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  • 3: The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

    Synopsis: Tyler educates Alex on the 14 defining characteristics Of fascism, how prison systems are largely inefficient and that we should push for rehabilitation, and how a majority terrorist of […]

  • 23: Everyone Likes to Complain

    Synopsis: Michael confronts Alex on his recent WordPress woes that kept him up all night. They also discussed what exactly is the current state of WordPress and where it’s headed, […]

  • 2: Empathy As A Practical Solution

    Synopsis: Tyler and Alex are full steam ahead in episode two as they tread into a rather salient discussion about empathy. What impact would empathy as a practical solution have […]

  • S2E1: “The Talent Search: Part 1”

    Synopsis: “Problems affect Jem and The Holograms when Shana leaves to pursue a career as fashion designer for actress, Liz Stratton. The Holograms decide to host a Talent Search to […]

  • 22: Adele Takes Over The World?

    Synopsis: Michael and Alex talk about Adele’s choice to not make her music available on any streaming services. What are the consequences of this and what does it mean for […]

Learn Me Something
Learn Me Something
Learn Me Something is a podcast that celebrates our ignorance as the beginning of the search for truth. Every week we select diverse subjects outside our neurosphere. The intent is to learn and teach something, for all of us. Recognizing the evolving world we live in, our goal is to teach critical thinking strategies to enable us to see past falsehoods.
by Hologram Radio

Synopsis: This week on “Learn Me Something,” Aaron and Rich delve into the history of yoga. The beginnings of Yoga were developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago.

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Duration: 38:16:00

Present: Aaron Stewart, Rich Plumb

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