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  • hybrid storage

    4: Back Up Your Stuff!

    This episode is all about a thing every writer needs to do that many of them don’t do, or don’t do well, resulting in catastrophe. That is, of course, backing […]

  • S2E10: “Music Is Magic”

    Synopsis: “The Holograms are the musical guests at a magic show. When strange things start happening and people start to disappear, the Holograms have to team up with the magicians […]

  • 30: Honey You Bricked My Smartphone

    Synopsis: Michael and Alex briefly touch on the recent “error 53” bricked iPhone story, discussed at length the new CBC Star Trek series, and of course the new Batman v […]

  • Andrea Hairston

    3: “The Whole Body Is The Mind” – A conversation with Andrea Hairston

    I interview Andrea Hairston, author, playwright, and academic. Hairston teaches playwriting, African, African American, and Caribbean theatre literature at Smith college and is the Artistic Director of Chrysalis Theatre. Andrea […]

  • Tempest’s Gear: Journal

    The Write Gear podcast also has a YouTube channel! In the first video I talk about what I like in a writing journal and ponder the mysteries of why the […]