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7: Tools to Block Electronic Distractions While You Write

Block Distractions

The Internet is a shiny bauble full of temptation, no more so than when it’s time to sit down and write. There’s always a notification, an email, a link that needs tapping or clicking or reading. If you find it hard to resist temptation, this week’s episode is for you. I employ several add-ons and…

The Impromptu

33: A Floundering Nintendo

Synopsis: Nintendo announced some stuff in the new Nintendo Direct. Michael weeps. Duration: 56:49:00 Present: Michael Norton, Alex Knight. Episode Links Nintendo Direct – 3.3.2016 Follow your hosts, guests, and the show on Twitter @ZeroDistraction @ZenImpulse @TheImpromptu @HologramRadio for updates on other interesting podcasts Subscribe to The Impromptu! Get The Impromptu on iTunes, Stitcher, or…


S2E7 – Christian A. Brown, FEAST OF FATES

Synopsis: Christian A. Brown, the author of the fantasy novels Feast of Fates and Feast of Dreams (part of the Four Feasts Till Darkness series), stops by to discuss building an epic fantasy world, writing smart and self-sufficient female characters who don’t need saving, and how tragedy can help us focus on what’s really important…