S2E21: “Renaissance Woman”

Hello and welcome to the JEMcast on Hologram Radio. This is Alex Knight and I am joined by Aleen Simms, founder of the Less than or Equal podcast, and science fiction writer, K. Tempest Bradford.

Synopsis: In Season 2, episode 21: ‘Renaissance Woman,’ “The Holograms and their friends attend a Renaissance fair at a castle in England. The false lord-to-be who owns the castle, and a Robin Hood-like outlaw trying to oust him, both fall in love with Danse.”

Stay tuned for an action packed episode.

Summary: Episode 47 (S2E21) is written by David Wise.

We open with Jem and the Holograms, on stage at a Renaissance fair concert in England. A young and soon to be Lord Reginald of Carfax Castle and Carfax County, announces his 21st birthday and introduces the Holograms.

Jem and the Music video: “Love’s Not Easy.”

During the music video, you can see Lord Reginald is quickly becoming enchanted by Danse. Reginald asks Broadbent who she is and insists he must meet her.

Jolly Jack, relieve these scoundrels of their booty.

At the fair, the Holograms are surprised to see a band of merry merry men who end up robbing some of the castle guards. One of them looks exactly like Robin Hood. Kimber questions if they’re acting or not. The Holograms chase after the thieves, but they instead find the guards, tied up.

Later in the evening, the Holograms bump into Robin Hood, who’s handing out sacks of money to some poor people. Robin takes a liking to Danse and introduces himself and asks her to look for him the following day at the archery contest.

The next day at the archery contest, the Holograms prepare to participate. Meanwhile, we see Lord Reginald who is warned that Robin Hood will not resist making an appearance. The winner of the contest will win 5000 pounds.

Danse takes off into the woods to warn Robin of the dangers of the tournament, since it’s a trap. Robin tells Danse that he realizes the contest is a trap. He has no choice but to let himself be captured so he can get into the castle. At midnight, Reggie will ascend to lordship. Reggie’s tyranny will be absolute if someone doesn’t stop him. Somewhere inside the castle is evidence that Reggie is not the rightful heir.

The archery contest begins and Robin is cleary identified by Reggie, after an impressive show of archery that destroys the competition. Robin is arrested by the guards. After Robin is taken away, Danse receives an invitation to join Reggie for a private dinner, but she refuses until Robin is released from custody. Jem and Rio both tell Danse that she has got to get Robin out of her head, after all, there’s no proof that Reggie is not the rightful air to Carfax Castle.

Danse, Jem, Kimber, and Rio witness castle guards extorting local citizens, by demanding that 90% of the profits on any goods sold within the castle grounds go to Reggie. Because everyone in Carfax County is employed by Reggie, they have to comply with Reggie’s demands. Jem decides to use Synergy to change into a Robin Hood costume. Jem goes full vigilante and takes Robin’s place, until he is absolved of all wrong doing.

Jem and the Holograms music video: “To The Rescue.”

After the video, we see the Holograms surrounded by very thankful citizens, as they’re handed the money that was taken from them. Jem tells Danse to accept Reggie’s dinner date so that she can keep him busy while the rest of the Holograms search the castle for evidence that will prove Reggie is not the rightful heir to the castle.

The Holograms split up to cover more ground as they search for the dungeon, which is where Robin is being held captive. Rio, Kimber, and Shana head one way and Jem, Aja, and Raya head another way. Unfortunately for them, they’re discovered by the castle guards and are chased.

Rio, Shana, and Kimber find Robin and try to break him out, but a nail is not going to work to pick the lock. Shana and Kimber take off to try and find something more appropriate to bust Robin out.

Jem calls upon Synergy for a distraction. Holographic horses chase after the guards, but another group of guards arrest them anyway. They’re locked away.

The ceremony is only an hour away. We see the guards raise the banners for Reggie’s ascension to Lord.

At a private dinner, Reggie advances on Danse and tells her that now that he has locked up Robin, he only needs someone to share his power with. Danse challenges Reggie and asks what of the rumours that he’s not the rightful air to Carfax Castle. Reggie is taken aback by the question and demands to know who uttered such treasonous words. Broadbent interrupts the private dinner to inform Reggie that Jem and the Holograms have taken Robin’s side, reacquired money from the revenue collectors, and broken into the castle. Danse uses this moment to slip out of the room. Reggie tells the guards to find her and lock her away with the rest of the Holograms.

Danse runs into Jolly Jack and tells him what has happened.

Broadbent warns Reggie that things are getting dangerous. Someone may discover their “guest,” who’s locked away in the catacombs. Whatever could he mean? If this person is discovered, it’s the end for both of them.

Shana and Aja meet up with Kimber and bring fireworks, thinking they can somehow use them to break Robin out. Jolly Jack shows up with Danse and ends up breaking Robin out of jail.

Jem tells Robin she and the rest of the Holograms are ready to help. Jem asks Robin where the evidence in the castle is so they can expose Reggie as a fraud. Robin tells the Holograms that he doesn’t know, other than he recalls a voice telling him as a child to look within the catacombs of the castle. Everyone decides to head to the catacombs.

The guards are sealing Reggie’s prisoner up, permanently, brick by brick.

The Holograms discover a room full of money, the money that was stolen from the public. But this isn’t the proof they need to expose Reggie.

At the ceremony, Reggie’s speech is interrupted by fireworks. Suddenly, money rains down from the sky and we see Robin, who tells the public that Reggie and Broadbent are the people responsible for stealing the money. Robin escapes the guards and we cut to Jem, who is still searching the catacombs.

Jem hears a faint voice coming from behind a brick wall. Upon closer inspection, she discovers the mortar is still wet and begins pulling the bricks out. Jem discovers the true heir to Carfax County and rescues him. At the ceremony, Jem reveals the prisoner was the true Lord, Lord Carfax himself! The guards feel betrayed and arrest Reggie and Broadbent. Lord Carfax announces that Robin Goodfellow, is actually his son, which was taken from him at a young age. Carfax announces that Robin Goodfellow will be the new Lord to replace him.

Lord Robin Carfax asks Danse to be his lady Carfax, but Danse turns him down. She tells him she doesn’t believe in whirlwind romances. Robin asks for one final danse.

Jem and the Holograms music video: “Flowers In My Hair.”

Duration: 48:54:00

Present: Alex Knight, Aleen Simms, K. Tempest Bradford.

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