S2E6: “The Fan”

Synopsis: “A wealthy young man, Prescott Wentworth, who is completely obsessed with Jem offers a reward to anyone who can tell him her real name. The Misfits convince him to build an exact replica of Starlight Mansion and hire actors to pose as The Holograms.”

Summary: Episode 32 (S2E6) is written by returning Jem writer, Beth Bornstein (Hot Time In Hawaii).

We open with The Misfits, relaxing and listening to their own music, which seems odd (Makin’ Mischief is playing in the background). Pizzazz finds an ad in the newspaper by Prescott Wentworth, an independently wealth man who’s obsessed with Jem. His offer is a substantial sum of money to anyone who can reveal her true identity. Pizzazz believe’s Prescott is the key to destroying Jem’s career, so they decide to meet with him.

At Prescott Wentworth’s mansion, the Misfits are invited in. Prescott greets the band and assumes that they’ve come to divulge Jem’s secret identity. When Pizzazz tells him they don’t know yet, Prescott has a temper tantrum and destroys a priceless vase. The Misfits tell Prescott they have a plan to uncover Jem’s identity. Their proposal: if Prescott fronts the money for the entire operation, they’ll do the detective work. Prescott accepts, on the condition that Jem doesn’t get hurt–he rather die than do anything to upset Jem.

At Starlight Music, a limo driver pulls up and tells Jem to get in, even though she doesn’t recognize him. He explains that Kimber sent the limo to pick her up and drive her back to Starlight Mansion and that it’s part of her birthday present. Even though it’s not Jem’s birthday and this is clearly questionable, Jem accepts the invitation.

Jem arrives at Starlight Mansion, or is it? She’s greeted by the rest of the Holograms and Starlight orphans, who all wish her happy birthday. Jem tries to explain to everyone that it’s not her birthday, but everyone completely ignores her. If this is a joke, it sure isn’t funny, because Jem is exhausted and decides to head to her bedroom for some R & R. She questions what’s really going on, but is at a loss as to why everyone is acting so strange.

Cut to Jem and the Holograms music video: “Nightmare”.

Rio wakes Jem after hearing her scream in her sleep. Rio asks her if she wants to talk about her dream and Jem almost tells him it was about Jerrica. Jem explains to Rio how her friends have been acting strange and that threw a surprise party, even though it wasn’t her birthday. Rio tries to console Jem, saying if only her friends knew her real identity like he does. Jem is shocked by Rio’s words, as she has never told him the truth. When did Rio find out? Who told him? Before Rio can answer, the Starlight girls tell Jem to come downstairs for a birthday present from Video. Video seats Jem down in front of the TV and they begin watching a documentary about Jem’s life, only something is very wrong about this picture. The events being shown in the video aren’t accurate at all. Jem stops the movie right when the question is posed: “Who is she really, folks?” Jem feels like she’s losing her mind, which upsets to Video. Jem tries to tell the rest of the Holograms that it’s not really her in the documentary, so they ask her who she really is. Jem seems like she’s about to reveal her real identity. We see the Misfits and Prescott Wentworth watching from a surveillance camera, eagerly anticipating Jem to reveal the truth. At this point, Jem finally realizes something truly bizarre is going on (it’s about time). Why would the Holograms ask what her real identity is? Her bandmates are her closest friends and they already know the truth. Has the Misfits ruse been revealed? It seems that the actors they hired to impersonate the Holograms have not done a convincing enough job.

Cut to Misfits music video: “Who Is She, Anyway?”.

Pizzazz decides to give the actors one last chance to suss out Jem’s identity, or else they won’t be paid.

Aja, Kimber, Shana, and Raya are about to begin a rehearsing, but Jem is missing and they have no idea where she is. Aja asks Kimber where Jem is, because she was supposed to pick her up at Starlight Music. Kimber explains she did show up, but Jem was no where to be found. The Holograms are nervous as they need to practice for the concert the following night, so they decide to contact Synergy for help.

At fake Starlight Mansion, Jem decides to begin rehearsing for the concert, but her bandmates look confused and don’t seem to know the songs as Jem begins to sing the opening lines. Jem notices that Aja has her guitar on backwards. So what’s Aja’s excuse? She apologizes for not paying attention. On the second take, as Jem begins to sing, a loud cacophonous sound is heard as the imposters are unable to play their instruments. You would think they would have hired some actors that knew how to play their respective instruments and were familiar with the songs, or at the very least, rig things so that a backing track is played through the PA, so they can fake their way through the rehearsal.

The Misfits are watching as the scene unfolds. But just as the imposters are about to be uncovered, when Jem asks Kimber to play a chord, she faints. Jem rushes over to Kimber to make sure she’s okay, but when she comes to, she doesn’t recognize her own sister and asks her who she really is. The Misfits think this is it, this is the moment where Jem’s identity will be revealed. Prescott voices his concern over Jem’s well being, as the Misfits promised not to upset her. Before Jem can say who she really is, an actor hired to play Jerrica makes an appearance. Unfortunately for the Misfits, this is terrible timing indeed, as she is two hours late and also showed up at the wrong moment. Prescott tries to call off the ruse, but the Misfits threaten him and decide to follow it through until the end.

Cut to the real Starlight Mansion, we see Kimber and the rest of the Holograms ask Synergy where Jem has been. Synergy says Jem is in an exact replica of Starlight Mansion (Synergy projects a shot of the fake mansion). How would Synergy know where Jem really is? This is not explained to the audience.

Jem is getting fed up after pleading for an explanation as to what’s really going on. Whilst still confused, she is coming to the realization that something is very wrong and that these people aren’t who they say are. Since no one complies, Jem decides to get down to the bottom of this situation, herself.

The Misfits are at odds with Prescott Wentworth, who not only no longer cares who Jem really is, but clearly wants to call off the scam. The Misfits are not quite ready to do so, until Jem’s identity is revealed. They end up locking Prescott in a closet. Stormer voices her concern if he’ll be okay locked away. Pizzazz tries to quell Stormer’s concerns and says they’ll let him out after they have the information they want.

Elsewhere, the real Aja, Kimber, Shana, and Raya head off in the Rockin’ Roadster to rescue Jem, now that they know where she is.

At fake Starlight Mansion, Jem calls upon Synergy for help, but after trying to walk through what normally would be a holographic wall, she is rendered unconscious after colliding with it.

Waking up in the hospital, surrounded by what Jem thinks are her true bandmates, they explain she was knocked unconscious and that actors posing as the Holograms had tried fooling her with a replica of Starlight Mansion. Jem grabs her earrings and says she’s been Jem for long enough. The camera pulls back, and we see the Misfits watching these events. What a twist! Jem nearly transforms back into Jerrica, but the real Holograms show up. Both groups accuse each other of being fakes, but imposter Kimber’s wig is pulled off and the actors make their escape.

Roxy suggests that they leave, but Pizzazz tells her that the Holograms don’t know they’re being watched, so they should stick around just in case Jem decides to divulge her secret. Regrettably for the Misfits, their surveillance is ruined, when Aja uncovers the camera and sprays the lens with hairspray.

Jem and the Holograms make their way out of fake Starlight Mansion, but not before they hear the muffled screams of someone. They head back in and find Prescott Wentworth, locked away in a closet–long forgotten by the Misfits. Jem asks for an explanation and Prescott has one, but it’s a long story and he’s very embarrassed to be part of it. To make up for the hardship he forced Jem through, Prescott offers to sponsor her concert, as a way of giving back (for once in his life).

We wrap with a shot of the Jem and the Holograms concert.

Cut to Jem and the Holograms music video: “I Believe In Happy Endings”.

Duration: 49:51:00

Present: Alex, Aleen Simms, K. Tempest Bradford.

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