S2E27: “Hollywood Jem (Part 2): And the Winner Is…”

Hello and welcome to the JEMcast on Hologram Radio. This is Alex Knight and I am joined by science fiction writer, K. Tempest Bradford.

Synopsis: In Season 2, episode 27: ‘Hollywood Jem (Part 2): And the Winner Is…,’ “The winner of the “Best Actress” award is announced. Kimber sorts out her love life.”

Stay tuned for an action packed episode.

Episode 53 (S2E27) is written by Roger Slifer.

We open with Shana, Aja, and Raya, who have taken Kimber bridal gown shopping. Kimber laments Jerrica not joining her because of the argument they had in part 1. Much to Kimber’s surprise, Jerrica shows up and tells her sister that even though she thinks she’s making a mistake, if marrying Jeff is what she wants, then she’ll stand by her.

Jem and the Holograms music video: “Tomorrow Is My Wedding Day.”

After the video, Kimber shows up on set to apologize to Rio for “popping off” at him. Rio accepts the apology and admits he’s gone off on her a few times before, so no harm, no fowl (I guess?). Kimber tells Rio she couldn’t imagine Rio not being at her wedding, which takes him by surprise. He assumes incorrectly that she’s marrying Sean, but Kimber corrects him and says it’s Jeff. When Rio questions why, Kimber admits that Jeff is exciting and that she never knows what he’s going to do next. Rio asks how Sean took the news and Kimber says he didn’t seem to care–she hoped he would have asked her not to marry Jeff.

A previously shot and overexposed scene forces Jeff to re-do a dangerous stunt on the set of Starbright. Things are not off to a good start when Jeff starts off the line in his race car a few seconds too early. The car collides and crashes. Rio yells at the paramedics to pull Jeff out, but it turns out that it was Sean driving the car all along! Sean wanted to prove to Kimber that he was just as exciting as Jeff, and then he passes out.

At the hospital, we see Kimber and Rio in the waiting room. Kimber regrets not realizing how hurt Sean was after finding out she was going to marry Jeff. Rio tries to console Kimber and tells her that it wasn’t her fault, that she couldn’t have known he would attempt that crazy stunt. A nurse enters and gives some good news–the prognosis for Sean is good and that he will pull through, but he’s still in a coma. Kimber insists on staying at the hospital, but Rio tells her to go home as she is getting married the following day.

The next day, Jerrica, Shana, Aja, and Raya are all helping Kimber prep for the wedding (Kimber is getting her gown on). The phone rings and Jerrica answers. The hospital tells her that Sean just regained consciousness.

Kimber begins to worry when Jeff hasn’t show up. Fashionably late, and making a grand entrance, Jeff arrives on motorcycle, already in his tux.

Some of the Starlight girls are seen filling up a bag of rice. They seem to be in good spirits. Jerrica calls for them as the ceremony is about to begin.

Jerrica and Kimber take a peak at the crowd from a distance. Jerrica appears surprised at how many friends Kimber has and asks her if she’s nervous. Kimber seems confident and asks Jerrica to call Synergy for a favour. Kimber asks Synergy to create a hologram of Jem, since the wedding won’t be complete without her attendance.

Jeff is nervous about the wedding and we see him working off his nerves at the gym in Starlight Mansion. Howard arrives and tells Jeff the ceremony is about to start.

Right before the ceremony begins, Kimber kisses her sister on the cheek and thanks her for everything.

Jem and the Holograms music video: “Happy Ever After.”

After the video, the wedding ceremony commences. The priest asks Jeff if he’ll take Kimber as his lawfully wedded wife, but he stammers and says “I do.” Kimber stammers as well and sounds like she’s not really sure about going through with it, but she accepts. The priest asks if anyone objects to Kimber and Jeff’s marriage and we see Rio who comes rushing in with a marriage proposal. He opens a jewellery box and shows Kimber a diamond ring. Both Kimber and Jerrica are shocked (cut to commercial break).

Kimber mistakingly thinks Rio wants to marry her, but he quickly clarifies the proposal came from Sean, who couldn’t walk and asked Rio to ask Kimber on his behalf. Kimber takes the ring and apologies to Jeff, saying she can’t go through with the wedding. Jeff is relieved and says he was having second thoughts on the way to the ceremony. He’s just not ready to give up his carefree lifestyle. Jeff offers to drive Kimber to the hospital to see Sean. Rio tells Jerrica he’s glad everything worked out and that he would hate to see someone make a mistake. Jerrica tells Rio that being married wouldn’t be so bad. Rio tells Jerrica not to get any ideas.

At the hospital, Sean explains to Kimber that when Rio told him she was going to get married to Jeff, he realized that he didn’t want to lose her. Kimber admits she wanted to get married for a number of reasons that had nothing to do with him or Jeff. She wanted to get out from under Jerrica’s thumb for starters, and she wanted to be an adult. She tells Sean she wants to wait and get to know him better. She wants to get married for the right reasons, not because she wants to party or because Sean is afraid of losing her to Jeff.

At a screening of Howard Sands’ movie, Flint Westwood tells Jem that he loved the movie and has seen it twice. Their conversation is rudely interrupted when loudmouth French director, Francois Truger, arrives and tells everyone that Jem is “absolutely without talent.” Jem asks why Francois even bothered to come, and he says because it was free. Jem tells him she invited all academy members.

Francois: Yes, well I’d be happy to share my enlightened opinion with any of them

Flint: Jem, you want me to make his day?

Rio: After me, you come first.

Jem tries to hold Rio and Flint back from beating up Francois and tells them the screening is a courtesy for all academy members.

The movie screening of Starbright is about to commence. We see Francois making some nasty remarks about Jem as she makes a speech about asking the academy members to vote for who they think truly deserves an oscar.

The day of the award show, Jem is ready to leave for the show but if feeling nervous. A limo pulls up and Rio gets out to announce a special guest: Sean. Kimber is happy to see him. Jeff also gets out of the limo and both Aja and Raya scramble to grab him and insist he’s taking both of them as their dates.

The Holograms pull up to the red carpet. Cameras are flashing as they’re bombarded by paparazzi and fans. Rio tells Jem that there will “only be a million people watching,” which upsets Jem and only makes her feel more anxious (Rio is the worst!)

Bob: Welcome to the 60th annual academy awards. We have a lot of people to acknowledge tonight, so without further ado, I’d like to introduce the first presenters–Lena Lurner and her son, Dominick.

Eventually we get to the best actress nomination, but unfortunately for Jem, Geraldine Pathos wins the Oscar. Everyone looks disappointed. Geraldine Pathos gives her speech and much to Jem’s surprise, gives a public apology for not taking Jem seriously as an actor. Jem accepts her apology.

Backstage, Jem breaks down and tells Kimber that she wanted to win the award so badly. Kimber begins to cry and they embrace.

Kimber: I guess misery loves company.

A representative from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce drops by and interrupts. He tells Jem the wonderful news–although she didn’t win an Oscar, they are honouring her with a star on Hollywood Boulevard!

Jem and the Holograms music video: “Hollywood Jem.”

Duration: 55:49:00

Present: Alex Knight, K. Tempest Bradford.

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