S2E24: “Britrock”

Hello and welcome to the JEMcast on Hologram Radio. I’m Alex Knight and I’m joined by Aleen Simms, founder of the Less Than or Equal podcast, and science fiction writer, K. Tempest Bradford.

Synopsis: In Season 2, episode 24: ‘Britrock,’ “The Misfits go to England to meet Jetta’s supposedly aristocratic family. Jetta’s lower-class parents, Bertie and Flo strike up a deal with a Lord of England which ends up badly. Meanwhile, The Holograms come to play a show in London and meet Craig and his band. Both him and Aja renew their romance and help the true Earl, Mason Hawthorne, get back his title, which Pizzazz almost got tricked into buying.”

Stay tuned for an action packed episode.

Episode 50 (S2E24) is written by Christy Marx.

We open with Jetta and the Misfits playing a game of darts, with Jem’s facing being the unfortunate target. Jetta goes on to explain that the royals love a good game of darts; she goes on to boast about how she played with the queen once. Roxy seems skeptical but Jetta keeps going on about her family and their prestigious title, which allows them access to royalty.

Roxy: The queen this. The prince that. You’re so full of hot air you must wear lead in your shoes to keep you from floating away.

Jetta: You watch your mouth you mangy low-life yank. I’m a blue blood, you know.

Jetta: One of these days I’m going to call your bluff, Jetta.

Stormer’s brother is playing in England and she wishes she could visit. Pizzazz decides to take the band to England on her father’s private jet as they have nothing going on. Pizzazz tells Jetta to call her family and make the arrangements to visit so she can prove to Jetta how wrong she is. Jetta does not expect this and says she’ll make the call in private. On the phone with her parents, we can see that she certainly does not come from an aristocratic family. Jetta tells her parents that she is coming to England with the Misfits and that they need to convince Pizzazz, Jetta, and Stormer that they’re aristocrats, otherwise she’ll be kicked out of the band. Her parents make the arrangements to have a Rolls waiting at the airport.

The Holograms are at a cafe and are interrupted by Cindy Tucker, from Beat Scene magazine. Cindy asks Jem if there’s anything she wants to share with her fans. Jem introduces Sir Hugh Ridley, a club owner in London who is hosting a benefit concert that the Holograms are playing (for the grand opening).

Cindy: Wow! Sir Hugh Ridley? Say, is this another one of your big famine-relief benefits?

Hugh: No. but I am donating the proceeds to help a friend of mine, the Earl of Wissex. Um, I’m sorry, that’s all we have time for now.

In London, at a horse race, we see Jetta’s parents in the bleachers, rooting for the horse they bet money on. Silver Blaze comes in first place and Jetta’s parents pick up their winnings, which paid off 10-1. Bertie ends up giving a cut of the winnings to Jack, who gave Bertie the tip about betting on Silver Blaze. Jack tips Bertie off that the Earl of Wissex lost all of his money on the Gee-Gees and has creditors pounding on his door. Bertie and Flo decide to ask the Earl if they can borrow his estate for the weekend so they can fool the Misfits into thinking they’re aristocrats. They offer to pay him and the Earl accepts.

At Gatwick airport, a Rolls is waiting for the Misfits. Jetta tells her band mates that they’re first going to stop at her parents estate in Wissex. Stormer decides to take cab to meet her brother because she doesn’t want to miss his concert in London. Stormer takes off and Pizzazz tells Jetta that they don’t need her and her creepy brother.

The Holograms arrive in London and Sir Hugh Ridley asks if they can head straight to the club.

Cut to the Wissex estate as the Misfits arrive. Jetta seems pretty happy about being able to prove to Roxy that she is indeed an aristocrat. As Bertie and Flo introduce themselves as the Earl and Lady of Wissex, Jetta comes up with a scheme to sell Pizzazz anything they find inside the estate at an inflated price. Trevor (the Earl) says Jetta has until the following night at 8pm to sell everything, or he’ll divulge her secret that she and her parents are guttersnipes.

In a private room, Trevor meets with thugs Stoke and Fenton to ask if they’ve located the real Earl of Wissex. They tell him they have and they’ve traced him to a club in London. Trevor tells Stoke and Fenton that they have until the following night at 8:00pm to make sure he never returns to claim his title.

Sir Hugh Ridley arrives with the Holograms at his new club: The Unicorn Club. Inside the club, Sir Hugh introduces the Holograms to the Blue Bloods, a rock band. Mason Hawthorne, the Blue Bloods leader, introduces himself to Jem. The rest of the band, who are opening for the Holograms, also introduce themselves. Aja is surprised to see Craig, Stormer’s brother, and they embrace. Sir Hugh and the Blue Bloods decide to take the Holograms out for dinner as it’s Mason’s 21st birthday.

At the Wissex estate, the Misfits and Jetta’s parents sit down to dinner. Jetta tries to impress Pizzazz by explaining that generations of Wissex have eaten on those solid silver plates, and that Pizzazz should by a set. Pizzazz agrees and tells Bertie and Flo to send her father the bill. Pizzazz then proceeds to grab a silver plate and say they make a great frisbee (she tosses it and it breaks a window). Jetta tries to assuage Trevor’s fears and that all of his money problems will soon be over. But how are we–the audience–supposed to believe that all of Trevor’s money problems will be over by selling a bunch of high priced belongings? Surely his debt must be far greater than a million dollars.

Lord Trevor calls Stoke and Fenton and asks for an update on whether the real Earl of Wissex has been eliminated. Stoke explains that Sir Hugh and the Blue Bloods have gone out for the evening with some “American Birds,” but when they get back, they plan on making their move.

At the Wissex estate, Jetta, Pizzazz, and Roxy enter a horse stable and find a caged fox. Pizzazz decides that she wants to have a fox hunt.

Misfits Music Video: “I’m Gonna Hunt You Down.”

After the fox hunt, Pizzazz demands that Trevor bring her food. The doorbell rings and its Lord Trevor’s creditors, demanding that he pay up as he’s been avoiding them for months. He pleads to have one more day to come up with the money.

At The Unicorn Club, Sir Hugh tells Jem her gear is being setup and they have time to rehearse before tonight’s concert. Craig asks Aja to speak with her in private. Inside the club, Stormer is surprised by the arrival of Jem and the Holograms and decides to leave. Kimber tries to stop her and tell her that “they won’t bite.” While this conversation is happening, Stoke and Fenton place a bomb inside the Blue Blood’s drum kit.

Craig wants to come clean with the secret he’s been keeping from Aja. Craig tries to introduce Stormer as his sister. but Aja flips out before he can finish and she assumes Craig and Stormer are married. Mason tells Craig to run after her, but Craig refuses and makes a hard line: Aja was in the wrong and made the wrong conclusion before Craig even had a chance to finish his sentence; Aja can apologize to him. Kimber runs after Aja to tell her that Stormer is really Craig’s sister. Aja realizes the mistake she’s made. The bomb goes off, destroying the club. The Holograms and the rest of the Blue Bloods run inside the burning building to rescue Craig and Stormer. Mason claims the explosion is all his fault because he has an uncle that doesn’t want him to turn 21, but he doesn’t go into detail and leaves to go to Wissex. Aja ends up apologizing to Craig and he accepts her apology.

At the Wissex estate, Trevor tells Jetta and her parents in private that she must sell the entire estate to Pizzazz before 8:00. Jetta comes up with a convincing plan to get Pizzazz to purchase the property (you have to hit her where it hurts: status). Jetta decides to tell Pizzazz that if she buys the estate, she not only gets the property, but the title as well (she’ll be Lady Wissex, a noble woman of England). Pizzazz signs the contract, but just in time, the real Earl, Mason Hawthorne, shows up and claims his title as rightful heir. Pizzazz realizes she’s been had and chases Jetta off the estate. Jem asks Synergy to create a diversion of a pack of wild dogs to scare Stoke and Fenton. Mason captures the thugs and the police take them away. Mason explains to Jem that he didn’t want to tell Jem he was the true Earl because he wanted her to like him as a person, and not because of his title. Mason also needed the money from the concert benefit to pay all of the bills his uncle Trevor had racked up. Jem explains that they can still host the benefit on the estate.

Jem and the Holograms music video: “Between Me And You.”

We wrap with a successful concert as Mason has managed to make enough from the benefit to pay off all of his creditors and gain ownership over the estate. Cut to the kitchen, Roxy, Jetta, and Pizzazz have been put to work and are washing dishes as penance for all of the trouble they’ve caused. Jetta continues with lies and tries to convince Roxy and Pizzazz that Lord Hawethorne is treating her cruelly because she’s secretly his twin sister, separated at birth, and that he’s terrified she’ll prove his claim. Pizzazz tells Jetta to shut up.

Duration: 46:29:00

Present: Alex Knight, Aleen Simms, K. Tempest Bradford.

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