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  • 18: “Hot Time in Hawaii”

    Synopsis: “The Misfits and The Holograms are both invited to compete in the “Battle of the Music Stars” in Honolulu. Eric’s hired thug, Zipper supplies the Misfits with rigged sports […]

  • 17: “In Search of the Stolen Album”

    Synopsis: “As Jem and the Holograms prepare to release their debut album, Eric hires Zipper to steal it, so the Misfits can use the material for themselves. Pizzazz sends the […]

  • S1E12 – A.J. Walkley, VUTO

    Harry talks with author A.J. Walkley about her books, Vuto and Queer Greer, her time in the Peace Corps, how America’s most benevolent agency might really just be a PR […]

  • 16: “Broadway Magic”

    Synopsis: “When the Holograms and the Misfits are in New York auditioning for roles in a Broadway show, Eric announces a cash reward to anyone who can publicly reveal Jem’s […]

  • 15: “The Rock Fashion Book”

    Synopsis: “A book publisher hears about Jem and the Holograms winning a fashion show and signs them up to make a rock fashion book. The Misfits send Clash out to […]