S2E5: “The Bands Break Up”

Synopsis: “Upset with the way their bands treat them and over Jerrica’s objections, Kimber and Stormer form a friendship and subsequently decide to form a duo and begin performing together.”

Summary: Episode 31 (S2E5) is written by Marv Wolfman, and Cherie Wilkerson.

We open with Jem and the Holograms debating if the song on the flip side of their next single should be up tempo or not. Kimber insists on doing a slow ballad, but she’s out voted by the rest of her bandmates. When Kimber asks Jerrica why she won’t listen to the lyrics she wrote, Jerrica tells her there’s no time since their single is already late and they must get on with the rehearsal.

Jem, Aja, Shana, and Raya want a love song, but Kimber still thinks a ballad is the way to go. The rest of Kimber’s bandmates begin practicing and ignore her request. Jem says the rest of the band knows what their doing, and Aja says that Kimber has to do what she’s told, because everyone is older than her (how patronizing!). Kimber is furious and kicks over her keyboard. On the way out, she tells the rest of the Holograms that they clearly don’t care much about their opinion. Jem, Aja, Shana, and Raya try to console her and tell her that they do, but it’s too late and Kimber leaves (they have a funny way of showing that her opinions matter).

At Misfits Music, a similar argument breaks out between Stormer and the rest of the band. Whilst under the gun to finish their latest album, Stormer’s ideas and pitches are vastly ignored and belittled by Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta. Stormer tells her bandmates she hates them all and storms off (pun not intended).

Elsewhere, Kimber heads to a local music venue called “The Scene” (The Limp Lizards can be heard playing in the background). At the bar, Kimber orders a peach shake (extra thick). Stormer shows up and ends up sitting right next to Kimber and orders a vanilla cola (a double) and a hot fudge sundae (three scoops with a banana). The Limp Lizards finish their set, but Stormer gets upset as she came to The Scene to hear music. Stormer and Kimber notice each other. Stormer makes a snarky remark about how she’s surprised that her sister lets her out after 4:30. As the two exchange insults, the spotlight is thrust upon them as they’re recognized as celebrities. The venue manager tries to convince Kimber and Stormer to come up to the stage and play, but the two are hesitant. They give in after the crowd cheers them on.

Stormer: I rather swallow tar than sing with you.

Kimber: I’d choke first!

Cut to music video by Kimber and Stormer: “I’m Okay”.

The Scene’s owner encourages Kimber and Stormer to come back and play together as an ensemble. They both mutually agree to start working together and come back the following night.

The following day, at Starlight House, Kimber is in her room getting ready to go out for the evening. Jerrica stops by and asks why her sister won’t talk to her. Kimber says she has nothing to say. Jerrica notices her sister is getting ready and asks her if she’s going out. Kimber responds with attitude and says “any problem with that?” Kimber tells Jerrica she doesn’t really care what she does or think, so it’s pointless in asking her invasive questions. Kimber leaves and is picked up by her new friend, Stormer. Jerrica doesn’t seem to recognize who’s in the car and Kimber gets in, saying “I finally found out who my real friends are. Don’t wait up for me.”

We cut to a quick scene showing Kimber and Stormer playing their hit song “I’m Okay” to a busy club. Meanwhile, at Misfits Music, Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta are struggling to put a single song together. Pizzazz claims she hates Stormer. If it wasn’t abundantly clear to you before, it should be now, that both Kimber and Stormer are the glue that hold each other’s bands together. Kimber and Stormer write a majority of the music and lyrics for the Holograms and Misfits–neither band can afford not to have them.

After a successful concert, Kimber and Stormer meet Dave Daniels, a promoter, who says they have the potential to make millions. Daniels offers Kimber and Stormer a contract and a cash advance to work on the record. There’s one stipulation though: they must offer up some kind of collateral in case they don’t finish the album. Daniels suggests that Kimber offer up her portion of ownership of Starlight Music as collateral. Kimber and Stormer sign the contract–without reading it. After concluding the deal, Daniels gets phone with Eric Raymond and tells him the good news. Eric is pleased and is confident Starlight Music will soon be his.

Kimber and Stormer make an appearance on Lin-Z’s show to promote their new musical collaboration. They both sing praises of each other’s musical strengths and how the music they’ve been writing is meaningful, sensitive, and hard hitting. Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta are watching the broadcast and almost gag at the sound of “sensitive” music.

At Starlight House, the rest of the Holograms are watching Lin-Z and finally realize where Kimber has been spending her time. Kimber’s bandmates don’t seem to be impressed with her makeup and believe that Stormer has been a bad influence on her.

Jem, Aja, Shana, and Jetta head to the concert venue where Kimber and Stormer are playing, but it turns out, so are Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta.

Cut to a Holograms/Misfits music video: “Bad Influence”.

Both bands disrupt their show to try and pull them away and convince them that they’re no good for each other. Kimber and Stormer vehemently refuse. Pizzazz yells at Stormer and says she’ll come crawling back. In that moment, Stormer realizes the Misfits are just exploiting her. Stormer tells Kimber that at least the Holograms actually care about her. Kimber tells Stormer that she cares about her and they both agree to be friends forever, against the world.

Jerrica riffles through Kimber’s personal belongs back at Starlight House to find the record contract she signed. Kimber catches her in the act and explains she just came back to apologize for how angry she got. Jerrica is shocked when she reads a clause in the contract that stipulates if she fails to create a hit record, Kimber’s half of Starlight Music will go to Camp Dance Music. Kimber knows this, but arrogantly claims that she’s going to have a hit anyway. Little does she know, Camp Dance Music is owned by none other than Eric Raymond. The entire contract was a ploy to allow Eric to gain ownership over Starlight Music. Even though Kimber didn’t know about Eric’s scheme, she arrogantly refuses to believe there’s any chance her record will not be a big hit. Kimber says that at least Eric is giving her a chance to succeed, which is more than what Jerrica ever gave her. Kimber leaves.

Auditions for background singers are being held at Flash Recording Studios, but the auditions are not going well. An argument breaks out between Kimber and Stormer when they disagree on whether the bridge should be a slower or faster passage. One of the auditioning drummers tells the two of them that they’re professionals and can play anything, but they need to make up their minds. The auditions take another step back when an engineer informs Kimber and Stormer that the tape broke. Nothing seems to be coming together for the two of them. Stormer suggests that maybe they should ask for help, but Kimber insists they persevere, or else people won’t take them seriously.

Drummer: Ladies, we are professionals. We can play slow, or fast. Make up your minds.

The Holograms perform without Kimber for the first time, but things aren’t going so smoothly for them. There’s clearly a missing element: Kimber’s keyboards. Jem, Shana, and Aja all take jabs at each other for screwing up in one fashion or another. They concede that Kimber is really needed in the band.

Kimber and Stormer head back to Flash Recording Studios with the goal of laying down Stormer’s vocal track in as little takes as possible. When the two girls walk into the recording booth, they overhear their engineer having a phone conversation with Eric Raymond. Kimber fires the engineer, but now they have to go to the trouble of finding a new recording engineer.

Cut to Misfits Music, Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta are having just as much luck as the Holograms. Roxy admits that they need Stormer and Pizzazz comes up with a plan to get her back, by bribing her. When the Misfits pay Stormer a visit, they hand her the keys to a new Porche as well as some credit cards. They claim they just wanted to show how much they appreciate her, but Stormer is too naive to see through their empty apology.

There’s a quick montage of Stormer buying expensive jewelry and clothing.

Kimber turns up at Flash Recording Studios to look for Stormer as she still needs to complete her vocal track for the album. At the studio, Kimber finds a note from Stormer saying she’s gone back to the Misfits. We cut to a scene where Stormer is laying in bed and grabs a photo of her and Kimber. Stormer seems to at least feel bad abandoning Kimber, but does she regret it, knowing what the consequences were for failing to deliver a hit record?

Kimber shows up at Eric Raymond’s office and admits that she can’t complete the album without Stormer. She should have known: once a Misfit, always a Misfits. At last, Eric owns half of Starlight Music. To Kimber and Eric’s surprise, Stormer shows up with the completed vocal harmony.

Stormer: We did it, but I almost let you lose part of Starlight Music, because Pizzazz and the others gave me gifts. But then I realized you gave me something nobody ever did: sincere friendship. And that’s worth more than anything the Misfits ever gave me.

There’s one remaining issue: without anyone to promote the new album, who’s going to buy it? Kimber and Stormer head to Starlight House to speak with Jerrica and the rest of the Holograms to explain the entire story and their current predicament. Jerrica admits that she and the rest of the band did take her for granted, so she decides that Starlight Music will package and promote Kimber and Stormer’s new album.

Cut to Jem and the Holograms music video: “Gettin’ Down To Business”.

The news is in, Kimber and Stormer’s album is a number one hit. Jerrica asks Stormer to join the Holograms, but she turns them down. Stormer says Jerrica doesn’t really need her, but the Misfits do. Stormer says she’ll rejoin the Misfits on one condition: they’ll have to start listening to her and treat her as an equal partner.

We end with Kimber and Stormer embracing. They learned lot about each other and life.

Duration: 01:08:36

Present: Alex, K. Tempest Bradford.

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