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  • 1: Welcome Back – Part 1

    Aaaaaaand we're back! It's been an incredible hibernation. Michael and Alex rebooted the show with a new format. The Impromptu is no longer a weekly "what's new in tech" show. We decided there's a glut of podcasts that already cover that really well, so we now just talk about our passions as they relate to video games, comics, film, art, and other forms of media...

  • 2: Welcome Back – Part 2

    Alright so here's part 2 of our epic "Welcome Back" episode, celebrating the new format and relaunch...

  • S1E6 – Loren Kleinman, THE DARK CAVE BETWEEN MY RIBS

    Harry talks with poet and author Loren Kleinman about her poetry collections The Dark Cave Between My Ribs and Breakable Things, as well as writing through trauma, finding one’s voice, […]

  • S1E5 – Aaron Mahnke, CONSUMED

    Harry talks with author Aaron Mahnke about his latest horror novel, CONSUMED, the Massachusetts landscape, self-publishing, and reading as a writer. Links The Author Consumed on Amazon | iBookstore Indian […]

  • S1E4 – Brighton Walsh, CAGED IN WINTER

    Harry talks with author Brighton Walsh about her New Adult novel, Caged in Winter, heroines in New Adult literature, reading only Twilight fan fiction during the drafting process, and how […]