Learn Me Something

Learn Me Something is a podcast that celebrates our ignorance as the beginning of the search for truth. Every week we select diverse subjects outside our neurosphere. The intent is to learn/teach something, for all of us. Recognizing the evolving world we live in, our goal is to teach critical thinking strategies to enable us to see past falsehoods.

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  • Light Itself

    How exactly does light work and do we all see it the same way?

  • Sexual Assault

    Statistics dictate the number of people who experience sexual assault is staggering. Often times the act is committed by someone close to you. Of every 100 incidents of sexual assault, only 6 are reported to police.

  • The Doomsday Clock

    What is it? It's not the famous song by the British metal band Iron Maiden. The Doomsday Clock is a design that warns the public about how close we are to destroying our world with dangerous technologies of our own making.

  • Phobias

    What are phobias, how are they developed, and the science behind how they can be embedded in our genes.

  • Cannabis

    Learn about Cannabis' rich history, how it affects our minds and bodies at different ages, what the future holds for legalization, and how public perception has changed.