The Impromptu

31: You Can Pry Encryption from Our Cold Dead iPhones

Synopsis: Michael joins Alex in the Hologram Radio studio this week to discuss the FBI’s demands on Apple to build a backdoor into iOS. They also discuss the fascinating article from The New Yorker on “The Golden Generation,” China’s rich kids head west and how foreign investment is raising prices and making Vancouver an unaffordable…

The Impromptu

30: Honey You Bricked My Smartphone

Synopsis: Michael and Alex briefly touch on the recent “error 53” bricked iPhone story, discussed at length the new CBC Star Trek series, and of course the new Batman v Superman trailer. Duration: 1:09:42 Present: Michael Norton, Alex Knight. Episode Links ‘Error 53’ fury mounts as Apple software update threatens to kill your iPhone 6…

The Write Gear

3: “The Whole Body Is The Mind” – A conversation with Andrea Hairston

Andrea Hairston

I interview Andrea Hairston, author, playwright, and academic. Hairston teaches playwriting, African, African American, and Caribbean theatre literature at Smith college and is the Artistic Director of Chrysalis Theatre. Andrea is not only a brilliantly talented writer and performer, she’s one of the most energetic people I’ve ever met. The way she talks about writing…