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  • S1E10 – All About BookCon

    Harry attended Book Expo America’s 2nd Annual BookCon last Saturday and is here to regale everyone with tales of his travels to the far away land of Javits. LINKS BookCon […]

  • 8: “Starbright: Part 3, Rising Star”

    Synopsis: “Jem, Rio, the Holograms and most of the movie crew quit the film after Kimber and Jeff’s close call in the explosions. Unfazed, the Misfits decide to start the […]

  • 7: “Starbright: Part 2, Colliding Stars”

    Synopsis: “Ba Nee will go blind if she doesn’t undergo expensive eye surgery within the next few weeks. Unfortunately, Jerrica’s financial options are limited after she learns that Eric Raymond […]

  • Bonus: The Abominable Jem Movie Trailer

    Synopsis: Alex, Aleen, and Tempest are unbelievably disappointed by the Jem movie trailer. Please join us for a brief intermission where we discuss all of the things wrong with it. […]

  • 13: I’ve Been Sitting in The Sun All Day

    Synopsis: Aleen from Less Than Or Equal podcast joins us once again. We discussed a variety of interesting topics, from the Konami/Kojima disaster, Black Widow being erased from her own […]