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  • 6: Dangerous, Savage, Child Race

    Synopsis: As Q famously said regarding humanity: “But you can’t deny, Captain, that you are still a dangerous, savage, child race.” This week we brought comedian Jordan Cooper on the […]

  • 5: Un Console Able

    Synopsis: Get ready for a long but worthwhile episode of Unconsoleable The Impromptu, with special guests Anna Tarkov and and Jessica Dennis! This episode is a bit of a snafu […]

  • 4: Beaver Canoe – Part 2

    During the first 15 minutes of part 2: "Beaver Canoe," Michael and Alex discuss the far super fan edit of Star Wars, episodes 4, 5, and 6 (Han shot first), the gorgeous looking Star Trek TNG remaster, Star Trek Voyager, and how Babylon 5 needs to be remastered (badly).

  • 3: Beaver Canoe – Part 1

    Synopsis: It’s not what you think… really. Clever title aside, in part 1 of 2, Michael and Alex delve into some interesting products announced by Sony at CES as well […]

  • S1E7 – Eric Shonkwiler, ABOVE ALL MEN

    Harry talks with author Eric Shonkwiler about his award-winning debut novel, Above All Men, as well as Cormac McCarthy, MFA programs, and the current state of literature. And keep your […]