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  • 3: The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

    Synopsis: Tyler educates Alex on the 14 defining characteristics Of fascism, how prison systems are largely inefficient and that we should push for rehabilitation, and how a majority terrorist of […]

  • 23: Everyone Likes to Complain

    Synopsis: Michael confronts Alex on his recent WordPress woes that kept him up all night. They also discussed what exactly is the current state of WordPress and where it’s headed, […]

  • 2: Empathy As A Practical Solution

    Synopsis: Tyler and Alex are full steam ahead in episode two as they tread into a rather salient discussion about empathy. What impact would empathy as a practical solution have […]

  • S2E1: “The Talent Search: Part 1”

    Synopsis: “Problems affect Jem and The Holograms when Shana leaves to pursue a career as fashion designer for actress, Liz Stratton. The Holograms decide to host a Talent Search to […]

  • 22: Adele Takes Over The World?

    Synopsis: Michael and Alex talk about Adele’s choice to not make her music available on any streaming services. What are the consequences of this and what does it mean for […]