S2E7: “Father’s Day”

Synopsis: “Video is having trouble coming up with a Father’s Day present, so Jem suggests creating a film featuring video footage of their fathers and an original song. Everyone is excited except for Kimber, who is sad about having no father to celebrate with and refuses to write the song.”

Summary: Episode 33 (S2E7) is written by returning Jem writer, Roger Slifer.

We open with Jem and the Holograms shooting a music video for “When It’s Only Me And The Music,” which is odd because this is an old song from the two-part episode: “The Music Awards.” Didn’t they already make a video for this song?

Jem tells Video that she’s directly responsible for creating the band’s unique image and that if there’s anything she can do to help, she should let her know. Video tells Jem the only help she needs is figuring out what to get her father for Father’s Day. Raya suggests the Holograms produce a music video for Video’s father. Shana suggests they incorporate clips of their own fathers. Aja mentions she thinks she has some old home movies they can include. Jem tells everyone to gather their home movies and meet her back at Starlight Mansion. Meanwhile, Kimber is looking rather miffed.

Jerrica and Kimber drive back to Starlight Mansion. Jerrica asks her sister why she’s being so quiet and Kimber tells her the video is a terrible idea. It has nothing to do with their musical careers, it’s completely off track and she’s against it. Jerrica seems surprised at Kimber’s reaction and tells her she’s being selfish, after all, Video is their friend and she needs the band’s support. Kimber stays quiet and ignores Jerrica. Jerrica gets annoyed, grabs Kimber’s shoulder, and forces her to confront her and answer her. Jerrica asks Kimber to dig some old home movies out of the attic of their father.

Cue Jem and the Holograms music video: “Something Is Missing In My Life”.

After spending an extended period of time in the attic, perusing canisters of old home movies and reminiscing, Kimber heads down to the living room where Shana is setting up a projector. Shana asks Video how she’s going to present the movie to her father. Video explains they’re going to throw a special father’s day banquet in her home town this weekend–everyone is going to be there. Kimber decides not to stick around and Jerrica tells her she better get started on writing the new song they need for the father’s day movie, as it needs to be done by tomorrow. Shana notices Kimber’s attitude and asks: “What’s with her?” Jerrica says Kimber is having one of her “tantrums.”

At the Gabor estate, Pizzazz asks her father what he wants to do for father’s day. Mr. Gabor tells Pizzzaz that he’s far too busy and needs to finish his reports, though, if she wants to buy him a present, he’s okay with it, so long as she doesn’t spend too much money. Pizzazz gets upset and insists she’s a famous rock star and has her own money. Pizzazz decides she needs to leave and get far away from her father. Clash invites her and the rest of the Misfits to go to a father’s day banquet in her home town of Mulberry. Pizzazz thinks the name of her city sounds like a new soda for wimps. Pizzazz is in disbelief at the very idea that people would go to a father’s day banquet as no one’s father adores them, like Clash claims.

The Misfits arrive in the town of Mulberry (Arkansa?) and pull up to Clash’s childhood home. Her father comes running out to greet Clash and gives her a big hug. Pizzazz stands with her jaw open in disbelief as they embrace—he really does adore her. As this is happening, the Misfits notice Video across the street, visiting her parents.

The Misfits practically invite themselves over for dinner at Video’s parents home. After a satisfying meal, Clash asks if they can watch some of her old home movies, to give the Misfits a chance to see what she was like when she was a kid. Everyone seems to reluctantly agree. The lights go off and the camera rolls. The opening shot is of Clash as a baby. Clash’s father mentions she was always an attention grabber and Video’s father makes a snide comment about how “she takes after her father.” The next shot is of Video’s tenth birthday. Her parents gifted her a camera–the first one she ever had. In the same shot, behind Video, we see Clash playing with cymbals. Clash’s father said that was also the same day she got her first musical instrument. Video makes a comment about how the only way she would could get attention was to try and hurt someone. Clash throws a bowl of popcorn over Video’s head. Video tries to retaliate, but Jetta grabs her chair and makes her trip as she tries to stand (the Misfits laugh). Video’s parents ask Buzz, Clash’s father and the Misfits to leave. Buzz tells John, Video’s father: “Some things never change. Video is still taking a back seat to my daughter.” Video tells her father that she plans on giving him a present at the banquet that will make up for all of the abuse he’s received over the years from Buzz.

At Starlight Mansion, Kimber is sulking in bed as Jerrica goes to speak to her. Kimber tells her sister that she’s not writing the lyrics for the song. Jerrica insists that she complete the work, as they all made a commitment to help Video. Later, Jerrica asks Kimber to go for a ride with her and the rest of the Holograms in the Rockin’ Roadster. Begrudgingly, Kimber agrees.

Cut to Video, we get a quick shot of her doing some filming for the father’s day special. A little boy asks her what she’s filming this for and Video tells him it’s a surprise.

Cut again to the Misfits, riding in a convertible. Pizzazz is incredibly bored with Mulberry and says they should get out of town.

Cue Misfits music video: “Let’s Blow This Town”.

The Misfits drive by the scene of Video’s Father’s Day shoot and decide to stop. Video is surrounded by people from her neighbourhood as they bombard her with all sorts of questions, including who Jem really is. The Misfits pull over and Clash decides to try and steal some of the attention by standing on the hood of the car and shouting: “She’s a fake!” Clash claims she doesn’t really know Jem and the Holograms and that she’s the one who’s truly hobnobbing with celebrities. Clash introduces the Misfits and the crowd rushes their vehicle.

In a conversation with Buzz, John asks that Clash apologize to Video for her rude behaviour. Buzz brushes it off and insists she was just having “a little fun.” Both Buzz and John notice Video filming the Misfits. Buzz mentions that even Video seems to have come around to appreciating his daughter for the star that she is. Buzz asks Video to take a picture of him with the Misfits, but she stops filming and says she’s had enough for the day. Frustrated with what just transpired, Video can no longer contain one of the surprises she’s been keeping for her father. She makes the announcement to the crowd that Jem and the Holograms will make an appearance at the banquet to sing a special song.

Elsewhere, Jem and the Holograms arrive at a ranch, a place where Kimber used to go horseback riding as a kid. Though Kimber didn’t initially want to come along, she’s pleasantly surprised when she finds her old horse, Lucky. They go for a ride, but when Aja asks if Kimber is feeling inspired, Kimber tells her to get off her back. Jerrica reminds her sister that the banquet is later that night and they still don’t have a completed song. If they don’t have something to perform, they’ll disappoint Video’s father. After being called childish, Kimber says: “So I’m a child, sue me!” Jerrica’s plan to bring Kimber up to the ranch has failed. Jerrica figured reminiscing about her father and happy moments in her childhood would have convinced her to go through with writing the song. Kimber has a breakdown and screams: “Stop it. I don’t want to hear anymore about fathers. She takes off with her horse, Lucky.” Unfortunately for Kimber, Lucky freaks out and she’s thrown off the horse and is knocked unconscious. Mr. Gabor shows up and tells the Holograms to keep Kimber still until the doctors can arrive.

Video calls Starlight Mansion and Mrs. Bailey answers. When Video asks where Jem and the Holograms are, she tells her they aren’t there and have gone horseback riding.

Back at the ranch house, Kimber comes to and notices Pizzazz’s father. Mr. Gabor seems confused at first at the mention of Pizzazz’s name.

Mr. Gabor: Oh, you mean, Phyllis?

Shana: Your Phyllis has been a real pain in our backsides.

Mr. Gabor: I’m terribly sorry. I’d be happy to pay for any damages.

Jerrica: Don’t be silly. It’s not your fault.

Mr. Gabor: Maybe it is. Maybe I spoiled her. It’s hard to raise a child on your own. She’s been uncontrollable ever since her mother walked out on us.

Kimber: Pizzazz’s mother left?

Mr. Gabor: Years ago. Ever since then it’s like Phyllis resents the entire world. I don’t think she ever learned to accept the loss of a parent.

Kimber: It’s hard to accept.

Mr. Gabor: I know it is, Kimber.

Kimber decides to complete the song for the banquet, but Jerrica informs her it’s too late as there are no available flights to Mulberry. Mr. Gabor asks to use the phone as he has a business related call to take care of. Jerrica jumps to the assumption that the rumours are true and that all Harvey cares about is business. But in truth, he makes a call to one of his contacts, Hugh Carrington, at American Aviation, and asks to borrow his Concord.

At the Father’s Day banquet, Clash berates Video for not showing up with Jem and the Holograms. The crowd begins to get upset and Video tries to explain the situation, but no one wants to hear about it. Buzz suggests that Clash’s band play instead of the Holograms, but the Misfits look surprised as Clash isn’t a member of the Misfits. It’s revealed that Clash has been lying to people, in particular her family, that she was in a popular rock band. Poor Clash, the Misfits laugh at her expense and tell her: “You’re either born a Misfit, or you’re not.”

The crowd begins to leave, but a thunderous roar is heard from overhead. Jem and the Holograms make a grandiose entrance as they arrive in a Concord. Jetta seems surprised at how the Holograms managed to get to the event. When they question who’s plane it is, Pizzazz realizes it’s her father’s plane and she goes ballistic. After all, her own father, consorting with the enemy! Pizzazz’s father completely dismisses her very valid feelings in this moment, telling her he doesn’t have to explain himself to her and that she’s “impossible.”

We wrap with Jem and the Holograms performing their new song for Father’s Day. It’s dedicated to all fathers out there.

Cue Jem and the Holograms music video: “You’re Always In My Heart”.

Duration: 1:07:01

Present: Alex, K. Tempest Bradford.

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