S2E26: “Hollywood Jem (Part 1): For Your Consideration”

Hello and welcome to the JEMcast on Hologram Radio. This is Alex Knight and I am joined by Aleen Simms, founder of the Less than or Equal podcast, and science fiction writer, K. Tempest Bradford.

Synopsis: In Season 2, episode 26: ‘Hollywood Jem (Part 1): For Your Consideration,’ “Jem is nominated for the Best Actress Oscar, while her sister Kimber becomes involved in a wild love triangle.”

Stay tuned for an action packed episode.

Episode 52 (S2E26) is written by Roger Slifer.

We open with the Jem and the Holograms, anxiously awaiting the results of the latest Oscar Awards. Jem is nominated for best actress.

On the Harriet Horn Show, Jem joins Sigourney Reaver, Meryl Saint, and Geraldine Pathos. When Harriet questions Jem’s unusual candidacy for an Oscar, Jem seems taken a back. After all, Jem is known for her music, not her acting, and it’s her first film. After finding out Jem has had no formal acting training, Geraldine flips out and refuses to share an interview with Jem, who clearly joined the film industry for frivolous reasons. Sigourney Reaver has Jem’s back and says she has as much right to share the stage with anyone else.

Jerrica is furious when she sees Cool Trash Magazine’s ad that pits Jem up against Geraldine.

The Countess Du Voisin shows up at Starlight mansion and asks her to get Jem’s help because Howard Sands is in trouble. On the Hollywood backlot, Howard Sands is seen arguing with movie star Sharise, who refuses to share the set with a TV (we see a Max Headroom style character on screen). The Countess suggests Jem should replace Sharise, and Howard is very receptive to the idea. Jem accepts, so long as she can read a copy of the script first. From behind the TV, Kimber’s old boyfriend, Shawn, pops out (Kimber is very pleased to see him).

Jem: You know, this script is terrific, Howard. I’ll do it.

Kimber: Jem. are you sure about this? What will the critics say? And the reporters?

Jem: Who cares, Kimber? I can’t lead my life wondering what other people might say. I’ve got to do what I think is right. And, frankly, I can’t wait to get started.

Jem and the Holograms music video: “Hollywood Jem.”

After wrapping the movie for the day, Jem receives a telegram (that was a thing in the 80s?) from Francois Truger (a famous director), who invites the band to a party at his mansion.

At the party, Francois greets Jem and kisses her on the cheek. Rio makes a comment that the French always over do it (right in front of Francois for some reason). Francois begins to belittle Howard Sands’s work and tells Jem that if she wants the academy to take her seriously, she should appear in one of his films. Jem is honoured but tells Francois that she must finish the current picture she’s working on first. Francois tells Jem it can’t wait and she must begin working on his film immediately. After feeling insuled by Jem’s refusal, Francois is interviewed by several reporters that question whether there’s any truth to the rumour that he asked Jem to start in his movie, because he needs a celebrity to boost his box office numbers. Francois denies everything.

Francois: As you know, I don’t cater to the whims of the American public. Perhaps Jem’s own publicity machine started that rumour.

Rio: I hate liars, and I hate deception. So you can imagine what I think of you! (throws Francois into the pool)

Francois: You can’t trifle with me! I am artist reincarnate! Do you hear me?! I’ll ruin your career!

Kimber and Shawn leave the party together. Kimber asks Shawn if there’s any chance that Francois could really hurt Jem’s career and chance to win an Oscar. Shawn doesn’t have any answers, and tries to cheer Kimber up by taking her to a secluded spot with a spectacular view of Hollywood. Kimber questions if it was a good idea for Jem to turn down Francois’ film. Shawn tells Kimber that one must honour their commitments.

Jem and the Holograms music video: “You Already Know.”

After the video, Shawn tells Kimber that it’s time to make more of a commitment to their relationship. Kimber assumes Shawn is going to ask her to marry him, but then Shawn quickly corrects her and says he just wants to see her exclusively, but he’s not ready for marriage. We can clearly see Kimber is disappointed.

Shawn drops Kimber off at home and we see Kimber arriving late at 03:00. Jerrica is upset with Kimber’s arrival, but Kimber is crying and is too upset to argue.

On the set of Howard Sands’ movie, they are about to begin shooting a dangerous scene, involving Shawn’s stunt man. The stunt involves driving a car at 100 mph towards a truck, swerve and pass underneath it to safety. Kimber and the rest of the Holograms are watching from the sidelines. As the cameras roll, the stunt driver becomes distracted as he notices Kimber. After a near brush with death, the car crashes with the driver unharmed. The stunt car driver is Jeff, Kimber’s ex-boyfriend. Rio rushes to check if the driver is okay and Kimber is surprised to see him. Shawn approaches and clearly feels awkward in the situation and tells Kimber he’ll see her later. Jeff feels jealous, although he shouldn’t, and tells Kimber she’s still leading on half the male population. Rio puts his hand on Kimber’s shoulder, but Kimber tells him she supposes he’s just going to tell her she got what she deserved. Rio tries to deny it, but Kimber says he was probably thinking it anyway. Rio tells Kimber it’s probably best for everyone if she decided who she cares about the most. Kimber retorts with a fantastic comeback.

Kimber: You mean the way you’ve decided between Jem and Jerrica?

Later, Kimber and Shawn work on writing songs for the Howard Sands movie. Kimber apologies to Shawn for not telling him about Jeff (but was she obligated to?) Shawn accepts the apology but seems to think it wasn’t a big deal, and tells her that he really likes her.

Jem and the Holograms music video: “Too Close.”

On the set of Howard Sand’s movie, Jeff attempts a reckless stunt from the top of building. Howard pleads with Jeff to not jump from the such a heigh, but Jeff does it anyway and lands safely. Kimber freaks out and yells at Jeff for attempting such a dangerous stunt, saying he was too close to the explosions. Jeff is still mad with Kimber and pushes Kimber away. Kimber goes after Jeff and enters his trailer, asking why he’s being so mean to her. Jeff tells Kimber that he loves her and that it hurts to see her with Shawn (Jeff doesn’t get to feel this way and it’s unfair to Kimber, after all, they weren’t exclusively dating and they hadn’t seen each other in a while). At this point, Kimber is extremely confused and is unsure of what to do. Jeff proposes to Kimber on the spot and asks her to marry him, but she says she’ll think about it.

At Starlight Mansion, Kimber walks into Jerrica’s bedroom and asks to speak with her for a moment. Jerrica is seen practicing her lines for the movie. Kimber tells her sister that Jeff proposed to her, but Jerrica tells her that she turned him down, right? Jerrica tells Kimber that she’s too young and that she has her whole life ahead of her. Kimber is angered and feels like Jerrica is a bit of a hypocrite and that maybe she will marry Jeff, just so she can finally get out from under her sister’s thumb.

Shawn shops for an engagement ring for Kimber.

The following day on the set of Howard Sands’ movie, Shawn approaches Kimber and tells her he has something very important to talk to her about. Shawn is interrupted when Jeff sweeps Kimber off her feet by swinging on a rope like Tarzan. Jeff proposes to Kimber again and Kimber finally accepts. Shawn congratulates Kimber and pretends like nothing is wrong, and clearly, he wasn’t ready for marriage anyway. Shawn goes back to his trailer and tosses the wedding ring he bought, into the garbage and looks despondent.

Duration: 1:10:00

Present: Alex Knight, Aleen Simms, K. Tempest Bradford.

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