S3E1: “The Stingers Hit Town (Part 1)”

Hello and welcome to the JEMcast on Hologram Radio. This is Alex Knight and I am joined Aleen Simms, founder of the Less Than Or Equal podcast, and science fiction writer, K. Tempest Bradford.

Synopsis: In Season 3, episode 1: ‘The Stingers Hit Town,’ “Eric Raymond gets fed up with The Misfits’ childish behaviour, so he sells everything he owns to buy Misfits Music from Harvey Gabor. However, he decides to offer a recording contract to a new band called The Stingers. He offers to let them stay at the Gabor Mansion and when Pizzazz meets him she falls in love with him madly. However The Misfits are deeply concerned about the way Riot and his bandmates take advantage of her and think she needs to snap out of her infatuation and start acting like a Misfit again. Jerrica also discovers The Stingers and decides to offer them a recording contract but the lead singer Riot tells her that only Jem can make him join Starlight Music.”

Stay tuned for an action packed episode.

Episode 54 (S3E1) is written by Christy Marx.

We open with Eric Raymond scolding the Misfits for their gratuitous spending habits and troublemaking behaviour. Eric decides to quit Misfits Music and vows to come back as the boss, or not at all.

Eric arrives at Harvey Gabor’s office with the expense report from Misfits Music. Mr. Gabor is appalled at how much money his company is losing every day, so Eric offers to buy it, with the promise to run it properly as its boss. Mr. Gabor stipulates that he’ll accept the offer, so long as the Misfits are kept on contract and Eric doubles his buyout offer. Eric, selling everything he’s owned, has no money left to do this, but vows to figure out a way to get the money. Eric sells every last item he owns, including his Malibu home.

Eric arrives at Misfits Music and pronounces that he’s now its new owners. Setting the groundwork for what his expectations are, he tells the Misfits that any excessive expenses they incur, will come out of their own pockets. Eric comes up with the idea of renaming the record company to Raymond Records, but the Misfits refuse to cooperate (what is he going to do, force them to play?). Eric reminds them that they’re under contract, but they walk out. Eric claims he’ll find another band to replace them, and then they’ll come crawling back (he hopes).

At Starlight Music, the Holograms are going over their current financial situation. Most of the profits from the band have been diverted into the Starlight Foundation–not leaving much for Jerrica’s record company. Jerrica suggests they need to diversify and find new talent and sounds. The phone rings in the boardroom and Lin-Z is on the phone to tip Jerrica about a new German band called The Stingers, who apparently are looking to sign with a major U.S. record label. Jerrica decides to go see The Stingers play at Le Klub Kool.

Later that evening, we see Jerrica and Kimber at Le Klub Kool. When seated, they run into Eric Raymond, who doesn’t miss an opportunity to take a jab at them, saying that they’re supposed to be home, taking care of their hoard of brats. Jerrica realizes that Eric is just trying to steal away The Stingers before she has a chance to sign them with Starlight Music.

The Stingers music video: “Stingers Theme.”

After the video, the crowd goes crazy at The Stinger’s debut performance and the crowd rushes the stage. Le Klub Kool’s manager panics and tells Riot to say something to the crowd before they tear the club apart.

Riot: Quiet. Listen to my voice. Let my voice touch you. If you want more music, you must return to your seats. Yes. Do this for me, now.

Eric tries to beat Jerrica to the stage and elbows her. When Eric attempts to make his pitch, Jerrica introduces herself and says if he signs with her company, he’ll get an honest deal. Eric rebuts and claims Jerrica is an amateur and that he shouldn’t sign with her. Jerrica asks Riot to investigate both companies so that he can make an informed decision of his own. Minx approaches Eric, looking as if she’s taken a liking to him, and asks him if he’s a typical American music executive. Eric says there’s nothing typical about him. Both Eric and Jerrica offer Riot and the rest of the Stingers to stay at their estates. Minx suggests to Riot that they should go with Eric, because he’s handsome.

Jerrica: The war isn’t over yet, Eric.

Eric meets with the Misfits and informs Pizzazz that he offered The Stingers a place to stay at the Gabor estate. Pizzazz is furious that Eric went over her head, but he pleads for her help. It’s a little too late though, because The Stingers arrive moments later, and Riot is impressed and says the estate is worthy of him.

The doorbell rings. Pizzazz is mid conversation, but is interrupted by Riot’s stunningly handsome face and flowing blonde hair. She loses her composure and stammers. She’s completely smitten.

Pizzazz escorts Riot to his room, where he proclaims how exquisite it is and that it matches his own perfection. Riot walks Pizzazz to the door and tells him he’ll see her later for dinner.

Pizzazz: Oh, yes Riot, whatever you say.

Riot explains to Minx and Rapture that he’s using Pizzaz, only because she’s a person of influence with many contacts in the music industry.

At Starlight Music, Jerrica looks at a magazine with The Stingers on the cover. Furious, she crumples it and tells the Holograms that Eric has The Stingers “all sewn up.” Kimber tries to reassure her sister that Riot did promise to consider her offer as well, but Jerrica says she’s sent the offer 3 times, which means Eric probably intercepted them. Shana reminds Jerrica that Jem and the Holograms are being honoured at the Rock Hard Cafe later that night, so it’s something she’s going to have to worry about later.

At the Gabor estate, we see Riot lounging by the pool side with Pizzazz at his side, who’s serving him lemonade at his command. Eric approaches and asks him if he’s read his offer, but Riot reminds him he promised Jerrica to review her offer as well. When Eric tells Riot that Jerrica is just an amateur, considering she hasn’t sent any offers, the Misfits remark how the Holograms have no talent. Riot decides to be the judge of that himself, so he decides to see Jem and the Holograms play. Pizzazz asks if she can tag along and Riot agrees. As for poor Eric, who was under the false impression that Minx liked him, she admits that he really is just a typical American music executive.

At the Rock Hard Cafe, Jem and the Holograms are honoured for their contribution to rock music, and they get their very own guitar added to the hall of fame. Jem addresses the crowd and thanks Rio Pacheco for his support. Riot shows up at the club and is surrounded by screaming fans who all demand his autograph and attention. Jem decides the best way to divert Riot’s attention is to start singing a song.

Jem and the Holograms music video: “Like A Dream.”

Riot walks onto the stage and tells Jem she’s the most perfect woman he’s ever seen. Eric tries to break things up and tells Riot it’s time to go, but Riot tells Eric not to dictate what he can do. Rio notices Riot getting uncomfortably close to Jem and tells Riot he’s not taking her anywhere. This is another perfect example of Rio’s temperamental attitude and jealously. Although it’s clear that Riot is infatuated with Jem, all he suggested was that he escort her to a quieter place. Rio and Riot are about to get into a fist fight, but Jem intervenes and asks what’s got into him. Rio claims that he thought Riot was bothering her, but it turns out it’s completely the opposite–Riot and Jem have a lot to discuss, regarding the record contract with Starlight Music. Jem escorts Riot to meet the rest of the Holograms, where he lays on the charm and tells them that they’ll all just as beautiful. But there’s one Hologram that doesn’t seem to be buying his charming routine–Aja, who said that there’s something “off” about him. Rio tells the Holograms that they’ve all gone “soft in the head” and that he’s going to keep an eye on Riot.

Elsewhere in the Rock Hard Cafe, Minx asks Eric who Rio is. Eric explains that he usually chases after both Jem and Jerrica. Minx decides she’s going to steal Rio away from two women. Eric claims he won’t give her the time of day, but she’s confident she can have anyone she wants.

Minx approaches Rio and tells him he’s handsome, but Rio looks preoccupied. She then asks if he’d like to spend some time with her (boy, she doesn’t waste any time). Rio rebuffs Minx’s attempts and leaves her behind.

Rapture is chanting, holding the quartz crystal that she got from Pizzazz at the Gabor estate earlier in this episode. A lady approaches and asks what she’s doing. Rapture explains that when she chants, the crystal emits healing properties. When asked if it could help her lose weight, she says yes. The lady offers her an expensive looking gold bracelet in exchange for the crystal. Rapture accepts the exchange (this is a very strange scene).

We catch the tail end of a conversation between Jem and Riot, where she explains she sent the record contract offer numerous times. Pizzazz, jealous and enraged, tells Jem to get her claws off of him. Riot commands Pizzazz to go home, at once. Pizzazz is surprised at Riot’s behaviour. A reporter flashes a camera and says: “I can see the headlines now, Jem humiliates Pizzazz.” Pizzazz decides to get revenge on Jem and rips the guitar off the wall of fame. When Pizzazz tries to wrestle the guitar away from the hostess, she falls over, knocking over a series of movie props, which then incites a food fight. Riot takes the opportunity to grab Jem and escape the club so they can finish their conversation. Riot asks Jem to drive him somewhere unique, and so they take off, with Aja and Kimber who witness them drive away in the Rockin’ Roadster. Aja is surprised at Jem’s behaviour, but Kimber isn’t and says she’s do anything for Riot. Rio vows to find Jem, and of course Minx offers to help, since she knows how he thinks. Eric tells the Misfits to go home. Rapture offers to help Pizzazz win Riot, and Pizzazz accepts, saying she’ll do anything.

As Jem and Riot are driving on an empty road, he tells her his real name and where he comes from. His real name is Rory Llewelyn. He went to high school with Minx in west Germany–his farther was stationed there with the army. When Riot asks for Jem’s real name, she tells him she’s known only as Jem. This doesn’t turn off Riot and he appears to appreciate a lady of mystery. Jem laughs and says it drives Rio crazy. Riot can’t help tell her that Rio is a fool if he thinks that way.

Jem and Riot arrive at a secluded cliff, featuring a large and strange Aeolian harp. Jem tries to keep the conversation on business, but Riot tells her it can wait and that he only wants one thing: to convince her that she’s destined to be his (gross). Jem poorly explains that Rio means a lot to her, but stumbles over her words and admits that he’s Jerrica’s boyfriend, that they grew up together. Riot says Jem has no right to her and that she should forget about him.

The Stingers music video: “Perfect Match.”

We conclude after the video, with Riot leaning in for a kiss. Stay tuned for the conclusion next week!

Duration: 1:12:00

Present: Alex Knight, Aleen Simms, K. Tempest Bradford.

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