S2E3: “Scandal”

Synopsis: “When Jetta finds Kimber’s diary the Misfits start a scandal to try to ruin the Holograms.”

Summary: Episode 29 (S2E3) is written by Mary Skrenes.

We open with Jem and the Holograms arriving in beautiful Venice Beach, California. Raya is to make her debut interview appearance with the rest of the Holograms on Harriet Horn’s TV show. Raya is nervous about making her first appearance, but the rest of the band give her some much needed encouragement.

The Holograms head down the boardwalk for some shopping, and we cut to:

Jem and the Holograms music video: She Makes An Impression.

Connie and Terry from California Beat are in Venice Beach to catch rock celebrities and see what they’re up to. Whilst they’re waiting for the Misfits to arrive, they ask for Sean. Before Sean heads off to do an interview for California Beat, the Holograms show up and he greets Kimber. Raya is impressed that Kimber knows Sean, “the British teen idol.”

In an interview with Connie and Terry, Sean is asked if he’s looking for any new songs. He says he’s performing at the “Roller Rock out,” a roller skating club and he always keeps his ears open for new material to record. Suddenly things are interrupted when a raucous noise is heard from further down the beach–it’s the Misfits on dune buggies. The Misfits make a spectacular entrance, but as per usual, some of the beach goers end up as collateral damage and get sand in their face. Begrudgingly, Connie rolls tape and begins the interview. Connie asks if the Misfits are going anywhere or just cruising for a vagrancy charge. Jetta says the Misfits have lunch with Mick Jagger, a possible recording session with Michael Jackson, and Pizzazz and Sean Harrison have something going. Connie throws it to Terry and he asks Pizzazz if she’s free for dinner; Pizzazz says “maybe” (in a playful manner). Is this the first time a perfect stranger has asked Pizzazz out where she also had mutual interest?

Sean walks over to chat with Kimber, who is writing lyrics for a potential Holograms song. Kimber says she works out a lot of things in her diary. She can be as silly or as serious as she’s feeling. Sean asks Kimber if he’d write a song for her and then invites her out to dinner. Kimber is called back to set, but forgets her bag and diary. Jetta has a keen eye and notices this, so she grabs the diary and heads back to the hotel with the Misfits.

Jem and the Holograms are interviewed by Connie and Terry for California Beat. Jem announces they’ll be on the Harriet Horn show and Raya is asked how she will feel when she’s “barbecued by Harriet Horn, the queen barracuda of gossip.” Kimber steps in and tells Terry that Ms. Horn doesn’t “incinerate everybody.” Besides, they’re pretty boring as gossip material.

The Misfits are watching the live interview with Jem and the Holograms. They’re angered by the fact that their segment was cut from the show. Stormer looks sad and says no one knows they’re in town.

Pizzazz: Sweet Kimber Benton. I’d love to get something on her! Harriet Horn would beg us to be on her show.

Jetta shows the Misfits Kimber’s diary and reads a passage from it. She suggests the diary must the something they can use against the Holograms.

Jetta: How about sweet little Kimber’s mean streak? Or her crush on Sean Harrison.

Roxy: What’s that?

Jetta: Kimber’s diary,

Roxy: I wouldn’t waste my time.

Jetta: Quotes a passage from Kimber’s diary: “Roxy isn’t dumb, but she is so ignorant.”

Roxy: Oh yeah?!

Jetta: Quotes a passage from Kimber’s diary: “And Pizzazz is just a rich, spoiled brat.”

Pizzazz: Hah, she even bad mouths members of her own group! They’ll be devastated.

At the hotel, the Holograms each receive a letter, with the exception of their newest member: Raya.

The letters read:

Shana can be so ridiculously insecure about her talent. It’s a real pain.

Aja was so cold today, sometimes I wonder if she has any feelings at all.

Sometimes I wish Jem was my sister instead of Jerrica.

Kimber walks in on her band mates reading passages from her diary and appears to be both mad and embarrassed as her personal feelings are revealed to those closest to her. Fortunately for Kimber, Jerrica, Shana, and Aja take it quite well. They tell her that although it smarts, they love her and just want to figure out a way to help her get the diary back. Kimber reads the final note, which indicates that the entire contents of her diary will soon be published in “Cool Trash” magazine.

The Holograms head straight to Cool Trash Magazine’s head office to make an attempt at stopping them from publishing Kimber’s diary. Jerrica enlists Synergy to create some “intimidating personas.” The Holograms now look like business executives, but one thing seems strange: Shana is pushing a holographic cart with a typewriter on it. Holograms are simply illusions and not solid matter (as established on previous episodes), so how could she realistically pull this off?

Pitt Slurman is reading Kimber’s diary in his office and is looking quite pleased with himself. He’s landed on “gold” and something he can really profit off of. The Holograms walk in and Aja poses as an attorney. Aja questions Slurman if he’s familiar with the penalty for receiving stolen goods. Slurman panics at the sight of a lawyer and commands the Holograms to leave, but he drops Kimber’s diary. Kimber grabs it and they leave. Slurman is annoyed, but Roxy walks in and hands him a collection of pages and tells him he just needs the “dirt.” Now all he needs is an interview with Sean Harrison and he’ll have a “real scandal for Cool Trash.”

The Holograms make their way to the Rockin’ Roadster, but someone has let all of the air out of its tires. Roxy is seen driving by with Terry and waves at Kimber, telling her not to be late for dinner. Kimber was supposed to meet Sean for dinner over an hour ago and believes he’ll think that she stood him up.

At the restaurant, Sean grows concerned and tries to make a phone call to see where Kimber is, but he’s rudely interrupted by the Misfits and Pitt Slurman. Pizzazz and Jetta pose for a picture with Sean, which they hope will implicate him in a scandal to be published in Cool Trash magazine. Sean pushes Pizzazz away and angrily tells off Slurman that he doesn’t give unscheduled interviews. Slurman asks Sean a question in the hopes that he’ll say something provocative that can be used against him. Slurman records the conversation.

Slurman: Sean, just give me a little something. In my opinion, Kimber Benton is just a flaky little girl. What do you see in her?

Sean: I could care less about your opinion. She’s a child in spirit, but her work is quite mature.

Slurman: And what about a real woman, like Pizzazz?

Sean: Pizzazz is a real woman? Don’t make me laugh.

Sean leaves the restaurant and a phone rings for him. Jetta picks up the phone and tells Kimber Benton that he just left “with that glamorous rock star: Pizzazz.”

Slurman: I can see the headline now: ” Kimber loves Shawn; he could care less.”

The Holograms arrive at the hotel after the Rockin’ Roadster is towed. Kimber receives an incriminating photo of Pizzazz and Jetta with their arms around Sean. Kimber tears up the photo and chooses to believe in Sean and not get Pizzazz get to her, no matter what (smart choice, Kimber).

Later at the Roller Rock Out club, Sean finishes up a set. A man walks over to Harriet Horn’s table and whispers that Kimber Benton is being “Cool Trashed” and tells her to pass it on. Sean exits the stage and notices Kimber and tries to call her attention, but the Misfits show up and decide to add some spice to this “roller drama” (in her words) and Pizzazz claims that Sean and her are good friends.

Cut to a Misfits music video: “I Love A Scandal”.

Pizzazz hands the latest issue of Cool Trash magazine, adorned with Kimber’s face, to Kimber. Kimber has a moment of panic when she reads portions of the tabloid. She exists the club on roller skates as a mob of fans chase after her, questioning if there’s any truth to the rumours. Sean tries to call out to Kimber to get her to come back, but she’s long gone.

The Misfits confront Harriet Horn ask if her mind has been blown and if they trashed Kimber enough. Harriet admits they created one heck of a scandal and Pizzazz says they should be on her show. Harriet extends an invitation for the Misfits to come on tomorrow’s show, but they’d have to join Jem and the Holograms. Pizzazz is furious at the very idea, but claims they won’t have the guts to show up now.

Kimber is seen standing under cover. The rain is beating down hard and a bus pulls up; its doors open. Kimber takes the bus back to Starlight Mansion. And here we finally have an official answer about where Jem and the Holograms reside: Los Angeles, California (Venice Beach is close, on the west side of the city). Ashley calls Jerrica and lets her know that Kimber is now. Jem is thankful for the call and tells Ashley they’ll be home the following day. The rest of the Holograms suggest they come home tonight, but Kimber probably wants to be alone and Jem says they should let her deal with the issue in her own way.

Kimber is alone in her bedroom, pacing back and forth. Her thoughts are a jumble and she’s steel reeling over the scandal. She heads to the secret room where Synergy resides and asks her to change her into “someone hard and mean; someone who can never be hurt.” Synergy asks Kimber if this is another phase that she’s going through, but Kimber, with gusto, says “the dumb little girl face is over; she’s staying tough.”

Synergy: Your father hoped you would be strong, but I suppose tough is good enough.

Kimber: What do you mean? What did my father tell you about me?

Synergy: He told me many things about you. He said you were a born charmer. From the beginning you chanted everyone, even butterflies. You were sensitive and suffered when you saw pain. The knocks and scrapes of childhood did not stop you. You were creative. You were drawn to music and writing. You were often frustrated, but you kept at it. When you were eleven, you had your first big test. You had written a song for the school talent show. Some unruly boys made fun of you as you began your sensitive ballad. You were proud of your little song; now you were humiliated. Back stage, your father gave you a pep talk. You went back out there and the audience loved you. At that moment, your father knew you could survive in the music business. He was very proud of you. Kimber, what did your father say in that pep talk?

Kimber: He said: “Be true to yourself. Believe in your song and give the whole audience a chance.”

Synergy: Can you still be true to yourself, Kimber?

Kimber: I think I can, now. Thank you Synergy.

Kimber, feeling like her usual inspired self, begins writing in her diary. The following morning, the rest of the Holograms arrive and Raya finds Kimber asleep over her diary. She asks Kimber if she’s alright. Kimber asks if they’re still on for the interview on Harriet Horn’s show because she finished writing the song they’re going to sing.

On the Harriet Horn show, the Misfits are interviewed about why they took the diary they found to Cool Trash magazine. Pizzazz says Kimber is such a wimp and she clearly deserved it. Roxy says Kimber is such a sissy. Back stage, Shana mentions to her bandmates how the Misfits are “cutting them down.” They get the five second warning to showtime and then Harriet introduces Jem and the Holograms.

Cut to Jem and the Holograms music video: “Dear Diary”.

Jem and the Hologram’s new song, Dear Diary, is a hit on the show. Harriet is impressed and thought the Holograms were mince meat, but they were able to turn the scandal around with a song. But there’s a surprise guest in store. Sean Harrison joins the Holograms and sits next to Kimber. Harriet grills Sean about the scandal and he clears the air, saying it was a complete fabrication. Sean has nothing but the highest regard for Kimber. He respects her as a person and as an artist. He asks Kimber to write a song for him. Pizzazz stands up, enraged, and says she is the one who’s supposed to write his song. Pizzazz says she’s better than Kimber, but Sean tells her to keep dreaming and grow up. Harriet tells Pizzazz to “sit and stifle herself.”

We wrap with Harriet who asks Kimber if she’ll ever write in her diary again. Kimber simply responds with: “What do you think?” The last scene is Kimber sitting in her bedroom and writing in her diary.

Duration: 1:13:07

Present: Alex, Aleen, K. Tempest Bradford.

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