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  • 23: “The Jem Jam: Part 1”

    Synopsis: “The Misfits plot to ruin The Jem Jam, a benefit concert Jem is planning, by tricking Luna Dark into coming with them, while Krissie must deal with Lena Lerner’s […]

  • S2E1 – Ginger Scott, WICKED RESTLESS

    Harry talks with best-selling romance author Ginger Scott about her new novel, Wicked Restless, combats the notion that romance novels are “fast food”, and walks us through her reasons and […]

  • 18: There Was A Crazed Cackling

    Synopsis: Michael schools Alex on Guild Wars 2 and Destiny in the first segment. In the later portion of the show, talk about the Power Rangers reboot, how Gotham doesn’t […]

  • 22: “Intrigue at the Indy 500”

    Synopsis: “Eric Raymond panics when he finds out that Starlight Music is sponsoring the world’s best driver for the Indy 500, Martino Grandzetti. The gamblers he’s dealing with will take […]

  • 21: “Old Meets New”

    Synopsis: “When Jem and The Holograms perform a cover of a song called “Rock and Roll Is Forever” at an outdoor concert, they infuriate an elderly singer named Bobby Bailey, […]