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  • 46: PS4 – Red Pill Edition

    Synopsis: Michael and Alex get into the now confirmed PS4 hardware revision with 4k support. Not only is it going to have a beefier GPU, but the RAM will be […]

  • S2E24: “Britrock”

    In Season 2, episode 24: ‘Britrock,’ “The Misfits go to England to meet Jetta's supposedly aristocratic family. Jetta's lower-class parents, Bertie and Flo strike up a deal with a Lord of England which ends up badly. Meanwhile, The Holograms come to play a show in London and meet Craig and his band. Both him and Aja renew their romance and help the true Earl, Mason Hawthorne, get back his title, which Pizzazz almost got tricked into buying.”

  • Ken Liu

    18: A Conversation with Author Ken Liu (The Grace of Kings)

    Ken Liu is the author of dozens of short stories and one doorstopper of an epic fantasy novel. In this episode he talks about the writing tools he uses to […]

  • 17: Evernote for Writers #4 – Using Evernote for Research

    It’s all been leading up to this! Collecting and organizing research is what most writers want to use Evernote for, and is also where the app can get overwhelming. But […]

  • S2E12 – Aubrie Cox, OUT OF TRANSLATION

    Synopsis: Poet and Frogpond Journal editor Aubrie Cox sits down to discuss her haiku chapbook Out of Translation and shed some light on what English haiku really entails. She also […]