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  • S2E3 – Robert James Russell, MESILLA

    Synopsis: Robert James Russell joins Harry to discuss his new Western novel, Mesilla. Robert also talks about his draw to the Western genre, being a good literary citizen, and his […]

  • 21: The Future of TV

    Synopsis: A quick update on Star Wars: The Force Awakens and how going back to old tech may recapture the feeling of the original trilogy. For the majority of episode […]

  • 26: “Glitter And Gold”

    Synopsis: “Jem hasn’t been heard from in some time and Jerrica doesn’t seem to care. The Misfits waste no time capitalizing on her absence, especially when Owen Beech, the owner […]

  • 1: A Systemic Issue of Fear

    Synopsis: This is the debut of Polarized, a weekly podcast where we talk about things that tend to divide the public, right directly down the middle. Tyler and Alex delve […]

  • 25: “Culture Clash”

    Synopsis: “An eccentric artist, Fitzgerald Beck, is the art director for Jem and The Holograms’ new video. His art dealer is using his sculptures to smuggle stolen diamonds. The Misfits […]