cove will be turned into a harbour for ships.

George’s father: See, son? I knew that would be the answer.

George: Mr. Raymond.

Eric: Yes?

George: We’re not going to sell the island.

The Misfits and Eric are taken a back by the refusal to sign the deal. Harvey calls Pizzazz and asks if she’s closed the deal, and of course she gives her father the disappointing news.

Harvey: Phyllis, I thought you were finally going to make me proud of you. Well, there’s no reason to land. I’ll see you in a few days.

Pizzazz: Daddy, don’t leave me!

We wrap with Utu’s father asking if Jem would be willing to sing a song before she and the rest of the band leave Alaska.

Jem and the Holograms music video: “Safe And Sound.”.

Before Jem and the Holograms leave, they decide to leave Ba Nee behind for a week to stay with the Keniaks.

The Misfits take off on dog sled and leave Eric behind (he chases after them).

Duration: 45:12:00

Present: Alex Knight, Aleen Simms, K. Tempest Bradford.

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