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  • JEMcast S2E3 Scandal

    S2E3: “Scandal”

    Synopsis: “When Jetta finds Kimber’s diary the Misfits start a scandal to try to ruin the Holograms.” Summary: Episode 29 (S2E3) is written by Mary Skrenes. We open with Jem […]

  • 4: Christian Terrorism

    Synopsis: Tyler and Alex discuss the pervasiveness of radical right-wing terrorism. Duration: 52:39:00 Present: Tyler, Alex. Episode Links The Rise of Right-Wing Terrorism (Documentary) Contact your hosts for show feedback […]

  • 24: People Are Still Talking About A Battery Case

    Synopsis: Everyone wants to talk about how much they hate Apple’s new iPhone case, but that’s the most interesting thing Michael and Alex wanted to discuss. Tune in to listen […]

  • S2E4 – Jessica Sinsheimer, Literary Agent and Manuscript Wishlist Founder

    Synopsis: Literary Agent Jessica Sinsheimer joins Harry to discuss the role of the agent in the author’s career, query dos and don’ts, Manuscript Wishlist, her live panel discussion webcast PubTalkTV, […]

  • S2E2: “The Talent Search: Part 2”

    Synopsis: “As the Holograms deliberate over which semi-finalist will be their new drummer, the Misfits try to bribe one of them to reveal Jem’s secret identity.” Summary: Episode 28 is […]