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  • 2: “Disaster”

    Synopsis: Joining Alex and Aleen this week is newcomer Sabriel. We pick up where things left off in episode one with the epic cliff hanger of Starlight house being set […]

  • 8: He Just Wants His Cheese

    Synopsis Part 1: With guest Aleen Simms from The Less Than Or Equal podcast, we talk about the Batman’s personality and character traits, the controversial variant (and now pulled) Batgirl […]

  • 1: “The Beginning”

    Synopsis: “Starlight Music’s Jerrica Benton confronts co-owner Eric Raymond over a rigged band contest to promote The Misfits. Posing as singer Jem, she steals the show. Eric challenges her to […]

  • 7: We Might Lose People to This

    It's just Michael and Alex this week as we take a break from controversial topics. Sony announced a release date for their Project Morpheus VR headset and dropped some technical details about the current version of the hardware. It seems like they've made some notable design improvements, namely it's lighter, has more sensors, a higher refresh rate, and lower latency. This isn't the first time companies have dabbled in VR, but were encumbered by technological limitations.

  • S1E8 – Courtney Alameda, SHUTTER

    Harry talks with author Courtney Alameda about her new paranormal horror-thriller, *Shutter*, as well as the variety of books that inspired her, the misperceptions people have of horror authors, and dealing with the frustrating question, "What is it like to be a woman who writes horror?"